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#runningbuttholeChallenge By soline -- Report

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Lucy is great with animals! Or...great, 'with', animals...
Idk, something something Twitter Fad.

Another installment with everyone the animal loving waitress! This time she attempts her own take on the #runningbholechallenge fad that flew around twitter a few months ago, with the help of a small red canine.

Honestly I have to keep throwing kudos for inspiration to AlisaBlueBird. While this wasn't specifically inspired by her work, she's definitely popularized feral prey in my mind and I doubt I'd have thought of this without her many wonderful stories. If you haven't already, go check her out!

Also this was done super quickly. I've had the idea since the hashtag was still popular (Yep, #runningbholechallenge is a real thing and it's so, so good!) but never got around to it until about two hours ago today. This probably isn't my finest literary doodle!

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Posted by hg1337343 2 years ago Report

The fact that #runningbholechallenge was a real thing... I had no idea lol


Posted by GeneralUrist 2 years ago Report

If she hit livestream, this is going viral.


Posted by mmmooo55 2 years ago Report

had no idea runningbholechallenge was a thing...

this looks like some potent manip fuel.
a wonder it hasn't caught on to this community yet.


Posted by Hawkeye7 2 years ago Report

Wow, amazing story... as you say flashes of the talented alisabluebird there... but you certainly made it your own. Very hot descriptive erotic vore.
Great tail. ;)
(I also need to check out this old hashtag )


Posted by AlisaBlueBird 2 years ago Report


There are so many great descriptors used here, ah!

"a strained chuffing noise bubbling deeper still into her innards and vibrating just under her ribs in a pleasing way."


"She gasped sharply at an internal popping sensation as the fox’s entire head slipped downwards, back through whatever ring of muscle had previously been wrapped around it into a slightly less restrictive nook of her large intestine."


"she looks several months pregnant, a solid, heavy weight settled between her hips and pleasantly threatening to sag forwards, held inwards only by her tight abdominal muscles."


So many...

You're killing me with these.


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Thank you so SO much! Coming from you of all people that's just wonderful, wonderful feedback <3.


Posted by Apostolos 2 years ago Report

Huh neat, hope it was live-streaming it, nice to see that grow in popularity


Posted by Rothar 2 years ago Report

Loving these recent stories with animal prey. Anthros and humans are good but sometimes its fun when you spice things up!
There wouldn't happen to be any stories in the works with disposal in them is there?


Posted by ShinjiIkari 2 years ago Report

Wow I looked up runningbholechallenge now... but... your story is even better! Great work!

I liked a lot of sentences... "made integration into new environments smoother". You make the prey cute before it meets it's demise, and that's great because it's awful.
"the fox looked simply adorable, ... a large fluffy tail trailing behind and the reflective black screen of a phone nearly the size of its face firmly held in place, upside down between its ears, ..." And then it looked at a butterfly <3

And basically every bit of Lucys dialogue after that is great. She wants the fox to get in, to stay in, and she knows it is all hers. She got a cute foxtail for herself out of it, too.

Thanks for sharing this story!


Posted by rbima 2 years ago Report

Hopefully she finds a wolf pack next, and her butt takes down the Alpha as the others watch in awe!


Posted by Fiercefawx 1 year ago Report

Always good to see more AV stories from you!