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What-a slide! (To hell!) By soline -- Report

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She tries to be a good girl, just because she's born bad doesn't mean she has to be right? The convent certainly agreed, after some persuading, and she does her very best. A lifetime of chastity and prayer in exchange for her eternal soul sounds like a good life, a way to be a good girl. She even got a tattoo to prove her devotion; though the church didn't take it as well as she'd hoped.'s
hard to be good when you're surrounded by temptation and opportunity all the time. Her rosary beads and habit don't dissuade the curious looks, every one enticing her to sin. How can she resist a little wickedness....every now and then?

It's okay, the confessional knows her presence well by now....


Another sketch I've had kicking around for awhile now, finally finished up to a reasonable level.

I haven't decided on a name, but she's a repentant succubus, living with a nun's convent trying to purify herself. Unfortunately all the holy tattoos and rosaries in the world can't quell the sinful hungers of hell, or of a mortal body.

It's okay, the church promised her as long as she repents for her sins she can still be saved...and they've seen her in the confessional with a 'pregnant' belly often enough to just accept her best efforts and move on.

Feel free to toss up name suggestions!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago Report

Now to find someplace nice and quiet to gurgle him up..


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

Mmhm, there's bound to be a Jacuzzi somewhere around here....


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago Report

The heat will be nice and relaxing and help break that dork down


Posted by TimeToRun 6 months ago Report

I like the belly stretching a lot. Especially that face inprint. Very well done :)


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

Thank you very much!


Posted by skorpio 6 months ago Report

Like the character idea! Hope to see more of her.


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

Thanks! Me too, I have a few ideas to use her with again in the future.


Posted by immortalsane 6 months ago Report


Lorelei - "lady who lures men to death"

Nerezza - "darkness"

Sidero - "evil nymph"

Thana - "death"


Assuming she was given a churchy name by the nuns, so

Clark - "priest, scribe"

Prescott/Preston/Priestly - "priest's house/one who lives in a priest's house"

Sexton - "church warder/undertaker"

Assuming that she came already named:

Dunn - "dark"

Read - "red complexioned"

Russell - "little red one"

Dickens - synonym for devil

Hope this helps!


Posted by dagar 6 months ago Report

Sounds like a fun trip. If you're looking for more symbolic names, these might not help.

Lesartha, Dragonyia, Zotkla, Relotia, Shreztia. My phone recommended Shettina.


Posted by Avarice1of2 6 months ago Report

For names I want to go the Ironic route.
Ivana Orgasmo

Orgasma VonHorny

Velvet VonBlack


Posted by smiley 6 months ago Report

Cool character c:


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

Thankees :3


Posted by smiley 6 months ago Report

No problem ;3


Posted by ToddHowardIsAPred 6 months ago Report

Wow! Love this bastard. She's trying and that's what matters. Even if she's not the best, I trust her.


Posted by Cryos 6 months ago Report

Oooh, this is damn good! I LOVE the face on that succubus~


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

Thaaaanks! And me too honestly, I could have put more work into the detail but I'm pretty happy with her 'too horny to move' look.


Posted by harpylove 6 months ago Report

I think Mary would be pretty ironic.


Posted by trippy321 6 months ago Report

Was just about to comment this, you have my vote


Posted by Hawkeye7 6 months ago Report

Great picture. My first story I wrote on here centred around sliding in, via a waterslide. So this looks pretty amazing to see!


Posted by soline 6 months ago Report

I remember! I did like that one :p. And thanks!


Posted by deej1011 6 months ago Report

She sounds like a pretty interesting character o3o


Posted by moonlightshy 6 months ago Report

is it ok to do a "so cool" joke, but i mean it 100% ?


Posted by Bobgodofallbobs 6 months ago Report

Maybe next time look down


Posted by Tafillia 5 months ago Report

looks more like a trip to heaven <3 hehe


Posted by Nalzindar 5 months ago Report

Nice and sexy, and I really liked the short story, it give the poor succubus some sympathy for you know what. At least she tries to be good and that's what counts in this case. At least the noble nuns aren't giving her up or judging her because of her background.
What a spot to to take up in the pool, she better be careful or accident is likely to happen! XD


Posted by soline 3 months ago Report

Thank you! I don't write as much as I used to, but I always find the words pouring out when it comes to the descriptions, I'm glad it's appreciated by some!

Gotta wonder how much that nobility is echoed by all the nuns. I imagine maybe the mother Superior is the one firmly adamant about 'saving the demon', with lesser ranks mixed between fear of what happens if they turn her away, and frustrated benevolence at her constant transgressions. Plus I imagine she's a not-so-subtle drain on the population of novices who are still struggling with sin >:D.


Posted by luckyp3616 4 months ago Report

Wouldn't care, as long as I went to enhancing her breasts~