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 Never too old to be eaten by your mother or your wife: part three
As Kushina and Hinata walked to the Hyuga compound they are both filled with great hunger and sexual desire, but they know they must get these feelings under control while they pick up Boruto and Hinawari especially if Hinata's father Hiashi is there. Because even though he knows Vore Jutsu is an official ninjutsu style, he is highly disapproving of women eating people and then some of them becoming sexually aroused.
" So why is your dad such a damn stick in the mud about Vore jutsu?" asked Kushina. It's pretty useful in many situations if you want my opinion. Hell I used it to eat creeps left and right with your mom when we were younger.
"Well he's been against it for as long as I can remember, but he mainly has been his most strict once once I turned eighteen." said Hinata. I remember my mom trying to teach me in secret when ever my father had to leave the compound for some kind of meeting or other business. But he would always get mad at her for it that's when my mother went to you to teach me.
" Yeah and your one of the best students I ever trained." said Kushina. On top of that your also one of my most successful going by how thicc you are and how full and big your tits are. Also how you ate Naruto this morning shows you haven't lost your touch.
" Shh can you please keep that last part to yourself?" asked Hinata. If people hear I ate the Hokage it might generate a lot of unwanted rumors.
" Ok ok, but how about a nice big family meal later?" asked Kushina. Just lounging about in our underwear rubbing our full bellies.
Before Hinata could answer Kushina's question they reached the Hyuga compound, which means they must stop all vore talk just incase Hinata's father is about. The walk about the compound until they find something unexpected, Hanabi in a state of near orgasmic ecstacy rubbing a big bulging belly as it sticks out of her kimono.
"BURP thanks for that after training breakfast my dear niece and nephew you two were delicious." Said Hanabi. "I wonder if I have time to go masturbate." she thought.
"Ahem." Hinata cleared her throat. So going by your gut father isn't around this morning. But that's another issue, spit out my kids please.
" Aw but I just swallowed them." Hanabi groaned.
" Cough them up right now Hanabi." said Haruko.
" But mom... fine just give me a second" said Hanabi.
Hanabi regurgitates Boruto and Hinawari, with some resentment of course. Boruto looks absolutely disgusted by what he just endured while his little sister Hinawari looks like she found the experience to be fun.
" Why do girls need to have such weird abilities?!" Boruto said in disgust.
" Hey it's not our fault that boys are so yummy." Hanabi replied.
Hanabi's words stuck with Himawari who started to think about what her aunt said.
" This is the second time an Uzumaki was eaten today, you know I need to reconcile that Haruko." Said Kushina. Fortunatly I know just how you can do just that.
Kushina gives Haruko a seductive look.
" Very well then" Said Haruko. Let's go inside and reconcile this matter. Come with me Hanabi you can help.
Hanabi started to follow her mother and Kushina into the house.
" Wait for me I can help too." Said Himawari
" No you two are gonna stay right here while I get you a towel to dry you off." Said Hinata. Don't go anywhere I'll be right back.
After Hinata left to get them a towel Himawari's belly starts to grumble and she looks at Boruto remembering her aunts words. Boruto recognizing the look starts running for his life. Elsewhere Kushina, Haruko and Hanabi are in their lingerie making out in Haruko's room. While they do so they can faintly hear the sounds of a fight. They briefly stopped to take a peek outside but when they did all was silent. Feeling like the proble resolved itself they resumed what they were doing.
Kushina's stomach groans in hunger as she makes out with Hinata's sister Hanabi. Kushina gives into her hunger and performs the hand signs for the belly prison jutsu then proceeds to swallow the Hyuga heiress whole. Kushina licks her lips as she rubs her enlarged tummy.
" Burp Hanabi was delicious Haruko but I still have plenty of room left." Said Kushina. Ready to go in my stomach?
" I suppose, I did say I would reconcile with you so go ahead and eat me." Said Haruko.
Kushina wasted no time and pounced on Haruko and proceeded to swallow her whole. As she did she heard Himawari yell for Hinata from somewhere in the compound.
" Mommy where are you my tummy hurts." Himawari cried out.
Kushina finished swallowing Haruko and got dressed and went looking for Himawari. As she neared the outside she heard Hinata scoulding her.
" Himawari you spit Boruto out this instant!" Hinata yelled.
Himawari regurgetated Boruto who was greatly displeased with being eaten a second time.
" I told you two to stay put while I get you a towel and you did the opposite." Hinata said. So now I need to teach you two a lesson.
Hinata's belly starts to grumble as she looks at her children.
" Granny Haruko, help don't let her eat us!" Boruto cried out.
Kushina came outside rubbing her belly with glee as she looked at Boruto.
" Burp Sorry kid but Haruko isn't gonna help you get outta this one." Kushina said with a smirk.
" Kunoichi Vore Art: Belly Prison Jutsu!" Hinata yelled as she swallowed her children whole. Overcome by how tasty her kids were Hinata dropped to her knees and rubbed her belly like an expectant mother.
" *BURP* Your aunt Hanabi was right, you two are delicious." Said Hinata. Now Kunoichi Vore Art: Sound Proof Belly Justu.
Hinata blocked all sound from her belly as well as prevented from Himawari and Boruto from hearing what's outside her belly. With their bellies filled Hinata and Kushina started to feel horny again and decided to head home. On the way back they passed fellow preds Sakura, Ino, Temari and TenTen who all stared at their bellies. Hinata and Kushina did not know the predatory acts that will be triggered by this moment as they continued home.
As soon as they got back they stripped down to their lingerie and proceeded to make love in the master bedroom on Naruto and Hinata's bed. They made love for so long that Hinata had to look at the clock to see how long they had been at it. As she looked she noticed it was almost dinner time which means Naruto was gonna be home soon if he was gonna keep his promise.
Hinata got outta bed and turned out all the lights and waited by the door and used her Byakugan to look outside as soon as she heard footsteps. She saw Naruto walk up to the door and as soon as he opened the door she pounced and gobbled him up before closing the door.
" Mmmm thanks for coming home on time Naruto." Hinata said patting her full belly.
Hinata lay on top on her belly in the middle of the hall with a great sense of satisfaction. However this made her an easy target for Kushina who couldn't pass up such an easy meal and Kushina swallowed her without delay.
" BURRRRP sorry for eating you Hinata, I just couldn't pass up such an oppritunity." said Kushina.
Kushina got to her feet and started to walk back to the bedroom, arching her back so her belly wouldn't drag on the floor as it sloshed from side to side. Suddenly her belly started to come alive with movement followed by a loud belch.
" What's going on in there?" Kushina asked.
" Sorry about that, I just at my mom and my sister." Hinata replied from with in.
When Kushina entered the bedroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She took a moment to admire her appearance as she stood there rubbing her belly in her pink bra and panties.
" Boy you guys really filled me up today." Kushina said rubbing her gut. All this eating has me turned on again, guess I need to fix that.
Kushina plops on the bed then goes through the nightstand next to the bed, and finds Hinata's vibrating dildo.
" My my I never thought Hinata was such a dirty girl." Kushina thought as she inserted it into her vagina over and over.
As Kushina masturbated she looked outside to see the beautiful full moon as she climaxed. As Kushina drifts off to sleep with her family in her gut she heard a loud belch carry on the wind. It was only the begining of the predatory acts to come.
To be continued.........
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Never too old to be eaten by your mother pt 3 By Deathbat99 -- Report

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Kushina and Hinata enjoy a nice family meal

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