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Company Loves Misery By Apex -- Report

I can hardly believe part 1 is over a year old, but here's a sequel to this:

I've got nothing clever.

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Posted by TheTastefulGentlman 6 months ago Report

Unbirth threesome very nice.


Posted by Apex 6 months ago Report

What better way to start the day? And end the day. And spend time during the day...


Posted by Groblek 6 months ago Report

Ooh, very nice! This is a fun sequel.


Posted by Apex 6 months ago Report

If there's one thing I wanted this to be, it's fun. Thanks for the comment!


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 6 months ago Report

My boi on his way to having a harem lol


Posted by Apex 6 months ago Report

I dunno. I think if anyone's building a harem, it's Misery. Didja see how quickly she got the threesome situation under her thumb? Snek's got skills. =3


Posted by DresdenQ 6 months ago Report

love it! good prose, excellent story, good characters, nice plotting, excellent ending


Posted by Apex 6 months ago Report

Thank you! I'm glad I could pack so much good into a single piece of fiction!


Posted by The_Agent 3 months ago Report

Loving consensual heterosexual sex in the missionary position for purposes of procreation,
inside a sexy snake gal?
I dont think you could hit any more of my fetishes.