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[Commission] Another Meal for Rojas By YoukaiChan -- Report

Commissioned by: HueyDidNothingWrong

Human women don't spend a lot of time within Rojas's company. It's pretty obvious why they wouldn't... ;)

The commissioner was kind enough to get something with my big red boy again~! So yay, he's always fun to draw <3


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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 9 days ago Report

How kind, now they can digest together like true friends!

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Posted by ClickBait 9 days ago Report

Roja has a good point, food should never be lonely! Great work I love the stippling-look you went for!

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Posted by MidnightRose 9 days ago Report

Yesss, good shit.

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Posted by Zeepher150 9 days ago Report

Rojas is rocking my world.

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Posted by deathknight 9 days ago Report

hyumans always give him horrible heartburn

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Posted by Judalsama 8 days ago Report

I want to be her sooo much T__T

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Posted by Chameleonette 4 days ago Report

Yessss good. Very good. Always a pleasure to see more Rojas.

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