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Eblis - the leash By Strega -- Report

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When an eight foot tall anteater alien slurps up your dog, let it go lady, it's gone.

Eblis isn't intentionally evil. He's just not very bright and grew up in a fetish colony where all sorts of weird things were considered normal. Things like sucking up someone's pet to coerce them into *ahem* negotiating for its return. (And then maybe eating them anyway afterward.)

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Posted by Jeschke 7 months ago Report

Ohhhhh hell yes. <.< I always love seeing more eblis stuff around.


Posted by Jeschke 7 months ago Report

Also, you'd think she would know to let go of the leash once her dog is halfway down someone's throat. And the someone is almost twice her size.


Posted by Strega 7 months ago Report

He's more like five times her weight. And some people really don't want to give up on their pets. Mostly likely her determination to save the dog will end up reuniting her with it. 83


Posted by Jeschke 7 months ago Report

Love always wins. In this case, it's more a net win for Eblis's stomach, though. :3c


Posted by deathknight 7 months ago Report

Meh it was an annoying dog anyways


Posted by kernac 7 months ago Report

Always good to see more Eblis~


Posted by sojonin 7 months ago Report

Given his history, she could go up or down from here.

The Fennec Fox

Posted by The Fennec Fox 7 months ago Report

OMG i missed the big guy! Happy to see him!


Posted by Edward_T_Hyena 7 months ago Report

You know, if her feet slip or if Eblis gets a bright idea, she's going to end up straddling an alien's stomach and getting probed.


Posted by Strega 7 months ago Report

Eblis would not object. 83


Posted by Jamjo 7 months ago Report

I like to imagine this is one of those terrible dog owners who raises little shitsticks, and she's just getting her comeuppance now.

He may not be the brightest, but I do find something quite undeniably attractive about Eblis as a pred :3 At least physically speaking. He just looks like a huggable, cozy individual that would be fun to feed!


Posted by Strega 7 months ago Report

For some reason people like the big dumb doofus. 83


Posted by thtiger 6 months ago Report

First let me say I'm not at all fond of your strips where young kids get vored. I much prefer a certain karmic justice thing where dinner gets what they deserve.

That said, my mind went to a dark place as I contemplated this image where I thought about the fact that it's not just dogs that ladies put leashes on, but their youngsters.


Posted by Strega 6 months ago Report

Worry not, it's a dog. 83


Posted by testuser 6 months ago Report