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The silver haired class president Anna walked around the moral school looking for smut to get rid of. Anna Saw a bob brown haired girl with her back to Anna looking at something. Anna smiled and looked over to see a dirty magazine that had her precious Mr Okuma getting frisky with someone else other then her. The girl was frightened from Anna taking her porn magazine and cowarded into a corner. She shivered in fear watching Anna bite her lip and close her legs to not let something out. But it was to late and Anna was leaking her love nectar all over the floor.
 "Mr Okuma may only be a drawing here but it makes me so warm and you reading it is not allowed" said Anna
 Anna grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged her to a classroom. The girl kicked and screamed for Anna to let go but it just wasn't reaching the lustful girls head. Anna sat the girl at a desk and gagged her with tap.
The girl tried to say something but the tape prevented it.
 "Let's see who you are shall we" said Anna
 Anna took the student ID from the girl and found her name.
 "Okay miss Mei I can't let you go unpunished but you committed a personal attack to prevent me from achieving Mr. Okuma so I've decided to make you disappear" said Anna
 Anna took her grey coat off and then took her long grey skirt off revealing her plain blue panties. Mei wasn't sure what was going on but she didn't like it. Anna slowly took her soaking wet panties off and held them in front of Mei. Anna giggled and then put them over Mei's head making her let out a little muffled scream. Anna grabbed Mei put her to her knees, she then shoved her face into her pussy. Anna ripped the tape off Mei's mouth as she was ready to make her do dirty things.
 "Lick it" said Anna
 Mei started to cry but she penetrated Anna's pussy with her tongue and licked her all the way up. Anna moaned and whipped her head back as the pleasure was real at this moment. Anna bit her lip and then forced the girl away from her pussy, she then turned around and pointed her round booty in front Mei's face.
 "Same thing but back here" said Anna
 Mei was horrified but she did it and started to lick around the rim of Anna's asshole. It was making Mei gag but she didn't want to disappear which she didn't understand what that meant. Anna moaned and pressed Mei's face on her asshole. Mei yelped and stuck her tongue into the rectum and got a taste of shit in her mouth. Mei pulled back and almost puked but instead just spit up the shit she got from Anna. Anna looked back and was frustrated with Mei, she was going to let her stay if she didn't stop but she did so its belly time for her. Mei looked back at Anna and saw the asshole was staring her down from above but then it descended upon her. Mei tried to scream but her whole head was engulfed by Anna's ass.
 "Nyyahhhh" moaned Ann
Anna's ass plopped on Mei's shoulders and Anna looked back with drool sliding down down the corner of her mouth.
 "" said Anna
 Anna shut her eyes and pressed her anus down as hard as she could and the payout was worth it. Her asshole stretched to fit Mei's shoulders and frame inside but Mei continued to struggle. Anna's midsection expanded out showing Mei inside but Anna wanted her to go deeper. Anna bit her lip and slid down Mei's body. Anna sucked up the small chest Mei had and then traveled down her midsection sucking it up with ease.
Mei screamed and begged but with shit on her face and no one around to see what was happening her fate was to be food. Mei's ass cheeks were squished down by Anna's tight asshole as they were sucked in leaving her legs.
*Shclk Suck*
Her asshole was loud sucking in the last half of Mei but her legs slowly went into her shitter and her feet dangled out.
 "Time to go bye bye" said Anna
 Anna pushed the feet in and her asshole closed up as if nothing happened. Mei squirmed around as she was taken all the way up Anna's tight intestines until her body was thrown into the tight warm place known as Anna's stomach. Anna was rocking a big squirming belly now and she was loving it. She thought perhaps Mr Okuma could be inside her as well but that she needed to digest this girl first.
 "Mmm you feel good struggling in there but it's not use soon enough you will be apart of me" said Anna in a soothing voice
 Anna rubbed her belly feeling her meal struggle and squirm inside her. Anna loved the feeling of her prey moving around as it got her feeling all hot. Anna stuffed her fingers into her pussy while brushing her hand over Mei's curves feeling her get softer. Anna couldnt wait to see where this girl ended up on her and just thinking about it made her cum all over the floor. Inside Anna's stomach Mei was in a tight fetal position and she didn't want to be digested. She's seen piles of shit with bones in them before and she never wanted to be the pile. It seems her luck ran out with Anna as the president's stomach never gives mercy to food.
*Gllrrggg blorp*
The stomach was already starting to digest her and it was starting to burn a little. Mei squirmed and pushed the walls back making little bulges on the outside and acid squirted on her on the inside. Anna had a record digestive system as she was able to fully digest a student in an hour. But this girl was smaller then them so perhaps she would last less time. Mei's clothes melted off her body and now her nude body was exposed to the acid. She moaned in pain and yelped as the acid stung and slowly rose up to melt her down. Her moving slowly became weaker with every passing second and the air for thinner. Mei was going to become fat for the president and she hated that thought. Mei soon succumbed to the acid and fainted where her body then sunk into the acid as it melted down.
*glorp gurgle*
Mei's shape lost form on the outside of Anna and Anna pushed at her now sloshy belly and was surprised the girl was gone in 30 minutes.
A loud but cute burp escaped Anna and she laid on the floor listening to her belly churn the rest of Mei up. The occasional bone would poke at her belly but it would get melted down as well.
*slosh groan*
Anna's stomach was finished with Mei so her remains were pumped into Anna's intestines. Anna's belly shrank down as her ass and thighs got thicker with Mei adding to them. Now with only a pot belly left Anna stood up and stretched as she felt her bowels fill up with Mei. Anna squeezed her new thick ass and slapped her thighs. Anna thought Mei looked sexier as fat on her body then a person. But Anna knew the logs she would produce would be even better.
 "Let's get you out shall we" said Anna
 Anna squatted in the classroom and pushed a thick log from her ass. It hit the ground and little hairs were sticking out of it. Anna's asshole opened up and another long turd slithered out of her with white specks of bone. Turd after turd fell from Anna's ass and slowly piled up to meet her squatting position.
*flwarap thud plop*
The creamy shit stopped when Mei's skull landed on top and all of her was gone from Anna. Anna wiped her ass with her own panites and dressed up in everything else. Anna checked out her handywork and was right about Mei looking better as brown pieces of shit. Anna watched as the skull sank a little into the wet pile and had shit come out of its holes making Anna giggle before turning leave. Anna left the huge pile of shit for someone else to deal with and went on with her day thinking she did the right thing to digest lewd scum. Anna smiled as maybe Mr Okuma might want a try in her digestive system.
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Lewd Things In Non Lewd Environment By Coolwoman -- Report

Art by Luscious

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Posted by LorenzoTheGuy 9 months ago Report

This is pretty good stuff, I like it!


Posted by UnknownPerson9876 9 months ago Report

I wouldn't leave the evidence in plain view, gotta hide that where nobody can see it! Very well written.