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RD By AckmanN30 -- Report

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Reinforced dreamer

Height: 9,3

Ranking: front line soldier, crowd control if necessary

Type of frame: cephalon

Size type: regular, bulky

Weapons/defensives: It’s body is heavy for being covered in layers of geometrium, not only does it give it excellent defense but allows it to reduce explosive and energy damage greatly. Five fingers are used to generate a shield to protect itself and other soldiers. The missile pack on its back is a missile launcher like device that fires out homing laser that explode on impact. This unit can go on all fours to travel quickly than before.

What do they do?: Like multi dreamers these come in packs, but in packs of three. They also act like all other soldier models by connecting with each other through a community hive mind until the desired mission is completed. If there is no law enforcement in the city or if it lacks some, they will be used for crowed control or to guard certain places such as: spires, palaces, certain areas of experimentation, etc. Since they’re covered in layers upon layers of armor they could easily take down enemy artillery with ease due to their size and loadout.

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