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Night with a Playful Atago
  Takao was lying in her bed and was sleeping. Or at least she was trying to sleep. She was rolling around in her bed because it was a very warm night. After a while she opened her eyes and turned on the light. The heavy cruiser was sweating a lot. "I have to cool down myself." Takao said and got out of her bed to drink some water. She was only wearing a black bra and black panties. After emptying the glass with water, she also took a towel to get rid of her sweat before she crawled back into her bed. "Hopefully I can get at least a little bit of sleep before it becomes morning." the heavy cruiser groaned and turned off the light. It didn't take long and she fell asleep. That was until Takao felt something soft pressing against her back and somebody hugging her as well. When she heard a giggle, her eyes shot open and she turned on the light again. As she turned around, she saw her sister Atago who had a big smile on her face and was sitting on her bed. The only thing she was wearing was a black nightgown. Takao wasn't surprised at all that her sister wasn't wearing any underwear. She was always shameless at exposing her body to the world.
 "Atago, what are you doing in my bed?!" Takao asked her and was blushing a bit. "I wanted to cuddle with you." Atago responded and hugged her sister once again. Their breasts were pressing together while Takao tried to push her younger sister away. "St-Stop it! It's already hot enough. Your body warmth is the last thing I need right now!" Takao stated. However Atago didn't stop cuddling with her sister. Instead she hugged her even more. "Come on, don't be like that. Let's have some fun." After some struggling, Takao finally managed to push Atago away from her. "Stop being so clingy. Now go in your bed and sleep. Good night!" Takao exclaimed annoyed and covered her whole body with the blanket. But Atago didn't stop and continued to tease her older sister. "Not even for a few minutes?" "No." "You are absolutely sure?" "Yes, I am!" "Even if it could help you to relax?" Instead of immediately responding, Takao pondered for a moment what to do now.
 I really have no idea what she is up to but it's probably something that I don't want to know. On the other hand she probably won't stop annoying me until I give in Takao thought.
 She then tossed the blanket aside and sat up. "Alright, so what do you want to do?" Atago let out a small giggle. "The only thing you have to do is to lay down and relax. I will take care of the rest." Takao did as her sister said and laid down on her bed. Atago then sat down on Takao's belly with her bare ass, causing the older sister to blush. She was blushing even more when Atago suddenly leaned forward, the distance between their faces was very small. "Uh, Atago… you are a bit to-" Takao was silenced as her sister put a hand on her mouth. "No more words."
 In the next moment Atago groped Takao's breasts and began to squeeze them. "Hyah! A-Atago, what are you doing?!" Takao asked her younger sister. But Atago ignored her and continued to squeeze and massage her sister's large breasts. Takao tried to stop her but for some reason she was unable to move her arms. She then noticed that they were tied to the bed. "When did you tie me up?" But Atago ignored her once again. "My, Takao you're always so tensed, you need to loosen up your body. And I know exactly what to do." Atago then pulled up Takao's bra and began to squeeze her naked boobs. The older sister was moaning lewdly. Atago giggled when she heard which noises her sister made. "I knew that you have a lewd side as well." Despite the fact that Takao wanted Atago to finally stop massaging her breasts, at the same time her lewd side wanted her to never stop because of how good it felt. "Well then, let's move on." Atago said.
 As Takao opened her eyes, her head became completely red because Atago was holding her pussy right in front of her face. "Come, lick my pussy." Atago said with a smile on her face and spreaded her vaginal lips apart. "The hell I'm going to do that!" Takao yelled at her sister. Atago was briefly disappointed before immediately brightening up again. "Oh… so you rather would like that I pee in your face?" "You don't dare to do that." "Either you lick my pussy or I pee in your face. You decide what you want." Atago said. Takao didn't waste a second to think about it and began to lick the vagina of her sister. Atago moaned pleasantly as Takao's tongue came in contact with her lower mouth. She took turns between licking the outside and the inside of Atago's pussy. As Takao continued she slowly began to enjoy the sweet taste of her younger sister's nethers.
 Atago then put her hand on the back of Takao's head and pushed her sister against her pussy. "I already have enjoyed it that you lick my pussy. But I think you should sniff it as well." Atago stated and rubbed her vagina against Takao's face. Takao was forced to sniff the inside of Atago's lower mouth. The scent aroused her to no end. Every time Takao took a sniff or licked the sensitive flesh, her sister moaned and panted more and more.
 After a while Atago let go of Takao's head and calmed down. Takao calmed down as well and took a few deep breaths. Atago then leaned forward again. "Well then, my dear sister. We have finally reached the end of our fun night. And for the finale I have something very 'special' in mind." Atago giggled and turned around, now holding her bare ass over her sister's face. Before Takao could respond, Atago was already sitting on her face with her big ass. At first Takao didn't mind that her sister sat on her. The feeling of having Atago's soft asscheeks on her face was actually very pleasant…
 … that was until she farted on her. "Atago… have you just fart-"
 "Yes, I have." Atago giggled and rubbed her butt against her older sister's face after farting on her again. Takao's temper rose and she tried to push Atago's naked ass away. But she then remembered that her arms were still tied to her bed.
 Another fart escaped Atago's ass. "ATAGO!" Takao's yell was so strong that it caused her sister's asscheeks to vibrate. Atago simply enjoyed it and giggled. "I didn't actually intend to fart on you." Atago stated. "Instead I wanted to do this."
