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Vore from the Darkside: Arachnea. By kernac -- Report

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So this is a special vore story I wrote for Halloween, with a bit of a more creepy and spooky vibe I guess. So I used various pictures of Rachnea for this, but in the story its a different character named Arachnea.

Originally I wanted to write several spooky vore stories for Halloween... But didn't quite have enough time for it. I may make one or two more of these and post them a bit after Halloween. But hey, I've written a complete vore story from start to finish~! I haven't been able to do that in like 5 months! So that's at least a good start trying to get back into writing I think!

I've also been trying to think of ways to get the readers more involved... So ummm... Tell me what you thought of the different elements and rate the overall story out of 10?

Oh! Also, tell me if there's a particular Monster-girl or just straight up monster you'd like me to write a vore story about! You can suggest anything as long as its monstrous or creepy in some way!

-Hope you enjoy the story^^


Vore stories from the Darkside:
Being Arachnea's meal.
( Female pred, Femdom, Sex, POV, Unwilling prey, Liquefaction, Digestion, Soul Vore, Breastsplay, Teasing, Fatal. )


She caught you. The vicious, malevolent She-Spider ambushed you while you were gathering medicinal herbs from the forest. She had you within her claws now and there was little you could do but beg for your life. Ignoring your pleas, she bit into your arm, injecting you with a potent dose of paralyzing venom.

"My my my~ What a wonderful little cuties I've caught today... I bet you'll go straight to my tits once I've consumed you~!" Arachnea theorized aloud, fondling her bouncy bumpers in a rather provocative manner.

"You are a cute one though... Its almost a shame I'm going to devour your essence... But who's to say I can't have some fun beforehand~?" She asked herself, a devious smile forming on her lips.

She carried you back to her cavern lair, tossing your limp body aside while she changed her clothes. You could see several human figures encased in silk cocoons hanging from the ceiling. Some of them seemed to wiggle a bit... Others were completely still. You couldn't talk or move... You were merely her plaything at this point, nothing but a doll for her to play with.

"Alrighty lover-boy... Auntie Spider has been thirsty for quite a while now... So this might be a bit rough on ya... But who cares since I'm gonna eat you later anyway~?" She confessed with an amused giggle, ripping your clothes from your body and rubbing some kind of arousal potion onto you. That potion worked alright, and soon you found yourself sporting a massive erection. Arachnea pounced on you, straddling your body with her weird spider lower half and thrusting her midsection upon your throbbing manhood. She softly rocked back and forth, looking you straight in the eyes while she performed this semi-consensual act. Her pussy was tight... Wet and slimy. It almost felt like it could engulf your entire body, its entrance stretching beyond the base of your penis and balls. Soon a musky, tangy scent filled the air as both of you were starting to get sweaty. The She-Monster rubbed her breasts on your chest and face, her assuming honkers grinding against you in a domineering, almost ruthless fashion.

She picked up speed, swaying back and forth in an increasingly fast and energetic manner. Her big, soft, bouncy milk jugs smacking you in the face every time they came around, those jiggly knockers working your jaw better than Mike Tyson. That was some gross, sweaty, savage sex... And soon both of you climaxed, making a small pool of various bodily fluids.

"Whew~! That was good! Gosh..." The spider creature spoke, catching her breath. "Hehe, but I bet it'll feel even better once I have you in my little spider tummy~" She teased, licking her lips and rubbing her stomach.

"Dammit... I'm kinda too tired to web you up right now... You'll have to spend the night in the cage and I'll take care of that tomorrow~" Arachnea explained, locking you up in a human-sized cage in the corner of the room. "But... All that action worked me up quite an appetite... But you're not ripe yet... I'll just eat one of those other guys. At the same time, you'll get to see what will happen to you, it'll be educational~!" She followed with, picking up one of those other cocooned human and biting right into them, sinking her fangs deep into their body. She then started sucking up its fluids, drinking that person like it was a juice box or something.

*Slluuurrrgg-Gghhwuuuoolllppp, Ssschhllooorrrllpp-Bbguuulllp, Scchhrruulllkk-GggwwooolllhhhppKkkkh~*

She sucked out everything that was in there, the silk cocoon collapsing on itself as everything inside was ingested by Arachnea. After consuming all of it, she tossed aside the empty shell like some kind of used tissue. Her belly was bulging out from being filled with all that liquid, showing a slight wobble from the sudden arrival of that goopified meal.

"Ummmmm~ That was good! I don't even remember who he was... But he sure made my tummy happy~!" The She-Spider tauntingly declared, rubbing her distended midsection and releasing a rather crass burp.


