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The sounds of chewing and lips smacking filled the room. Nora Valkyrie was all over 2 dozen pancakes at the moment, she gulped and gulped them down with ease and loved every single one. After 10 minutes Nora had a big belly which made her look pregnant full of pancakes.
 "So..much..need more" said Nora
Her belly started to take care of the pancakes when Ruby Rose walked in. Ruby was in her pajamas still and smiled at Nora. Ruby always liked chatting with Nora in the morning and today was no different. Ruby's butt jiggled as she walked in not noticing a little bit of syrup on the ground.
 "Hi Nora just wanted to say-ahhh" said Ruby
 Ruby slipped and hit some syrup in the air which got all over her. Ruby felt the sticky syrup on her and just felt weird and gross.
 "Hey Nora can I use a paper towel" asked Ruby
 Nora was eyeing Ruby down, she smelt like pancakes and knew Ruby was the ultimate pancake that she had to eat whole.
 "Um Nora why are you looking at me like that" asked Ruby
 The orange haired girl hopped to Ruby and started to smell at her breasts making Ruby blush. Nora then grabbed Ruby's shirt and ripped it open so Ruby's braless breasts bounced out and were exposed. Ruby still had a little bit of her shirt left.
 "Um Nora I'm not sure what you are doing but I won't stop you" said Ruby
 Ruby closed her eyes and let Nora get all over her now exposed breasts. Her face went red feeling the soft tongue brush over her nipple. Then her face got hit with hot air and a wet ring wrapped around her head. Ruby opened her eyes to see the back of Nora's gullet and screamed. Nora completely shoved Ruby's head into her mouth and licked the syrup off her. Nora then swallowed making her neck bulge and move. Ruby squirmed but the overwhelming power of Nora was so much she couldnt handle it. Nora ripped the remains of Ruby's shirt off and gulped against feeling Ruby's shoulders brush up against the sides of her lips. Every bit of Ruby was licked clean of syrup from Nora's tongue going on a rampage on her body. Ruby moaned when her breasts entered the maw and Nora's tongue licked her tits clean. They were soaked in saliva and her nipples were hard from the attention they received.
Ruby then came to her senses when her breasts became bulges in Nora's throat. Ruby started to squirm again as her midsection was gulped up. Nora licked Ruby's flat belly and saw her round booty coming to her mouth. Nora held onto Ruby's pants and ripped them off showing some red panties off. Ruby blushed feeling her legs get cold from losing her pants but then she yelped since Nora ripped her panties off as well.
 "Nora please stop eating me its embarrassing" said Ruby
 Nora was halfway down with Ruby and pushed Ruby's ass into her mouth. The soft tender meat was tasty and its plumpness was great to naw on. The taste of Ruby's ass with syrup on was better then any other pancake she has ever had. Ruby's head was pushed into Nora's stomach where a pile of chewed up pancakes in a pool of stomach acid was pushed into her face. Nora gulped Ruby's ass down and her belly expanded out with each gulp of Ruby now. Nora tilted her head back and had her right hand on her throat feeling the bulges go down with each swallow until Ruby's feet went down. Ruby slowly balled up in the pancakes and acid until she was in there complelty. Ruby squirmed and studied her new area where green acid fell from the stomach walls and the walls pushed up against her. It then hit Ruby that she was nothing more then food to Nora and food gets digested. With that thought Ruby fell into a frenzy attack pushing the walls and struggling to somehow get out but nothing worked and the belly groaned at her. Nora sat on the ground still with her belly inbetween her legs.
Nora belched as she was full and didn't really want to move where she was. That's when the door opened and Ruby' sister Yang walked in. Nora looked over and didn't really know what to do. Yang so the giant human formed belly and looked around seeing the tattered remains of Ruby's clothes and figured Ruby was the one in Nora's gut. Yang smiled and immediately stripped down. Her giant tits bounced as she took her bra off and before Nora was a sexy blonde and she didn't know why.
 "You got room for one more" said Yang
 Nora looked down at her big belly and it gurgled at her for more. Nora smiled and waved Yang over to her. Yang came over and watched Nora's mouth widen and Yang dived in with no second thoughts. Yang loved the feeling of her body being swallowed and when her tits were played with she couldnt help but moan. Ruby stopped struggling since it was useless and hoped someone would find her but suddenly she watched as the hole above her opened up and the head of her sister was pushed in.
 "Hi Ruby" said Yang
 "Yang what on earth are you doing here" said Ruby
 "Well I noticed you were eaten and I decided to join in on being digested" said Yang still being pushed in
 Yang was pushed in fully and balled up with Ruby and now both girls were doomed to digest.
 "But why" said Ruby
 "Oh you think I would let you be food alone silly" giggled Yang
 Ruby shook her head and just hoped Yang would digest first for her stupidity. Nora finally has eaten to much and she felt full as hell. She wasn't sure how long it would take to digest these two but it wouldn't be to long. Yang pushed her fingers into her own pussy and started to masturbate and Ruby understand it. Yang moaned and spanked her own ass getting as much pleasure as possible and then started to rub her tits over the stomach walls. Nora noticed 2 tit bulges coming from the bottom of her belly and smiled as she realized Yang was enjoying herself.
Her belly was getting to work softening them up well. Yang and Ruby didn't talk much as they were digested and Yang was to busy masturbating. The acid slowly made them weaker and soft. The pool was already past Yang's head and she was long gone but Ruby was still up and she didn't want to be food. Ruby teared up and pushed the walls weakly until the acid got to her ass well. The sisters were churned up and smashed down into mush slowly being turned into nutrients. Nora's belly groaned and became squishy with all the bulges leaving the surface.
2 hours later Ruby and Yang's mushy remains slid into Nora's intestines and became everything Nora needed. Nora was surprised when her belly shrank and then her breasts and ass grew. Nora stood up with only a pregnant belly remaining and looked in the mirror. Her chest was huge now probably bigger then what Yang had and her ass was round like Ruby's. Nora slapped her ass making it jiggle and little bit and then twisted her nipples making her moan out.
Nora farted and felt her bowels fill up with shit so Nora made her way to the bathroom. Nora was nude and holding her ass when she passed Blake in the hallway. Blake was confused but just shook her head and didn't want to know. Nora picked a stall and sat her new butt on a toilet and immediately a turd emerged out and splashed into the bowl. Nora let out a satisfied breathe of air as large logs rapidly shot out of her ass. Little hairs from the girls her stomach didn't digest were mixed in along with tiny bones. The poop piled up and Nora's anus started to hurt with each log opening her ass more and more. Soon the logs were softer and easier to manage and after 10 minutes 2 skulls nicely came out and sank into the smelly pile of shit. Nora wiped her ass even as it hurt and flushed the sisters away. Nora walked out of the bathroom and ran into Weiss.
 "Watch it pudgy" said Weiss walking away
 Nora smiled licking her lips as she found her new favorite food.
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Wrong Pancake By Coolwoman -- Report

Art by Cimy77

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