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Plentiful Pirate Plunder By Ento -- Report

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"After an unfortunate bit of weather and a surprise attack by the Iron kingdom, Baozhai's fleet was decimated, and the Pirate queen herself was captured.
Though they couldn't reclaim all the booty she had stolen over the years, Princess Mary figured she could repay with her own, since she's clearly spoiled herself on the spoils of war.
After all, though the punishment for Piracy was death, her predecessors never specified past that, and Mary was happy get at least something out of the soon-to-be former Pirate queen."

A wonderful Commission I got from Darigem over on twitter, please do comm them if you get the chance they draw anything~
(Just keep in mind English isn't their first language.)

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Posted by Zevourius 9 months ago Report

Hum! Tasty!


Posted by Shvuyhln 9 months ago Report

How interesting. I’ve studied cannibalism throughout history and I’ve never once heard of it as punishment for criminal activity. At most, you ate PoWs. Since this lies between eating people of the same country or ethnicity (endocannibalism) and eating someone who isn't exactly a citizen of your own country (ectocanniblasim) I shall create a portmanteau to describe the eating of criminals. It shall be known as Entocannibalsim.


Posted by Ento 9 months ago Report

I'm flattered, but this 100% is Ectocannibalism, The iron kingdom is basically steampunk Victorian Britannia, and Baozhai is a Chinese pirate.
Still, though, thanks for the new words for cannibalism, probably gonna use them.


Posted by Shvuyhln 9 months ago Report

And thank you for showing me this game. I might try it and I might not. By the way, I was trying to make a complex pun with fact. You know Ento (your username) and cannibalism. In retrospect, I’m not good at jokes. Entocannibalism would mean bugs cannibalizing each other and felocannibalsim or criminal cannibalism would describe the consumption of felons.


Posted by Ento 9 months ago Report

No, I was aware of the Pun. Also it's a good game, you'll probably like it.


Posted by Shvuyhln 9 months ago Report

I’ll put it my wish list. I’d like to recommend a game called ‘The Messenger’ to you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the game thoroughly and find a character that suits your taste in women.


Posted by Ento 9 months ago Report

Oh, I've tried that one. Didn't really enjoy it honestly. But you do you.


Posted by KuroNekoChan 9 months ago Report

that's not a pirate booty, it's the one piece ;3


Posted by jimsugomi 9 months ago Report

like the curve of that behind there : ). definitely a top tier angle on that booty.


Posted by LordStorm 9 months ago Report

That is some tasty looking pirate booty ;)