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Away From Keyboard (January 2020) By BIGBIG -- Report

I'm already back as you can see here >

Someone talk to her!!!
She says, shes a great fan and it would be her dream to make me in to her gut fat...

estimated return around January 24 - 27
Obviously won't be active in vore art until then

Art rant:
I'm not that happy with how this came out (technically)
But I guess it works, (in some way) so, meh.
It's ironic. When I want to get quality things done fast,
I always mess them up and they take even more time as usual.
(also drep... I just got confused about the lighting here / even if I've done it million times before)
The main problem was that I didn't think enough about the lighting. I went in rushing and expecting that I'll automatically make it work. Well, I didn't :D
There's a lesson here!
Always THINK before you act!!!

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Posted by Undernom 1 month ago Report

Eh you'll prolly be fine


Posted by Rimedane 1 month ago Report

Goodluck, hope you have fun!


Posted by bbstuff 1 month ago Report

Have a good time! What don't you like about this piece? It looks fantastic.


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago Report

I love how the bottom part of her belly is still being held back by her dress. Not to mention she's got a massively knockers. :3


Posted by F1reDem0n 1 month ago Report

Also this is a really cleaver way of announcing you going on vacation. I love it. xD

Have a "safe" trip man. Try to come back to us in one piece and not add to a preds waistline.

If it's not too late, any updates on the pokemon comic you were doing? You uploaded page one but then there hasn't been any peep about the second part. :)


Posted by nevermindohno 1 month ago Report

The drawing looks astounding, bigbig! We know you put a lot of pressure on yourself but you can't always expect do to perfect stuff on your parameters, your stuff already looks amazing on the regular! Relax man :)


Posted by AfraArt 1 month ago Report

I think you'll be fine but I'm more worried for her and how she's going to do her job, that belly will have to squeeze though the passenger's chairs and will likely bump into everybody on the place.


Posted by Sparkachu 1 month ago Report

Have fun on vacation!


Posted by martyr 1 month ago Report

Good luck, Big! Hopefully you can exit the plane via the normal door, and not the rear exit... >.>


Posted by babyhater 1 month ago Report

Have fun and be well on your journeys.


Posted by GassyBlossom31 1 month ago Report

This is waaaay better than first class.


Posted by gva274 1 month ago Report

Artists are always so critical of themselves, I see nothing wrong with the lighting, or anything about this! I like this pic, I wish there was more of this pred.


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 1 month ago Report

Not a fan of the belly button lump. But other than that, new fav from me.


Posted by hreinn 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the post. I'm a bigbig fan!


Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

I hope you have a good trip!


Posted by TheDarkStar 1 month ago Report

Enjoy your break, you've certainly earned it.