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“Hey Tony, we got another one!”
Eveytime he heard that , the man being called would shutter. This hadn’t been the life he planned for himself. He had been working at this restaurant for 5 years now, and he figured this was the best it would get. Tony, mid 30s, had a whole different life plan 15 years prior. The homely looking fellow moving to Hollywood from his home in a small rural town in Kansas. He had been one of the best actors at his school, and thought he could make it big time. Leaving his family and friends behind as he set out to be a star.
   But when Tony got to L.A, he learned he had just been a big fish in a small pond. Audition after audition, the man slaved away trying to get his break. A few bit roles here and there, but nothing to give the man a steady income. Tony had worked about every job the city had to offer him. Just like the roles, nothing ever lasted. The man spending times living on the sofas of peers or his countless failed relationships. When his looks started to dwindle, even the smallest roles went to better looking actors. In the five years of current employment, two jobs had only landed on his plate. The man currently behind on his rent for his studio apartment.
   The stove in front of him though had to be his main focus now. Slacking at his job recently had caused the man to screw up countless orders. Last time he was warned that his job was on the line. Frustration was getting the better of the man as he sunk deep into his thoughts. Not keeping his eye on the fish he was overcooking. When he finally came to, the man started to panic. “Fuck fuck fuck!” He screamed at the top of his lungs as he tried to remove the cuisine from its skillet. All the commotion had brought the attention of the manger of the establishment. “Anthony we have customers, what is going on back here?” the man said looking over to see the burnt Cod.
   Before he could even speak, Tony pulled off his apron and tossed it at the man. “Fuck you Al, I’m sick of this shit. I quit!” he said storming off through the restaurant. “ I used to be an actor you know! And I’m sick of playing the part of a fucking loser. I don’t need this shit! I can still be a star! Just wait and see!” Tony screamed back as he walked through the front doors. The man was steaming as he walked over to his car. While slightly worried, he had been wanting to get that off his chest for a long time. It felt so liberating to take part of his life back. As he opened his door he heard a voice yelling from behind.
   “Sir, can I talk to you for a minute” the woman said as Tony looked back. The lady was probably in her early 40s, medium length blond hair to her shoulders, and wearing a very nice business suit. “Look I’m sorry if I ruined your night out . I just lost it.” He said as she moved closer. “Ruin it? Hell you made it. That was one hell of a performance.” She said as the man started to smirk. “ Why thank you mam, I wish I could have impressed all the producers and agents in this town as I did you.” He said as he started to sit down in his car. “ Who’s to say you didn’t? Cynthia Glass, I work for a production company. I handle the talent.” she said handing him her card.
   Tony took a second to took at it. “Rehabilitated Productions? Seems fitting. How come I’ve never heard of you before?” He said looking over at Cynthia. “Oh we have been around for some time. Ask any of the elite in this town. We only make the best.” She said smiling at the man. “ Well I don’t know any big shots out here so I guess I’m going to take your word for it. So what do you want with me?” Tony asked as he finally started up his car. While he wanted to act cool, inside he was oozing. Three minutes ago he was storming out of his dead end job, and now he’s being offered a gig. Maybe his luck was about to change.
   “I see a lot of determination in you. A fight to do what you think is best and fight for your dream. We love that in all the clients we seek. I see great talent in you, we just have to mold it. I want you to come by my office tomorrow for an audition. 9am, I think I have the perfect part for you. What do you say?” Cynthia said looking down into the man’s big blue eyes. Tony flicking the card between his fingers, sweating all over. “ What do I gotta loose?” as he nodded at the woman. Cynthia was extremely happy to hear yes. “Perfect! The address is on the back. No if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to produce myself another cocktail” she chuckled at the man as she headed back to the restaurant. Smiling from ear to ear, Tony drove off.
   When the man got home, he was beyond excited. He didn’t even let the “Eviction” notice on his door bother him. This new break would surely catch him back up on his rent. Tony dug through his wardrobe trying to find his best for tomorrow. Trying on different shirts and pants, starting to get nervous about his own looks. His hair had been slowly falling out over the past few years and his job had caused him to gain weight. Looking at his headshot taken years before, and then at the man in the mirror. The only accurate part of his bio being his 6’5 height. He clearly wasn’t 180lbs any more.