"But anyhow... This is what's gonna happen to you~ I'm gonna wrap you up in a cocoon, inject you with a massive dose of venom and then just let you hang there for a little while~" She revealed to you, rubbing her rounded belly in an erotic manner. "I'll use another kind of venom for this... One that will slowly liquefy your flesh... Your bones... And even your soul~! Basically, all that you are will be melted down into this rich, syrupy substance that I'll just suck up once you've sufficiently ripened~" The predatory monster followed with, reaching into the cage and caressing your chest. "Hehe, although your body will die from this, your soul will hang around... It'll be fused into that liquid and you'll get to feel it all once I drink it~ Then you'll probably go to my boobs~~~ But that's later... For now I'm gonna sleep... See ya tomorrow sweetie~" She then added before blowing you a kiss and walking off to her room, her full tummy jiggling as she moved.

The next morning, you saw Arachnea emerging from her room looking quite chipper, her breasts noticeably bigger than they were the day before. "Hehe, look at those bad boys~ I love how full and plump that guy made my tits~!!!" She proudly announced, unveiling her tremendous Tah-tas and gleefully bouncing them up and down.

"I was digesting him all night... Damn that guy was nutritious~! But I bet you'll be even better... You have a very strong soul... I can smell it on ya~!" The spider creature professed, patting her now flat stomach.

She grabbed your arm in between the bars and gave you a small little love-bite, once again paralyzing you so she could do her thing without any obstruction. She then proceeded to spin a tightly woven cocoon of silk around you, encasing your entire body in a very firm, elastic sarcophagus of web. It was very tight... Warm... Gooey and constricting. You could barely see anything through it, your vision was masked under a veil of thick, white stringy material. It smelled odd... Almost kinda like old clothes left in the closet for too long.

Once she was done with this, she bit into you through the cocoon, her fangs sinking deep into your shoulder, pumping a massive amount of venom into you. This wasn't the same venom as before... It burned and corroded your flesh as soon as it entered your body. She then simply hung you up on the wall and left you there. "Alright my little yummie~ Just gonna let you get ripe for a little while, see you in a week or two~" She casually told you, giving you a little kiss of the cheek before going off to do something else.

You could feel it... The venom coursing through your veins... Blazing through your body, cooking you from the inside. It dissolved your flesh... Eroding and melting you from within. Your whole body began to swell... Making your silky prison even tighter and more restrictive. Once the paralysis wore out you started to struggle, trying to break free from this cocoon... But it was no use... These stands were simply too durable, there's no way you could rip them apart. For days you wiggled while your body was slowly breaking apart, melting and being rendered into some kind of goo... Even your soul... Your mind and memories, the very essence of your being... Was disappearing into this jelly-like mass that once was your body. After nearly two weeks... There was nothing left of you but some kind of thick slime... A muddy goop that contained your mind and soul. You could still feel everything... You could even move this mass of sludge a little bit if you wanted to... But that was it... You had been liquefied... Reduced to nothing but a bunch of tasty ooze inside a silky container... The perfect packaged meal for an Arachne...

A few days later, the Spider-woman came back to her lair dragging around another paralyzed human. She quickly webbed him up and injected him with venom... Then hung him at the opposing end of the room. "Phew... that was quite the hunt, that one sure made me work for it... And now I'm starving~!" She said to herself, her gaze wandering over to your side. Licking her lips, she scooted over to you, groping your cocoon to see how ripe you were. "Humm... Just right hehe~ Alright little cutie... Time for you to go into my stomach~" She expounded, saliva dripping from her mouth. "Okay you sexy boyo~ Come to mama~!" She declared before sinking her fangs into your silky prison, loudly sucking at your fluids.

*Sllluurrggg-Gghhwwullgg, Sschhllloouurrp-Bwwuurrhlllgg, Gssshhlluurrrkk-Gwwuulllgghh~*

She gulped and slurped eagerly, swallowing great quantities of the nutritious liquid. You could feel yourself being sucked into her mouth and then flowing down her throat and into her stomach... Every bit that was once your body still conveyed sensations to you. Your soul was bonded to that mass... You could feel every single atom of that goo move... No matter where it wound up. While she drank you... You could feel every details of her mouth... Her teeth... Her tongue rising periodically to send more of you down the chute... The soft roof of her mouth... And her uvula, dangling and rearing back with every shipment of you going down the predatory lady's esophagus. You felt every bit of you going down this fleshy, throbbing tube of flesh and splashing into her stomach... Her belly beginning to grow as it received a greater quantity of the goop that was once you.

