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Lo' Gruh, A Warrior Cast Out By Badfurson -- Report

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Hailing from the mountainous regions of the Untamed Territories, the exiled warrior Lo' Gruh towers above most men-and even other orcs-at a striking nine foot. Cast from her home in the mountains for reasons unknown to most, Lo' Gruh has given up on her kind and culture-electing to maintain a solitary life as freelance adventurer.

While eager to lend her blade to a fight, Lo' Gruh is rather more level headed and clever than her bloodlusting brothers. More inclined to analyze a situation before rushing in, and with a tendency to develop new and unexpected tactics in battle-both overpowering and outsmarting her opponents.

Her intellectual nature isn't only restricted to the battlefield; the warrior often seeks out knowledge of life's less violent aspects, including science, magick and other assorted interests.


This character is a bit more complicated, at least in regards to her conception-rather than her backstory. Technically, she is a creation owned by my good buddy W527, on FA-however, he only made her to serve as the playable avatar in the game Oblivion (as well as a 3D printed model on his/our desk at home). So I, having expressed more interest in the character for uses outside personal gaming, asked if I could borrow her. He essentially transferred her ownership to me, since he didn't even have a reference made for her (Or really care to have one made), and I commissioned one from  Owlizard.

Her design is slightly different from her in-game appearance, as you can see from the actual model:

But I think that's actually a good thing, as it separates her a bit further into being more of her own character, rather than just a player model.

I don't know if I'm going to keep her axe, though. It's very hard to draw, and I already have someone with an axe-and I plan to have the two meet on more than one occasion.

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Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 1 year ago Report

Interesting character


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Glad to hear it. She's party member 2/4, currently.

Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 1 year ago Report

Interesting. I wonder... Would she be able to eat and keep a human inside of her stomach?


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Easily; she's around twice the average person's size, after all.

Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 1 year ago Report

very cool


Posted by ChaseTheHyena 1 year ago Report

Hot char!


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Glad so! I'm really glad Seven had a model of her commissioned, so I could in turn have this done up-she's too good to just let sit in his steam folder!