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"No Hands Needed" By VelveteenDreams -- Report

Terra's back, and this time she has a familiar femboy waist deep into her fat, sweaty butt! Of course, she's all but pleased at the opportunity, and as relaxed as she is she'll spare no expense showing off, leaning against a crate that may or may not contain more femboys and letting only her colossal jiggling pull Yume up deep inside. She's fully intent on swallowing him completely, sending him as deep as she can passed those soft ass cheeks and deep into her bowels. Whether or not she churns him up and send him back out the way he came afterwards, she's still deciding. It depends on how well he squirms.

I've finally finished by backlog and let me tell you, this is the single piece I'm most proud of so far. Everything has come together so well; her soft fat, her cellulite, her expression and pose, even the prey looks nice which is nice and the lines and shading for once all come together. It's so good in my opinion that I considered not even bluing it up, just adding a layer of grey and calling it good. Of course, it wouldn't quite have meshed with the rest of my gallery, and for now I want to be a little neurotic about that. Regardless, I'm so happy at how this came out, that's what it comes down to. The crate in the background isn't perfect, as it was mostly an after thought for what she'd actually be leaning on, but it's just so bland that it works and even puts focus on Terra. Plus, where would she then get her shipment of "100% Pure Uncut Blacktar Femboys". All that fat's gotta come from somewhere!

After this I think I'm finally convinced to start taking requests. This isn't the official declaration but it's on my mind. This piece came out perfectly, and I have nothing left in my backlog besides some stuff for friends. Keep it in mind and think about what you might want me to draw, the road to commissions and eventual palatable talent is on the way to being paved. Hope you're ready for it loves, I'll give you the word when it's all official. Until then~ <3

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Posted by VelveteenDreams 3 months ago Report

Ignore the colossal grammar errors in the descript. I'm tired.


Posted by Aastarte 3 months ago Report

She turned out amazing love! <3


Posted by Chaos 3 months ago Report

Very sexy, I love a big, blubbery girl <3


Posted by VelveteenDreams 3 months ago Report

She's the biggest and the blubberiest


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 1 month ago Report

Are you still open for requests?


Posted by VelveteenDreams 1 month ago Report

PM Me if you have an idea, but I'm touchy with opening up to drawing for the public yet.