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Nine-tailed Feast By Asaneman -- Report

Gllrrrrp!! Kurama smiled as she felt Shukaku’s fat belly slide down her warm, fleshy gullet and past her generous breasts. All the other tailed beasts were already gurgling away in her ravenous belly, Kurama finally getting her chance to take her time and savor her meal when she got to the one-tailed beast. He tasted absolutely divine, despite looking a bunch of sand given form. Kurama tilted her head up and took another swallow, feeling his feet slither down her gullet. Her final meal was almost complete, and as she lay on her enormous belly full of the other tailed beasts, all of them squirming desperately to get out of the fox’s stomach, she couldn’t help but let out a small sigh in delight.

Her paws drifted and rubbed along her massively stretched out pelt, enjoying the feeling of her ebony claws brush against her soft fur and swollen belly. Satisfied, the powerful fox slowly slurped up the rest of Shukaku’s single tail, savoring his flavor for just a moment more before finally tilting her head towards the sky and taking a powerful, condemning gulp. She purred in delight as she felt his tail slip down her slimy throat with the rest of him, getting squeezed into her gurgling gut with a squelch!.

Her colossal, eight-course meal was finally complete, the nine-tailed fox collapsing on her belly in utter bliss, sighing deeply in delight. “Mmmm, gods that was amazing…” she breathed out dreamily. “I don’t know why I took so long to finally decide to do this, but it was definitely worth the wait,” she said, gazing out into the horizon with a pleased, glazed look as she slowly rubbed and kneaded her paws into her enormously swollen belly, purring as felt the struggles of the other tailed beasts.

Immediately her stomach began to gurgle and groan as it got to work turning the other eight tailed beasts into nothing more than more fat and chakra for the most powerful tailed beast of them all. Her stomach was just as powerful as she was, quickly softening their forms until Kurama’s belly became more round and smooth. She smiled softly as she felt her belly start to shrink as it efficiently turned all the other tailed-beasts into nutritious mush, letting out the occasional glorp! and blup! as it digested them.

A soft moan slipped from her lips as she felt her luscious curves begin to swell out with more supple pudge as all that nutritious mush slipped into her bowels and quickly began to be absorbed. Her hands quickly made their way to cup under her swelling breasts, watching eagerly as they grew larger and fuller with each passing minute. Before long, her breasts were becoming massive, each one larger than her head! Kurama was in absolute love with feeling of her now-weighty breasts still becoming heavier, watching with a delighted smirk as they continued to swell up in her hands.

“It’s about time the rest of you contributed to the superior beast!” she exclaimed, poking her still-enormous but smaller and rounder belly as it continued to steadily shrink as her body absorbed more and more of all that nutritious goop. Even her ass was becoming absolutely massive, each cheek becoming more like a soft sphere filled with warm pudge! She definitely was going to have to enjoy that later. For now, she was just going to continue to enjoy her triumph in ‘reuniting’ all of the tailed beasts.

Even with how powerful her stomach was, eight powerful tailed-beasts was still a lot of mass and chakra to process and absorb, taking hours for the nine-tailed fox to have digested and absorbed enough of them to be able to stand again! Her breasts were absolutely huge, each one now several times bigger than her own head! Even her rear was now so plump and massive that it could crush entire villages underneath it! And she still had an enormous dome of a gut filled with more goop to be processed as well as its own soft pudge.

Kurama let out another small moan as she squeezed and groped at her massive new additions, grinning to herself in bliss. “Keh-heh! I knew you bunch had gone soft, but this is a bit much!” she taunted, continuing to feel up her new, supple pudge as her stomach let out another gwllrrrrn!.

Finally, after several more hours, her stomach had completely finished turning all eight other tailed-beasts into nothing more than nine-tailed fox fat. Kurama was colossal now, her luscious, tremendous curves likely to be the envy of the world. The massive fox pressed a hand into her enormous rump, enjoying the feel of it sinking deep into the soft, warm, fat that used to be the other tailed beasts.

“Maybe going soft isn’t as bad as I thought…” she mused to herself, smirking at her accomplishment of bringing all the other tailed beasts gorgeous fat on herself.


Patreon voted idea for this month, featuring a massive female Kurama!

Thanks again  agtnightwolf for doing that write-up! Haven't drawn a massive gut in a while, hope you guys enjoy! Kurama's definitely a lot of fun to draw!


Kurama © Shueisha

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Posted by MirceaKitsune 8 months ago Report

Biiiig foxy <3

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Posted by Badfurson 8 months ago Report

Excellent work! I’ve always considered Kurama to be the highlight of the show.

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Posted by Lgammage 2 months ago Report

*is in awe of her but hides shy from her*

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