   “Well she obviously likes what she sees.” He says crumbling up the outdated photo. “ Still wish I would of had time to get a tan. Maybe I’ll have to do it for the role.” Tony mumbled to himself looking at his pasty arms. The man shrugged it off as he got undressed and neatly folded the clothes of his choice. The aspiring actor finally laying on his bed and scrolling through his phone. He wanted soo badly to post his exciting news, but he grew paranoid that his tiny circle of friends would want details. Tony didn’t need anyone latching on, and it was everyone for themselves in this town. Eventually deciding to pleasure himself before heading to bed. Even that taking the man longer than it used to. Another hope that this job would not only fix his career, but libido also. Finally resting before his big day.
   When his alarm went off, Tony was quick to action. Showering, having his coffee, and getting dressed to impressed. The man having the time of his life as he drove to the address written on the back of the card. It was further out of the city than he thought it would be. Tony pulling up to the location with a slight look of confusion on his face. The building had no signs on the outside, just numbers. “846. This must be it. God I hope I’m not being fucked with.”he said getting out of the car and walking up to the doors. He tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. Tony not even being able to see inside due to the heavy tinting. Before he could knock he heard a loud buzz and the door become opened. Stepping in, his first encounter was with a security guard.
   “State you’re purpose. Do you have a card?” The giant man asked Tony. The actor fumbling as he tried to pull it from his pocket, dropping it before showing it to the man. “Pass through the doors ahead sir” the guard told him as Tony proceeded. Starting to feel that this was the real deal as a second buzzer opened another door in front of him. He looked around seeing the spacious reception area. It looked so clean and professional, more like a doctors office than a talent agency. No one else was there expect him and a receptionist.
   “Hello, are you here for the 9am with Cynthia?” The attractive younger woman asked him. Tony being the flirt he naturally was, proceeded to walk up to the desk. “Yes that would be me. Anthony Michaels, but you can call me Tony” he said smiling at the girl. The woman not giving him the reaction he wanted. “ Take a seat over there sir. She will be with you shortly” she said looking back at her computer, smacking her gum. The rejected man went to a chair, he needed a distraction. Looking over to see a stack of entertainment magazines. The first on the stack having the pregnant Duchess on the cover. Tony had grown so sick of hearing about this. All the tabloid talk of the town was about it. The Swedish Princess having hooked up with a big Hollywood actor and excepting their first child. “Urgh I can’t escape it!” The man said to himself as he went through the pile. Tony being haunted the past few days of the topic every time he got online or turned on the tv. He could care less about the Royal baby.
   Moving aside the fashion and make-up catalogs, Eventually getting to a less “womanly” magazine as he scrolled though. Flipping past all the beautiful people and just wanting to read the reviews. Looking at people more successful than him always made him feel bad. He felt too many of these people had way less talent than himself, especially the reality stars. They were only famous for their looks. When he got to the reviews, he was very interested in one in particular. The film “The Fall”, something which had been getting universal acclaim. Not only was it stared by one of his favorites ,Chris Lincoln, but his wife Selma Medina. It had come out a few weeks before, the tabloid was older, but the man had yet to see it and make his own opinion.
   While Tony enjoyed the strong African American lead, it was mostly his dramatic and action films that he liked most. Chris a few months before, winning his first Oscar as Best Actor for his previous role. It shocked him after that, Chris would chose a romantic comedy. Selma on the other hand, didn’t have as big of accomplishments. It was her first staring role, the woman known stints on popular reality shows. Having left it seasons ago to show her true acting skills. She did well in supporting parts, but this was her first stab at leading lady. The short gorgeous Latina Actress getting tons of press. Hollywood lushing over the brown eyed, black haired, and curvy beauty as the next big thing. The man himself couldn’t deny how attractive she was. Her plump bottom and busty chest, the man would have given anything to caress. A night with her would be heaven.
   Tony read the review hoping nothing but negative though. He was shocked to see the 5 stars and talks of being a big contender during awards season. Before he could scoff at the write up, saying it was corporate bullshit, he heard a familiar voice. “ Tony, I’m so glad you could make it.” Cynthia said as the man stood up. They shook hands as the man looked into her eyes. “I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. I really hope I’m what you are looking for.” he said as his palms started to get sweaty. “ Well that’s what we are here to find out. Just follow me and I’ll ask you some questions and see what you have to offer. I’m sure we have a role for you” the woman said smiling while letting go from Tony. The two proceeded to the back.
   Tony entered the woman’s office. It was massive. The walls were covered in photos of various celebrities. He was in awe of the autographs, meeting most of these people had been the man’s dream. “Are all of these people your clients?” the man asked. Cynthia chuckled as she closed the locking door. “I wish. But some of them are. We have helped many famous and successful people around the globe. We are kinda the hot trendy secret in all the inner circles. So it has some perks.” She says moving towards her desk and taking a seat, motioning for the man to sit in the chair in front of it. Tony stopped star gazing and followed her lead.