 Takao's eyes shrunk when she saw how Atago's anus began to widen. In the next moment her head was swallowed by her sister's bare ass. Takao panicked and did everything she could to get out of Atago's innards. However the only thing she could do was thrashing with her legs and that couldn't help her in any way. Atago was moaning and groaning a lot as she pulled her older sister deeper into her bowels. She then noticed something. "Haaaaaa… Right… I can't eat you with my ass as long as you are tied up." Atago panted and untied the arms of her sister. Immediately after she could move them, Takao pushed against Atago's asscheeks, trying to pull her head out of her sister's innards by herself. But no matter how much strength she used, she wasn't able to get out.
 Atago instead continued to devour Takao with her ass. She could feel how her sister's breasts pressed against her bare skin. With a strong pull she managed to swallow Takao's big bosom. Half of Takao's body was inside Atago's bowels now. Atago's belly had bulged out a bit already and it became bigger the more she swallowed of her sister's body. Takao was still trying to get out and struggled as much as she could, but it was useless. Atago on the other hand enjoyed the struggling inside her body. Since her belly was going to become bigger and bigger, she took off her nightgown, making sure that it doesn't get torn apart.
 Only Takao's hips and legs were dangling outside of Atago's ass. Like it was with her sister's breasts, Atago had to pull with a lot of strength to get Takao's ass into her own. Atago was panting and sweating a lot. With a few more pulls she devoured Takao's legs until…
 … she had eaten the rest of her body. Atago collapsed on her back and rubbed her massive belly while still panting. "Oh boy… I'm so full." Atago muttered.
 Takao was in a curled up position inside Atago's belly and was squirming. The temperature in her sister's stomach was even higher than it was in her bed and Takao was sweating a lot. Plus, she could barely move around. "Atago! LET ME OUT!" Takao yelled and punched and kicked against the fleshy walls. "That tickles!" Atago giggled while holding her head against her massive gut and hugging it with her arms. "I'm going to die if you don't let me out!" "There's no need to worry. I have my stomach acid in check, so you aren't going to get digested." "But what about the heat? I will melt in this tight prison." "I can assure you that it won't be hot enough to burn off your skin." Atago then yawned. "I'm going to sleep now. You should make it yourself comfortable in my belly and sleep as well." Atago turned off the light and covered her giant belly with the blanket. "Night, sis." "Wait Atago! ATAGO!" But Takao's shouting didn't help, her sister was already asleep.
 Takao tried to find the most comfortable position inside Atago's stomach. The constant rolling around of her sister wasn't very helpful. However it was the worst when Atago rolled on her belly and smothered Takao under her entire weight. "Atago, you are crushing me!" Takao squirmed while pushing with her arms against the enormous pressure. As if she had heard her sister, Atago suddenly rolled on her back again. Takao sighed with relief and took a few deep breaths. "That hurt…" she muttered. Seeing that there was nothing right now she could do to get out of Atago's stomach, Takao dozed off to get some rest.
 Takao was awakened by a strong vibration. In the next moment a lot of pressure began to push against her body. "A-Atago?!" At first Takao had no idea what was going on. But when she heard the panting of her sister, it was clear that Atago was squeezing her out right now. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and stuck out her bare ass. Pushing her sister out of her bowels was actually more exhausting than pulling her in. "Haaaaaa…" Atago moaned. After a while she managed to push Takao's head out of her ass. As she continued to squeeze out her sister, Atago's belly slowly began to shrink back to its original size. After taking a short break, she pushed out more of Takao's body. "Almost done…" she groaned. With a few more pushs, Atago had squeezed out the rest of Takao who fell on the floor. Both girls were very exhausted.
 As Atago turned around, Takao slowly stood up. She then noticed that she was smelling terrible. But she shouldn't be surprised, considering that she came out of her sister's ass a few moments ago. Suddenly she was hugged by Atago. "And? Do you liked it inside my body." she asked and smiled. "Hell no! And stop groping my breasts!" Takao exclaimed annoyed and broke free of her sister's embrace. "But the look on your face tells me something different. It tells me that you actually liked it." Takao was blushing a lot after hearing that. "Anyway… since I'm smelling like your ass, I will take a shower to get rid of the stench." Atago then got uncomfortably close to her again. "Do you mind if I join you?" Atago asked with a bright smile. Takao wanted to say 'No', but she could never be mean to her sister. "Only when you promise that you won't do anything perverted." "It's a promise." Takao then got closer and looked deeply into Atago's eyes. "And you aren't fibbing right now?" "No, I'm not." There was a short pause. "Alright… then let's go already." Takao sighed and went to the bathroom. Atago followed her sister to take a shower with her.
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Night with a Playful Atago By PrismLaser -- Report

It was a warm night and Takao was unable to sleep. When she was about to fall asleep, her sister Atago was suddenly in her bed and wanted to have some fun with her…


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Posted by Crox 10 months ago Report

This story was great! You really should do more same size vore


Posted by PrismLaser 10 months ago Report

I definitely will write more Same-Size stories in future.

And as a little foreshadowing: The number of characters in the next story will be in the double digits.


Posted by Crox 10 months ago Report

Ohhhhh somebody is getting a big lunch


Posted by MysteriousGuy 10 months ago Report

This is an interesting read indeed. And it's a same size type of Anal Vore too, which is a first too. I enjoyed it, and can't wait for more~


Posted by PrismLaser 10 months ago Report