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MariShrunk Part 2: Lewd Librarian's Ass
  Alice and Marisa were in the kitchen of Alice's house. The tiny witch was still a bit exhausted from the events of the last day. "So… you don't have a book which could help me." Marisa said "Unfortunately not." Alice told her shrunken friend. Marisa then sighed. "That means I went through all of this for nothing." "Come on, I can't have tortured you too much." "I really try to believe you, but you shoved me over twenty times into your pussy and now I smell like your cum." Marisa stated visibly frustrated. "Twenty-four times to be exact." "Well, whatever… there is only one place left where we possibly could find a book which can help me, and that's the Scarlet Devil Mansion." "Well then, let's go." Alice said and took Marisa. "B-but don't put me in your panties again!" the witch exclaimed hastily when Alice lifted her dress. "Oh… so that means you would rather be inside my pussy, right?" Alice said and smirked. Marisa paled when she heard that her friend would push her back into her lower mouth. "Alright, I go back in your panties… but don't you dare to push me into your pussy again!" the tiny girl said. "I promise that I won't shove you into my pussy." Alice said and stuffed Marisa in her underwear. The puppeteer then patted the bulge in her panties before letting go of her dress. After that she left her house and flew towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
 It was very quiet in the library of the SDM. Patchouli was sitting at a table and was reading a book. She enjoyed the silence, until Koakuma came together with Alice. "Patchouli-sama, you have a visitor." the devil said and walked away. "Long time no see, Patchouli." Alice greeted the librarian. "It really has been a while, Alice. Please, take a seat." "Thanks." Alice sat down on the chair and crossed her legs. This resulted in Marisa getting crushed between her thighs. "So, what brings you here?" Patchouli asked. "Do you have a book about changing the size of objects?" The librarian rose an eyebrow when she heard Alice's question. "I indeed have such a book. But for what do you need it?" "Well, I…" The puppeteer was sweating. As Patchouli continued to stare at her, she suddenly sensed a lot of magical energy around the area of Alice's crotch. The librarian blushed when she realized whose energy it only could be.
 Did she shrunk Marisa and has no idea how to get her back to her normal size?
 "Could it be that you want to shrink Marisa, so that you can toy with her?" Patchouli asked the puppeteer while slowly approaching her. Alice blushed when she heard that. "What?! N-No!" Alice stammered. Her heart was beating faster as the librarian looked deep into her eyes. "Alice." "Yes?" "Please close your eyes." "Huh? Why that all of the sudden?" "Please, just for a short moment." "…Well, okay." Alice did as Patchouli ordered and closed her eyes. The librarian then took a some magical dust out of her pocket and blew it in Alice's face. She was coughing a lot as she inhaled the dust. "What was that?" she asked and coughed a bit more. But Patchouli only smiled. After a short time Alice began to feel sleepy and fell asleep. "Well then, let's see." Patchouli said to herself as she lifted the puppeteer's dress. She immediately noticed the bulge in her underwear. The librarian was blushing as she put her hand in Alice's panties and almost touched her vagina. Marisa was startled when she was grabbed by the unknown hand. "What the?!" The tiny witch panicked as she was pulled out. She then looked at Patchouli's face. "Looks like I was right." "Patchouli? What's the meaning of this?" "I will talk with you later." Before Marisa could say something she had been already stuffed in the librarian's pocket. "Koa." "Yes, Patchouli-sama?" "Please bring Alice home." The devil then looked at the sleeping puppeteer. "As you wish." Koakuma picked up the sleeping Alice and left the library.
 Meanwhile Patchouli had gone to her room and locked the door. She then pulled Marisa out of her pocket and put her on a small table. "Well then, tell me. I'm really interested what Alice has done with you. Maybe this also explains your exotic smell." Patchouli said. "Alright, where should I begin…"
 …Girls are explaining…
 "… and this is the explanation for my current smell." Marisa finished telling the story. While Patchouli didn't look like it, she was actually very aroused when she imagined how Alice inserted Marisa multiple times into her pussy. "I see. So… basically the story is just about Alice using you as a sex toy." Patchouli stated. The shrunken girl only sighed. "But don't worry, I can bring you back to your original size." "Really?" "Yes… but you have to do something for me." "Let me guess: I should return every book I borrowed from you." Marisa said. "Actually, that's not what I want." "Huh? What else could you want?" the tiny witch asked surprised. Patchouli then took off her clothes until she was only wearing her underwear. Marisa couldn't help but blush when she saw Patchouli's sexy curves. Her bra did its best to keep her gigantic bosom in place while her panties did the same thing with her massive asscheeks.
