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Marriage Proposal By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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A princess and a dragon become friends in their childhood. As they grow up though, the princess becomes reluctant to fulfill her destined duty of marrying a prince. (un)fortunately, she will learn that a princess has a second fate related to her dragon friend.

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Posted by Alexius 2 years ago Report

Maybe it would sound a bit too strong and straight for an impression, but it is true: I was enjoying reading this tale a lot, and the way some social comments and thoughts about interpersonal relationships as well as about cultural gap between different times were as great as the vore element of the tale.

This short yet very impressive text is a thing I would call a masterpiece, and the author deserves some praise for weaving the plot in such remarkable, balanced and full of sense and expressive thoughts way!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 2 years ago Report

Wow! Thank you very much! I am grateful that you think my story is so great!


Posted by Alexius 2 years ago Report

And I am grateful to you for writing and sharing your stories with us in the first place! I shall be looking forward to your future writings as well!


Posted by Nalzindar 2 years ago Report

This was a beautiful story with a lovingly friendship that will enjoy reading over again :3
Although I suspected another marriage proposal as soon as prince Caspian opened his mouth, I highly appreciated the subtle way it happened between Jasmine and Therun.

Their unusual friendship together with the mention that the stereotypical dragon-eats-princesses is the norm, gave this a quality that I haven't seen for a while. And not to mention that the dragon is both a good and decent guy, his collection of female dresses kept out of this though. It was also funny to read the philosophizing about the way things worked and that they decided to break with it!

The vore scene was also great and detailed, very good and sexy.
I hope it will be a possibility in the future to see these two again on an adventure together^^


Posted by DrakentheBlack 2 years ago Report

Thank you! I hope you enjoy your future readings :)
I'm glad to hear people are liking the way I played the stereotypes of fairytale relationships into this story.
Sorry but I do not actually have a sequel planned for this one. And I do not know if that may change in the future.


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 2 years ago Report

more please


Posted by Fischie 1 year ago Report

What sweet little story. I like the idea that the dragon was always kind and friendly to her while going about feeding on other humans at his leisure. The kingdom obviously feared him by the end of the story and for good reason most likely.
In her place I would probably have asked the prince to rescue me to get him dealt with and my dragon friend fed. But the way you wrote it allowed for some pretty enjoyable tongue play and that wonderful twist where she doubted her oldest friend, only to discover his dedication to her.

I hope you change your mind on continuing this. I think the feeding frenzy necessary to collect all the goodies for her cave room would be a story and a half. Also the field of tension berween the princess loving her dragon and him casually devouring her people begs to be explored.

I think that the story made my head spill over with ideas shows how good it was.