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Jadia and friend 2 By Strega -- Report

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A day after swallowing her boyfriend, the lumpy bulge has softened into a rounded, sloshing mass. The flesh has liquefied, the bones are crumbling, but her digestive system can only process the bulky meal so fast. It'll be a couple more days before she's back to her previous trim self, barring some new love handles.

Jadia has a "tell". If she's wondering what it would be like to eat someone, or outright wants to, her eight-plus-foot long flirty tail curls briefly into a big question mark.

This happens quite a lot, even when she's full. While she's a nice person and her prey always gets reformed, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to eat you.

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

With her licking her lips like that it seems she found dessert..


Posted by UnknownGamer21 1 year ago Report

I'd happily let her eat me if I got to rub her gut first or after


Posted by plaguetyranno 1 year ago Report

What sort of animal is she?


Posted by Strega 1 year ago Report

Jadia is a silkie, a furry race created by Ken Sample many years ago. Silkies are a race engineered for zero gravity work, thus the long prehensile tail. They are a mix of cat and weasel but different silkies show more of one or the other and Jadia resembles a cat more than she does a weasel.


Posted by Jahan 1 year ago Report

I love her facial expression and body language-in this piece, and the previous one! She looks so-not just *hungry*, but-hrn. I am having trouble putting my finger on the right word. "Desiring", but that's not quite right either.

(And she looked so happy and *satisfied* in the previous one.)


Posted by Strega 1 year ago Report

She has no right to look hungry with a belly still full of food, but Jadia will be Jadia. 83


Posted by e_voyager 1 year ago Report

When you say reformed do you mean that she kind of clones them back to life or something?


Posted by Strega 1 year ago Report

Mwee and their followers have access to a form of matter transmitter based reforming tech similar to Star Trek transporters. If one of them eats you, the scanners in the building, ship, or mwee's body (Jadia isn't big enough for these scanners, they have to be a certain distance apart) scan you in exacting detail and beam a nearly exact copy of you into existence. I say "nearly exact" because changes CAN be made, but usually only for specific reasons: altering the memories of the prey so they don't remember being eaten or correcting some sort of health issue. Mira once ate a lover because he had a heart problem and while regulations forbade her from offering him mwee medical treatment, beaming him back into existence with a properly functioning heart was a gray area and she exploited it.

While the usual "transporters murder you and beam a soulless copy into existence" argument can be raised, centuries of experience with the technology has shown that the copies are the original, and even copies of copies are also the original, if you take my meaning. To every test they can muster, the new person is the same as the one who got digested. The Commonwealth allows the mwee's shenanigans specifically because they always reform their prey (with extremely rare exceptions) and the new person is 100% identical to the old one.


Posted by iasiney 1 year ago Report

Awesome ^_^