 "I want to shove you in my ass." the librarian said as she pulled down her panties. "………Huh?" Marisa exclaimed after a short pause. "There shouldn't be a problem with that. In the end it's the nearly same like when Alice shoved you in her pussy." "You can't be serious! Don't tell me that you only want to do this because Alice did something similar!" "Actually I wanted to do this for a long time but I never came to the opportunity to do it. But now I'm going to enjoy the feeling of having you in my butt." Marisa paled when Patchouli held her in front of her giant ass. Being shoved into a pussy was one thing, but being shoved into an ass was definitely worse. The tiny witch was too scared to say something. "Well then, time for you to meet my innards." Patchouli said and pushed Marisa deep into her anus until she was completely inside the librarian's ass. Patchouli shook her buttcheeks a bit before pulling up her panties again. "I will keep you in there for a few hours and then squeeze you out." she said and sat down at the table to read another book.
 Marisa was smothered by Patchouli's bowels. The tiny witch was only a few minutes in her butt and could already tell that being inside Patchouli's ass was worse than being in Alice's pussy. Inside the librarian's huge rear end it was even hotter and tighter, and worst of all, stinkier than inside the puppeteer's vagina. "God, I can barely breath in this place. This situation can't possibly get even worse." However the moment Marisa finished her sentence…
 …Patchouli farted. "Oh, come on Patchouli, you can't be serious!" Marisa whined as she engulfed by the gas cloud.
 "Oh, I forgot." Patchouli exclaimed after her sudden fart. "You probably don't mind if I let out a bit gas, right Marisa?" the librarian asked the tiny girl who was trapped in her butt. There was no response. "I see." Patchouli said, taking the silence as a 'Yes' and continued to read her book.
 Marisa would have screamed 'No' but she was still coughing.
 Patchouli then farted again and this time it was even worse. The air became thicker and Marisa could barely see a thing anymore. She was coughing even more now.
 If she keeps farting like this, I won't stay conscious any longer.
 Fortunately for Marisa, Patchouli didn't fart for a long time while she was reading her book. As the librarian looked at the clock, she noticed how late it already was. "Well, I think that is enough for today." Patchouli said, closing the book and standing up. The librarian then stripped off her robes until she was only wearing her underwear again. "Alright. But before I go to bed…" Patchouli bent over…
 …and ripped out a wet fart. This was too much for Marisa. Not being able to endure the stench of the hefty fart, the tiny witch lost her consciousness. Patchouli let out a small giggle. "It probably won't hurt if you are still in my ass while I'm sleeping." the librarian stated and crawled in her bed. She used her magic to dim the lights in her room and dozed off.
 Multiple hours passed and Patchouli farted every now and then while sleeping. She wasn't aware that at one point she had squeezed Marisa out of her ass. The shrunken girl was still unconscious from Patchouli's farts and was now lying in the librarian's smelly panties. Patchouli didn't notice that she had pressed out Marisa and simply continued to sleep while occasionally filling her panties with her gas.
  To Be Continued…
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MariShrunk Part 2: Lewd Librarian's Ass By PrismLaser -- Report

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A story consisting of multiple parts in which Marisa accidentally shrunk herself and seeks now a way to get her normal size back.

After the events of the last day and now knowing that Alice doesn't possess a book which could help her, Marisa and the puppeteer go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to ask Patchouli for help. However things turn even worse for the shrunken girl there…

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Posted by Crox 1 year ago Report

Things are starting to get really hot, i Wonder what Will happen in the next part...


Posted by PrismLaser 1 year ago Report

One thing is sure: Marisa will suffer even more.


Posted by MysteriousGuy 1 year ago Report

Well, seems like Marisa ain't gonna forget her experience at all... But I'm not curious as to how much worse it could get for the little magician. Heh


Posted by PrismLaser 1 year ago Report

Well, the next part will show it.


Posted by Storyreader21 1 year ago Report

I wonder if it will be vore. She has been in both lower holes, so the only one left is the mouth and stomach. Is it bad that i hope it is unaware full tour


Posted by PrismLaser 1 year ago Report

Of course I am not going to say what type of vore will come in Part 3.
But I can already say that it won't be unaware.