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Seasonal Stocking Stuffer, Animation ((commission)) By Umiriko -- Report

A delightful and naughty festive series all combined into one deliciously saucey animation (^. .^) Enjoy!

The adorable and beautiful little yordle currently filling my sack is my love Karyn!
These scrumptious and sexy angels are the loves of my life and my since very recently my fiance (^. .^) I adore everything about them and can’t thank them enough for making me feel like the happiest and luckiest dragon there ever was. Not only are they totally awesome and amazing, but also talented writers and have lot of arty goodies themselves so why not go take a peek at the links below? ^^

The incredibly talented artist behind this comic is the super Jayde aka Alator!
I don't believe this sweetie has nearly 1/10 the recognition or following they deserve for the amazing work they do (^. .^) I adore cute vore and this artist has such a talent and style for it! Also wonderful in the ways of CV and all the naughtiness associated tehe so that's a win in my books. Really hope I can hire them again soon and would highly recommend you can and drop them a watch and check out their awesome collection.

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Posted by Aickavon12 1 month ago Report

does this keep being reuploaded or something?


Posted by Umiriko 1 month ago Report

this one is an animation sweetie (^. .^) if you click the full version it goes through all the past 10 images


Posted by Aickavon12 1 month ago Report

oh I just kept seeing this show up in my messages and I wa slike



Posted by Umiriko 1 month ago Report

XD sorry for the confusion sweetie


Posted by Xgamingodz 3 weeks ago Report

Pretty cool