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Vivian's lunch By Helios542 -- Report

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EDIT: reuploaded cause i uploaded the wrong, unfinished version, should be good now. if not vivian's final line should be "excellent, darling. see you in my office!" rather than "and how are the "

in the modern times (close to the turn of the second millennia from which "modern" history was agreed upon by historians) the non-consensual devouring of prey-men was deemed "un-ethical", by the newer, more progressive generation of the semi-globalist predator leaders. coming hot off the heels of fully cutting out the loopholes that left prey-slavery semi-legal a few centuries ago (contractually obligated servitude over forced slavery was the final variant of "slavery"). this came with quite a lot of controversy from the older (typically draconic) leaders in the governing powers of the world. but in the end it was fairly unanimously agreed upon that a system needed to be put in place that allowed predators to be fed as they required, and so privately owned
and state distributed "feeder prey" came into fashion.

and so when miss vivian finds the unquenchable cravings to swallow some man whole she merely has to requisition one through the school, and thanks to the commercialization of prey, she can have her meal...

i've been wanting to introduce the concept of legal, semi-willing "feeder prey" into this world for a while now, i wanted to mess around with "taste-play" (idk the term for it lol), i wanted to do a quick vivian story before i started working on comissions, so here we are! hot mom Vivian swallows a cute, floppy ear-ed rabbit lad for lunch.

i'm gonna be working on comissions after this, so be on the lookout!

and as always, i hope you enjoy! :)

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