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Fallout: Guts and Glory (Issue 6 - Page 6) By Aces -- Report

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Posted by Kasra 9 months ago Report

Fate has spoken!

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Posted by Aces 9 months ago Report

Couple of fun facts.

1 - That coin is an NCR quarter. No such thing exists in Fallout lore, so I had to make it up. The face of the coin is Tandi, who was the second president of the NCR.

2 - I actually flipped a coin to determine Jeremy's fate when I wrote the original chapter. This was the outcome. The coin wanted Jer to gurgle.

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Posted by Ignoreme79 9 months ago Report

This scene put so much tension into the story. The backstory of how this came to be makes her end decision sooo much better. You did a great job with this! I can't wait for the next page!!

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Posted by NagaRelic 9 months ago Report

That is actually hilarious

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Posted by Gabriel0813 9 months ago Report

The coins says " Fuck you bitch fate has other plans"

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Posted by BigJohnHagerty 9 months ago Report

*Funeral March starts playing*

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Posted by FKBone 9 months ago Report

havent read this story part, but damn SeekGr made it look good, sorta show go back and read it. ^^ thanks for this page Aces

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Posted by ArcaneSigil 9 months ago Report

Fate wanted Jeremy to become Deathclaw fat and you continually tempted Fate until you got what you wanted.

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Posted by mirrormind101 9 months ago Report

Naa, I can tell she loves him ^^

Plus their is the story that you wrote and the load of people who keep telling me that he lives even tho I know. (¬_¬)

But still, I am liking this stuff ^^ SeekGR and you are both awesome with this collab stuff :)

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Posted by BlackfireVii 9 months ago Report

At what point in the written story is this? Anticipation is killing me!!

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Posted by mirrormind101 9 months ago Report

Could not tell you.

But I have been told about parts of it.

You will just have to read it mate :)

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Posted by calldahotline 9 months ago Report

Fate wants you to get fat, lol. Now I really wana go read the stories.

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Posted by CakePisces 9 months ago Report

She looks cute at the last panel XD

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Posted by dx2255 9 months ago Report

She think she a tough deathclaw but in truth she is soft and caring

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Posted by moonlightshy 9 months ago Report

strange love..

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Posted by Mech__Warrior 9 months ago Report

Pretty sure it's a two headed coin...

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