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Thicc Thievul By Zira -- Report

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This is a continuation of our last collab of me and  asaneman. What's she gonna do with that pokeball? Clearly nothing lewd cos she's a good gurl.

Here is Asaneman's part:

Thievul © Nintendo
Faith is Asaneman's

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Posted by Asaneman 7 months ago Report

w i d e


Posted by F1reDem0n 7 months ago Report

Interesting way to hold a Pokeball. :3
Quite the dexterous tail from the looks of it.


Posted by nyanyan 7 months ago Report

Nice. I, too, rather enjoy Thievul's design. And this is well made. I have a weakness to cute things, and foxes are my favorite Nickit and Thievul are pretty high on my 'I like that' list of Pokemon.

I do have one gripe about the way they designed it though... there's no difference between male and female. Which means even females have the mustache. (Which is not included here, btw. Which I prefer.)

Seriously, I took a little time looking at it's model in game, and my female had a mustache...that should be male only :/


Posted by ArcaneSigil 7 months ago Report

I haven't even played the game and I agree. I've seen the design leaks of Theivul... and I'm disappointed. Thus far, many pokemon have had TINY cosmetic changes to indicate female or male. Pikachu for example. Femals have "hearts on the tips of their tails" and males tails are flat and smooth like Ash's Pikachu. And I know there's one that the literal only change... is lipstick. Female Theivul should have gotten a, pardon the pun here, nicked mustache.


Posted by F1reDem0n 7 months ago Report

The new Pokemon games haven't been doing well. Even before launch but it's gotten worse since release. Long time fans that helped make the games what they are aren't buying them, and actively discouraging others to buy them.

The quality is incredibly questionable, even to the point that myself (who's been playing since Red version) returned my pre-orders.


Posted by ArcaneSigil 7 months ago Report

In all honest... Imma get 'em anyway. I'm devoted to Pokemon. I've got Pokemon Go on my phone despite all of its problems and I still love it. I'm even gonna get a two Switches so my mom can have one of the games.


Posted by F1reDem0n 7 months ago Report

Loyalty to a brand is just as important as a companies loyalty to their customers. If their products aren't up to the quality and standards that the company is expected to have then the customers shouldn't support them until the quality is set back to that standard.

Buy the games if you want, and if you enjoy them then more power to you. ^_^

I just have my own moral and ethical standards to uphold so I won't be supporting GameFreak and Nintendo this time around.


Posted by Zira 7 months ago Report

yup I agree. But luckily we have artist that will fix that ;)


Posted by PegaSUS 7 months ago Report

Width that will end the world.

Nothing lewd? Imagine a few Pokéballs chained in a row, hm...


Posted by Zira 7 months ago Report

Really makes you think.


Posted by F1reDem0n 7 months ago Report

With a big plump rump like that? She could already have taken them all into her softness. :3


Posted by wolfSnack 7 months ago Report

I feel like there's a "thick as thieve-als" pun in here somewhere.


Posted by denysvision 1 month ago Report

She already stolen my heart in her rump,if i can capture her it will be greate