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My Girlfriend Julie liked to sleep with no clothes on and I liked to sleep on the oppisite side of her because I could stick my toes in her warm and wet pussy while she slept. One night I stuck my toes in to her pussy, but couldn't get them back out, I was getting pulled in to her womb. I didn't struggle, because I didn't know what was happening, neither did I care because it felt good. Julie was a heavy sleeper and didn't realize she was pulling me in. Her vaginal muscles then began to slurp up my legs. She began to moan with pleasure, but she didn't wake. By this point half of my body was inside of her womb. Her pussy started to ooze with her fluids which lubercated my body and made it easier for her to pull me in. Her vaginal muscles than began to pull harder, one gulp and my hands were now inside, another gulp and then only my head sticking out of her pussy, and with one large, powerful, final gulp, I was pushed completly into her womb. Her pussy was dripping with her fluids, yet she still hadn't woken up. At this point I was getting sleepy because it was so warm, soft, and comfortable in her womb.
-The Next Morning-
Julie: *Yawn* I had, a really weird dream last night.
Julie then heard a muffled voice coming out of her pussy
Me: *Yawn* Me too
Julie: *Scream* Where are you!?
Me: I don't know
She then took off the blanket exposing her large belly, It looked like she was ready to give birth
Julie: *Scream* Why is my belly so big!? Hold on are you inside of me!?
Me: I guess, I am
Julie: How did this happen?
Me: I stuck my toes in your pussy and you started to suck me in
Julie: Hold on, so you're in my womb right now
Me: I suppose I am
Julie: This is crazy, how did I stay asleep while this happened
Me: You're a really heavy sleeper
Julie: Oh yeah <3
Julie: Well anyways, you're going to have stay in there
Me: What, Why!?
Julie: It's your own fault your stuck in there, you put your toes in my pussy while I was asleep!
Me: But you sucked me in!
Julie: I can't be held responsible for what my pussy does when I'm asleep!
Me: Whatever, can you help me get out
Julie: Hmm, no
Me: What do you mean no!
Julie: This is your punishment for putting your toes in my pussy while im asleep
Me: When will you let me out?
Julie: When I feel like it
Me: When will that be
Julie: What if I never want to let you out
Me: Thats not funny!
Julie: Haha, You'll be in there at least until the end of today and then i'll see if I want to let you out
Me: Ugh, Fine. What are you going to do now?
Julie: I'm gonna see what else I can fit in my womb, I want to see if I can do it again
Me: Won't it get cramped in here?
Julie: That dosen't matter, this is your punishment if you don't remeber
Me: Alright I guess i'll take my punishment
Julie: Alrighty then, I'm going to find something to send you in there. How about some food?
Me: That would be nice
Julie then went to kitchen, sliced a baguette in half and started to make a sandwich. After finishing she proceded to shove it into her pussy and let her vaginal muscles do the work. Her vaginal muscles were, so strong that within seconds the sandwich was in her womb with me. I began to eat it, it was covered in her fluids, but I didn't mind.
Julie: Woah, that was incredible
Me: *Chew* Sure is
Julie: I'm gonna find some other things to shove in my pussy
Julie proceeds to look around the house, trying to find something she can shove into her womb. She then spots a banana and shoves it in to her pussy. It then started poking in through her cervix. I proceeded to eat the banana.
Julie: When you finish, can you place the banana skin on the hole of my cervix.
Me: Sure
I then place the banana skin on the hole of her cervix and watched it disappear. The banana skin then fell threw the hole in her cervix and out of her pussy and landed on the kitchen floor
Julie: Intresting, alright thats enough experimenting, i'm going to bed
Me: Can you let me out first?
Julie: Why should I!?
Me: You promised me you would, let me out at the end of the day
Julie: NO! I said, "You'll be in there at least until the end of today and then i'll see if I want to let you out" I never promised to let you out.
Me: Why won't you let me out, your vaginal muscles are so strong that you could give birth to me easily.
Julie: I know, but I don't feel like giving birth to you
Me: WHY!?
Julie: First of all you feel really good in there, and from today's experiments, I figured out that I could just send you food through my pussy which means that you can live in my womb.
Me: What if I need to go to the bathroom?
Julie: Well if your smart enough, you'll use the hole in my cervix as a toilet, which means It'll come out of my pussy and not pile up in there. Either way you did this to your self, so you better get used to it. You're going to have to go to the bathroom when I go, otherwise it'll make a mess and I won't clean it, it dosen't bother me, and remeber your food comes through there, so you might as well keep it as clean as possible. I'm gonna go to the bathroom right now, so if you have to go, now would be the time.
Julie walked to the bathroom and plopped down on the toilet, and started to pee. I managed to stick my cock threw her cervix, and now there were two streams of pee. We both finished peeing, but I didn't retract my cock, I left it sticking out of her cervix. If you were to look inside her pussy you would see my cock sticking out of her cervix and lying in her vaginal cavity.
Julie: Are you going to shove your cock back in my womb?
Me: In a minute
Julie: While its out, I guess I could give you a hand job it
Julie stuck her hand in her pussy and began to give me a hand job. It gave us both pleasure because I was getting my dick stroked and her hand was rubbing against her vaginal wall. After a while I shoved my cock back into her womb.
Julie: Woah, that felt really good
Me: Maybe it won't be so bad living in your womb <3
Julie: Well get used to it because thats your home from now on. Well anyways I'm getting tired, im going to bed.
Julie walked to her bed and laid down
Julie: *Yawn* Good Night...... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Julie was know asleep and I was getting used to my new home. I started to feel really sleepy. My new home eased me into a deep slumber
The End/ To Be Continued???
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This a story that I might not continue, but that depends on how you guys react, if it gets enough support i'll make a part 2 to this story. Also I have a poll on which story sequel you guys want to see most, you can also vote on a new story instead, I will get to all of the eventually, but if you want something specific sooner you better vote. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 1 year ago Report



Posted by PlayerXxX 1 year ago Report

Straight to the point kinda story, but pretty good too.
Now what's getting me is the amount of tags it has. XD
It pretty much misses only F/M tag. XD


Posted by ElBigSado 1 year ago Report

Lol, I put them because some people look for specific things. I also want as many, people to read the story


Posted by Dooot 1 year ago Report

Good shit!!!! Plz do more.