*Scchhlluurrrp... Gwwwuullllpppp-kkh... Hhhssslloouurrrppp-Gllaawwwggghh-ggulllg~*

She drank you... Gulping and slurping with a lustful, almost animalistic glee. Your cocoon shrank and crumbled, collapsing as every single drop of you was drained and consumed... Finally, you felt the last bit of you being slurped from the bag of silk and going down her throat... All of that liquid bulging out Arachnea's midsection quite substantially.

She smiled, tossing aside your former silky shell and letting out a very warranted belch.

*Hhhrrrggg... BbbbwwwggguuurrrrrrhhhHHPPPppps~~~*

"Ooouufff... Hehe, pardon me~" She commented with a smirk, piggishly licking her lips while she looked down at her big bloated tummy. "Damn... What a meal you were~ That was so good... And so filling~! You really delivered lover-boy~" She expressed with a wink, slapping her distended stomach and making it wobble for a little while. You were in there... All of you... In liquefied form... Sloshing around inside her huge, rounded belly. "Ummmm... All mine now~~~" She spoke aloud, the tone of her voice reflecting her mischievous greed and selfishness. Panting a little bit, she shook her tummy around, causing your mass to swirl and slosh erratically inside of her, your sludgy self churning in a tempest of goo and gastric juices. Her stomach was dark... Hot and cramped. The walls pulsed, pushed and shifted... Acid dripping from the ceiling... Mixing with your slime and causing various chemical reactions... It made you bubble up and created a layer of greenish foam on top of you.

"Alright... I think its time for nice little sleep~" She said, yawning and removing her clothes while she made her way to her bedroom. Her big spider tum bounced up and down as she walked, making you slosh around even more.

*Shhlluuussshhh... Blllhhhuulllsshhhkk... Sscchhllooorrrlllsshhh~~~*

You stewed and swirled inside her stomach all night... Her body slowly processing you into fat and energy. However when Arachnea woke up the next morning... Her belly hadn't shrunk back to its original size yet. "Damn wonder-boy... Even liquefied you're a tough one~? You hang on even after a full night of digestion~? Hehe, no matter... My stomach always win in the end~!" She commented, rubbing her huge tummy. For many days you suffered slow and cruel digestion... Entombed within this foul-smelling pit of madness... This organic cauldron of doom... There was no escape... You just kept boiling, churning and macerating... Being rendered, processed within this odorous chamber... This gastric prison. You could feel every part of you... Even soul-bonded molecule of your liquefied body interacting with her various gastric juices... Being altered and slowly flowing into her intestine where it was absorbed into the She-Spider's bloodstream.

You felt every once of your being slowly digested and then going off into the bloodstream... Only to be burned off as energy or deposited... Made into fat to fill various area of her body. There you were... Being inside her... Being at every single point within her her... You became one with the beast... A nightmarish nirvana of assimilation. Finally, after two weeks of absolute infernal torture inside her digestive tract... You merged inside her... Your molecule scattered around her body... But most of all, lots of you went directly to her tits... Just like she predicted! This was your existence now... This was the new you.

"Damn lover-boy... You sure went to all the right places~!" Arachnea commented, looking at herself in the mirror. Her breasts had expended to almost comical proportion... They were now bigger then they ever were... Absolutely huge mounds of soft, doughy goodness! Humongous hooters of hotness! Absurdly bouncy bumpers~! The predatory lady fondled them in a very erotic manner, she enjoyed how soft and pillowy they had become! "Wow... Thanks hun~! You really were the best meal my tits could ask for~!" She added with a soft giggle, continually playing with them.

That was it... This was you now. You were her boobs. That was your existence now and it would be for the rest of eternity. You felt every grope, every fondle, every caress, every shove, push and grab... Every bounce and every wobble. You were her tits. Thus ends this story.

-The End.


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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 5 months ago Report

Holy shit.



More Rachnera pred stuff, finally.


Posted by kernac 5 months ago Report

Thank you^^


Posted by Jarmelhrax 5 months ago Report

Stories with pictures are 10 times more effective then ones without it.

Nice one.


Posted by kernac 5 months ago Report

I know^^ Thanks~


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 4 months ago Report

Possible candidate for a vore story: Minotaur monstergirl!


Posted by kernac 4 months ago Report

I'm considering it~


Posted by JamKat 4 months ago Report

Oh my. 0w0


Posted by kernac 4 months ago Report

I'm glad you enjoyed :3


Posted by friemeltje1 3 months ago Report

Hot damn!

the pics are nice
the story is awesome
the combination is mindblowing, thanks for posting!


Posted by kernac 3 months ago Report

Hehe, thank you very much, I should do more like this~!