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Oh nooooz! By Mecho -- Report

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So one of my boios has captures you and you are about to enter his tight throat. Enjoy the sunlight, maybe it's the last light you will ever see.

Good bye user! >:3

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 month ago Report

At least it's a good view!


Posted by Mecho 3 weeks ago Report

U bet!


Posted by Undernom 1 month ago Report

Front row~


Posted by Mecho 3 weeks ago Report

Oh yes ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


Posted by SleepyFighter 1 month ago Report

Oh no! I've been devoured and I'll be trapped forever in the belly of a hot pred! Whatever shall I do!? ... Bask in the comfort of his stomach, and relish the fact that I truly belong inside him. -///-


Posted by Mecho 3 weeks ago Report

It really depends. I suggest you just surrender and find comfort of the situation. You ain't going nowhere ;3


Posted by lyingunderfire 1 month ago Report

Eh, I'm a night owl anyways. The idea of a dark, form fitting dwelling is appealing. I'd gladly trade the warmth of sunlight for the warmth of something more... personal.

- We love to embrace technology! It's only fair that it gets to embrace us. -


Posted by Mecho 3 weeks ago Report

People in 1950 "We will have flying cars in the future"

2020 ""


Posted by Sexywiggle423 1 month ago Report

Oh well, at least I’ll meet a nice, snug end becoming a part of a robot boy! ;)


Posted by Mecho 3 weeks ago Report

Oh yes. Might as well getting along with him. Who knows. Maybe you can have a nice conversation with him~


Posted by coop500 1 month ago Report

With how soft and cozy it looks, I can't say I'd mind the rehoming~


Posted by Mecho 3 weeks ago Report

Thank you :3 Well, I love my insides warm, wet and squishy. Making it the perfect place for a nice rest.