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Me: Shit! Im Late!
I ran to my closet, changed my clothes, took a piss and left for school. I got in my car and sped to the school parking lot. I got out my car and started to run down the hallway. I finally found my biology class and opened the door. Ms. Hayes was standing there, Ms. Hayes was one on the hottest and youngest teachers at school, she was fairly skinny, had long wavy hair, and thick tighhs.
Ms. Hayes: You're late, on the day of the Final?
Me: I'm sorry I overslept
Ms. Hayes: Whatever, sit down and stop disrupting the class
I sat down at my desk and Ms. Hayes handed me the test. I looked at question 1 and was left dumbfounded. I knew almost none of the material on the test. I gave my best attempt at the questions. I waited till class ended to turn in the test, to make it look like I took my time. The bell rang and I went to my other classes, as normal. I then went to my last class of the day, Study Hall which was directed by Ms. Hayes. I was on my phone the whole class period because all my other classes weren't giving homework anymore because it was about to be Summer Break. The bell rang and everyone left the room, Ms. Hayes called out to me before leaving.
Ms. Hayes: Can I talk to you for a minute?
Me: Yeah, sure
Ms. Hayes: I just finished grading your Final, and you failed, and your grade is low enough to where I can't give you the credits for my class.
Me: What!? I need those credits to get into my dream college. Is there anything else I can do to get those cerdits!?
Ms. Hayes: Well, I am offering a summer school class.
Me: I'll take it, when does it start?
Ms. Hayes: As soon as your ready for it
Me: Well I'm ready to start now
Ms. Hayes: Well then, let's get you enrolled then <3
Ms. Hayes then got up and locked the door, I found this a bit strange, but thought nothing of it. She then started to remove her One-Piece Dress revealing her lack of panties.
Me: What are you doing!?
Ms. Hayes: I'm going to enroll you for my summer school class <3
-She then launched my head into her pussy-
Me: What the hell!!!
-My yells where muffled by her pussy-
Ms. Hayes: This is how you're going to get your credits, besides it'll be fun (Mostly For Me)
Ms. Hayes then started to remove my clothing, my shirt stayed on because the neck hole couldn't stretch far enough to go over the rest of my body. She then started push me in to her pussy by pushing on my ass. Doing that acomplished her getting the upper half of my body into her womb. Her pussy juices then started to encumber my body, this made it easier for me to slide in her womb. She then started pushing on my feet since my ass was no longer exposed for her to push on. My legs slid in to her vaginal cavity with ease, now only my feet were exposed to the outside world. She then pushed in both my feet into her vaginal cavity. At this point it was as easy as her flexing her vaginal muscles and I was in her womb. Ms. Hayes then decided to stand up which was difficult because of her humoungus belly. As she was standing up she felt something rubbing against her vaginal walls, she splurted my shirt out of her pussy, it was now wet with her fluids. She then finally stood up and she patted her huge belly.
Ms. Hayes: Whew, that was exhilarating!
-She then heard the sound of my voice escaping her vaginal cavity-
Me: So this is your "Summer School Class", what do we actually do in this "Class"
Ms. Hayes: Its a summer long class, that includes me being at home and you studying
Me: Couldn't we have acomplished the same thing with me coming to class everyday during the summer!?
Ms: Technically yes, but its more practial like this because I don't have to spend my summer at school, It also ensure that you are in "Class" everyday and this is the only way I'll give you the credits you need.
Me: Alright then, when does class start?
Ms. Hayes: Tomorrow
Ms. Hayes then put on her dress, which still fit. She then took all the students. Finals and stuffed them in her purse. She then left the classroom, left her class key on the school's front desk which no one was at because it was after school hours and started walking to her car. She unlocked her car and then started the engine, the rumbling of the engine felt good from inside her womb. The humming of the engine put me to sleep, when I woke up we were still driving. She started to rub her belly, which made me hard. We finally got on to the street her house was on and we stopped.
Ms. Hayes: We're home!
Ms. Hayes then walked onto her porch and unlocked the front door. She quickly closed the front door behind her. She then sat on the sofa, and removed her clothes to make it more comfortable for me and her. She began to watch TV, but quickly fell asleep. I also decided to sleep because there was nothing else to do, and because the sounds of her body were so soothing.
Ms. Hayes: Wake up, its the first day of my summer school
Me: Huh *Yawn*, shouldn't you be at school teaching the class
Ms. Hayes: All my classes have taken the Final, and I have nothing left to teach and therefore am not required to show up. My classes will have a subsitute teacher from now till the last day of school.
Me: Oh, Uhm. So what do I do now?
Ms. Hayes: You can help me grade your classmate's Finals
Ms. Hayes grabbed the tests out of her purse, put them in a plastic bag along with a pen, and stated shoving it between her legs. The bag eventually came into the womb and I started to grade them.
Ms. Hayes: While you do that, i'm going to make us some lunch
Ms. Hayes walked to the kitchen and grabbed some some frozen pizza and began to heat it up. BEEP...BEEP...BEEP. The pizza was done reheating, she then walks to the sofa and begins to eat it.
Ms. Hayes: Lunch Time!
Me: Huh?
Ms. Hayes: I mean I still have to feed you <3
Me: How? Are you going to let me out!?
Ms. Hayes: Of course not, I'm going to send you the pizza
Ms. Hayes began to shove the warm pizza up her pussy. The sensation was incredible for Ms. Hayes. The pizza finally got up to her cervix and got stuck, but with enough pushing it popped into her womb and made Ms. Hayes squirt all over the floor.
Me: *Munch* I'm done grading the work
Ms. Hayes: Alright, send it back out
I pushed it through her cervix and it made a splat on the wooden floor. She picked it up and began to check for completion.
Ms. Hayes: Good, I'm going to put this in the gradebook
Me: Alright, what do I do now?
Ms. Hayes: Class is dismissed
Me: So do I get to leave?
Ms. Hayes: You get to leave my womb, but not my vagina
Me: What!?
Ms. Hayes: I mean its your choice, you can stay in my womb, it just make it easier on you and me.
Me: Well, I don't know what that means, so im just gonna stay in here
Ms. Hayes: Alright, well just sit tight, I still have to put the grades in
To Be Continued
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Summer School By ElBigSado -- Report

This took a bit longer to make than it should have because I've been feeling lazy and I was trying to write a different story and didn't like it. Tell Me What You Think About This Story.

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