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(STORY) bedded & breakfast By hauntz -- Report

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What does a demon do when he finds himself hungry? Feast on mortals, of course! The one he set his sights on, however, proves to be a not so easy meal...

once again delivering that self insert content because god damn it it's comfy for me
this one's a doozy - iirc, 25,000 words? its mostly for me but maybe one or two people would like to see it so!

the image i used for the preview:

tried to go with a goosebumps vibe for that and if i hadn't half assed it i think it wouldve looked great but its fine as is too lmfao

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Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 month ago Report

Haha, you know, I’m usually not one for Beetlejuice. The musical is charming and I like the original movie, but when I think ‘vore,’ Beetlejuice isn’t exactly something I associate it with.

That said, there’s a certain... charm to Beetlejuice in this story. He’s certainly roguish with a relaxed air about him. His design comes off as rough at the corners, but not in a ratty way, more of a “I don’t have to care what you think about me” sorta way. He certainly works as a DILF here, and I can see the appeal here.

As for the story itself, it follows good pacing with nice, neat descriptions that make the action clear while leaving some room for the audience to fill in the spaces. Some more time could be spent focusing on Sunny alone as a character since she’s a self-insert OC who the audience might be unfamiliar with, but her interactions with Beetlejuice do help define her (I suppose it’s a ‘pick your poison’ situation). The humor is fairly solid and helps keep the tone of the story overall light. On the whole, it’s a well written story, so if you ever feel up to a sequel or writing another story, I’ll be there to read it!


Posted by hauntz 1 month ago Report

thank you so much for the thoughtful response! i’m so glad you enjoyed his character in this story! i tried to make him as fun as possible without being overly annoying so i’m very pleased to hear you enjoyed him.
you’re right- i should’ve put a little more thought into describing myself as well. this originally started as just a fic to sit in my google drive so it wasn’t on my mind but i’ll definitely put more thought into that sort of thing next time. i really appreciate that tip!
very glad you liked the story, and very appreciative that you took the time to read it since it’s sorta a giant story, lol. thanks a billion!


Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 month ago Report

It’s not a problem. If you’re going to take the time to write a detailed story like this, I should take the time to give some thoughtful insight. Constructive criticism is the lifeblood of artists like us, after all :)


Posted by CadetMeow 1 month ago Report

Surprisingly somewhat wholesome, great story!