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Kazuma and his party of adventures sat around the bar table with grins on their faces. They completed a mission and for once had 0 debts to pay so finally they could feast and drink it up. To Kazuma's right was the useless blue haired goddess Aqua, in front of him was his masochist knight Darkness and in front of Aqua was the young mage Megumin. The bar maidens brought the drinks and food to their table with smiles. The whole party stuffed themselves with food and laughs they would remeber for awhile. Of course Aqua ended up drinking to much as usual.
 "Megumin has anyone told you that you looked delicious" said Aqua with hungry eyes
 Megumin didn't really understand what she was talking about, Megumin looked down herself and she was just wearing her regular clothes so it's not like she had anything special on.
 "I'm not sure what you mean but no" said Megumin
 Aqua licked her lips staring at the tasty girl in front of her. Then Aqua turned to the ground and threw up all over the ground. Kazuma shook his head and was ready to help Aqua outside but then Megumin stopped him and she helped Aqua instead. Megumin threw Aqua's arm over her shoulder and went to the back of the bar where no one was. They were up against a wall and Megumin patted Aqua's back while she puked on the ground.
 "That's it Aqua let it all out" said Megumin
 Megumin sighed and realized Aqua was finished. The drunk Aqua giggled a little bit making Megumin raise an eyebrow.
 "What is it Aqua" asked Megumin
 "Finally I have enough room for you" replied Aqua
 Megumin was even more confused then when Yun-Yun declared herself Megumin's rival.
 "Room where" asked Megumin
 Aqua looked into Megumin's eyed and licked her lips with saliva falling off her tongue.
 "Room in my stomach for you" said Aqua
 Aqua then quickly slapped Megumin's staff to the ground and pinned her to the wall. Megumin grunted as her back hit the wall, Megumin couldnt move her hands since Aqua was holding them down. Aqua had a scary smile on her face as she looked up and down Megumin's flat body. Aqua then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Aqua got close and Megumin closed her eye as she felt the soft tongue go across her cheek living a wet path. Aqua licked her lips and brought her tongue fully back into her mouth, then Aqua took off Megumin's hat and got close again. This time her mouth opened wider and Megumin had her eyes open, the maw enveloped around her face and Megumin was blind to the outside world. She only saw spit and the back of Aqua's throat. Aqua fit Megumin's head into her mouth and sucked on it like a lolly pop.
 "AQUA IM NOT FOOD STOP THIS" screamed Megumin
Right as Megumin pleaded to be spit out Aqua swallowed in Megumin's head. The mage screamed as she was pulled down a bit more to the stomach.
Aqua was lucky Megumin had a small frame so eating her shoulders were easy, Megumin's small breasts easily slid down since she was very flat. Aqua used Megumin's bum to push her further down her gullet. Megumin squirmed and kept screaming for help but the sounds of a groaning stomach got louder each second and the smelln got stronger. The red walls pulled Megumin further down and finally they opened up to Aqua's stomach. Megumin's head barely fit but when her shoulders were pushed in as well Megumin was splashed into a small pool of stomach acid. Aqua gulped the girls butt down and pushed on the soles of her feet to get the rest.
With one hand guiding the last bulge down her throat and the other on a big growing belly the satisfied Aqua put her back against the wall.
 "Mmmmmm crimson demons are so yummy" said Aqua
 Aqua rubbed the outline of Megumin that showed on the surface of her belly and used her other hand to guide it to her pussy.
A little belch came from Aqua's mouth and the back of the bar was filled with gurgles of Aqua's belly and squelchs from her pussy. Aqua moaned and groped her bulges of Megumin to make her squirm. Inside Aqua poor Megumin was all balled up with her red clothes slowly melting off of her, if she could she would blow Aqua up but without her staff she had no way to get out. Megumin hoped someone would find them before she was digested but the odds were slim. The acid didn't burn but felt quite nice, Megumin didn't mind the feeling but she knew it was softening her up. The walls pushed in on Megumin and she felt Aqua grope at her which felt kinda weird.
Aqua's belly was loud and if Megumin tried to talk Aqua would most likely not hear her. The outline over time slowly became less defined with Megumin melting down. Inside Megumin's eyes were almost shut and the acid was at her neck. She was exhausted from the air being so little but the acid still felt good even though her body was very soft.
 " more" said Megumin
 Those were her final words before her body melted away and she was completely submerged in the acid. The outline of Megumin fully lost shape and just a gurgely orb remained as it processed the rest of the mage. Aqua yelped as cum fell from her pussy as she climaxed, her belly was soft and squishy now which made her happy.
It churned the rest of Megumin who was making her way into Aqua's intestines. Aqua felt her breasts start to get bigger as her belly turned into a little pot belly of waste. Aqua turned and saw her ass also grew a little.
 "Such a little person really made me thick" said Aqua
 Her bowels filled up with Megumin and Aqua felt a sharp pain inside. Aqua quickly took her panties off and squatted on the ground. A large bone speckled turd emerged from her ass and hit the ground, creamy logs fell from Aqua's ass. Megumin's brown hairs stood up in the logs while tiny bones made them colorful with white.
*Plop flwarp*
The shit piled up and small mostly digested skull stood on top proudly. Aqua smirked at her stomachs handy work and then felt all tired. Aqua slept next to her pile that night
 Aqua awoke from a kick and she saw a narrow eyed Kazuma and a horny Darkness.
 "What did you do to Megumin" said Kazuma
 "What are you talking about" said Aqua not remembering what happened
 Kazuma pointed at the big pile of poo with a skull on it and Megumin's hat and staff close by. It took Aqua a second but it all came back to her and she blushed.
 "I had an accident" said Aqua
 Kazuma shook his head and Darkness was jealous of Megumin. The party left the remains of Megumin to stink up the back and Aqua never heard the end of it.
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The Water Goddess's Drunken Mistake By Coolwoman -- Report

Art by Unkown

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Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 9 months ago Report

Excellent! Aqua is a useless goddess but an excellent pred


Posted by NotRebnosaur 9 months ago Report

I feel like Aqua would just resurrect Megumin after she realized what she did.


Posted by Brenden1k 9 months ago Report



Posted by Kronoscythe 7 months ago Report



Posted by Persona59523 9 months ago Report

If Megumin could have the chance, I think she either do it back to her or bring darkness with her.


Posted by g14141 9 months ago Report

Made me wanna watch konosuba. Another great one


Posted by thespyfurry69 9 months ago Report

I thought you said no ... nevermind