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08 - Inkling: "Octo"-ber By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

Hmmm... The Inkling and Octoling species are to survive humanity's destruction on Earth? They seem to be little better than the race they succeeded with their petty squabbles and obsession with music and fashion... Commander Tartar may have failed to wipe them out, but the ice age that turned the planet into Shiver Star didn't!

Still, what would an Inkling fear? Well, squid tend to naturally be food for other creatures... A squid kid would certainly have nightmares about being eaten, especially if it meant everyone she knew and loved were to perish because of her failure. Eh wha hah hah hah!

The concept of Inkling and Octoling digestion has always been intriguing. They explode into ink when they die, so what happens when their digested in a vore scenario? My hypothesis: the same thing. They just digest more quickly than other prey thanks to this trait, allowing their liquefied forms to shoot into their predators intestines and give them the nutrients they need. It also means the Inkling or Octoling need not suffer trapped in the stomach for as long, so it is somewhat of a benefit for them as well. Nightmare's reign of terror continues. How long before someone puts an end to this madness? Well, dear audience member, you shall find out soon enough...

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Posted by derpsquid42 10 days ago Report

Well, I guess you could say that Octo belly...
*jumps in Arwing and spins off, Katina Warp style*


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 10 days ago Report

Bandanna Waddle Dee gives you a da dum tis on the drums.


Posted by DCarlC12 10 days ago Report

He better give them back to Dedede when he’s done. Those drums aren’t going to dash themselves!


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 9 days ago Report

Oh he will. Dedede is his king after all.


Posted by techtician 10 days ago Report

Hmm I guess calamari didn't agree with them. Always good to see Inklings get what's coming to them


Posted by SomeoneThatExists 10 days ago Report

I'm seriously sad no one came up with this earlier


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 9 days ago Report

Which part? The story or the pun title?


Posted by SomeoneThatExists 9 days ago Report