   “So real quick here. I just want to run by a few questions here for our data base. We send it over to our various producers just to see if we get a match. But I have a feeling I know just the role for you, just depends on how you answer our little survey here” Cynthia said typing on the keyboard. Tony leaning back in the chair. This was new to him. “ So, what drives you? What is your passion?” She says. “ Acting obviously. I got into theatre big as a kid. Acted in a ton of plays but my goal was to always been in film or television. I didn’t have the money to go to college, so I figured just go dive right in. Didn’t go the way I expected it, but hey I’m here now.” The man answered with confidence.
   “ Do you have any other talents or passions?” was the next question she asked the man. Tony took a moment to think. “ Well I used to have to dance in some of my previous gigs. So I guess I’m some what good at that. Obviously it isn’t a marketable trait for me. I’ve always been told I can sing also, but only when I’m drunk.” he laughed. Cynthia herself cracking a smile. “Aren’t we all. Ok, last one, I promise. Look into this camera here. I want you to tell the producers and directors why you deserve the part.” She says as the recording light turns red. Tony fidgeting with his shirt quickly before gaining his composure.
   “ If you were to choose me, I would promise to give you the best performance you had ever seen. Whatever role, whatever genre, speaking or non, you will want to focus on me. If I am your choice, you would never regret it. I would make you proud of your decision. So let me be your guy.” The man finishing as Cynthia turned off the camera. “ Do you think that was good? I didn’t mess it up did I?” Tony then asked nervously. Cynthia smiled, finishing up on the computer before answering the man. “Hun, I think you did great. I knew from last night I had just the spot for you. Just needed to pass your information along to two new producers we have recently partnered with. I gave them the heads up last night. They just wanted me to pass along this information before they made the drive up here. They are looking to cast this part ASAP” she told Tony.
   The man got excited, very excited! He had no idea what he had done, but his luck had completely turned around. Tony leaped out of his chair from disbelief. “Thank you! Thank you so much! This all just seems so crazy! Oh my god, I knew I could turn it around.” He said. Cynthia leaning back in her chair. “Let’s not go to ahead of ourselves here. I just sent the email. But I’m certain they will be impressed. If not, I’m sure I could find you something else.” She told him as the man started to calm down. “Sorry. I just been through so much in this city. I lost my mom to cancer while living out here. I barely got to see her before she passed. I kept following my goal. I felt like up until this moment I’ve let her down. This is honestly the best thing to happen to me in years, even just being here.” Sitting back in his seat.
The man winced, the woman’s text alert sounded eerily familiarity to the bell from his previous job.”Oh god that was quick, moment of truth, keep those fingers crossed Tony.” lifting her phone from the desk. The hopeful candidate now nervous more than ever, taking the chime as a bad omen as she continued to read. She calmly laid down the phone and looked him dead in the eyes. “ They will be here in an hour. Congratulations! Welcome aboard.” She said extending her hand. Tony was in shock. This was it. He calmly got up from his chair to shake her hand.
   “You have no idea what this means to me. You won’t regret this either. This is just the start.” He told her crying his eyes out. The woman reaching into her desk while shaking his hand for a tissue and a bottle. “ Alright then it’s time to get to work. As your agent I advise you to wipe away those tears and compose yourself. You got an hour before they arrive. Here I want you to take these. It will calm you down.” She told him handing him two pills. Tony didn’t even question what she was giving him. Hearing the words ‘agent’ threw him into a whole new world. He was going to be a somebody, as Cynthia gave him a bottled water and he obliged. “Now, what do I do? Do I have to buy new clothes? Lose some weight? Get a tan?”He said pulling up his sleeves.
   “No no dear, don’t worry about that. We have it all taken care. All you have to worry about is being on the red carpet next year.” Cynthia laughed. Tony laughing along with her but dead set on maybe making that a reality. He would show the reviewers of the world what a real Oscar performance was. Tony joked with her himself. “Not before I have my first sex scandal. Maybe I’ll snag a Duchess myself. Hey can you get me wrestling tickets? I always wanted to be front row at Wrestlemania or something?” he laughed as his voice started to crack. He didn’t know if it was the excitement, or what,but the man started to feel lightheaded.
   Tony didn’t mind, he shrugged it off to stress. Cynthia starting to notice this as she hit a buzzer under her desk. The woman sanitizing her hands while the man took another drink. “ I’m sure that last part can be arranged and don’t remind me of the Duchess. Hearing about it is so exhausting.“she told him watching him start to choke up. Tony chining in when he was ready. “I know, can’t wait to stop hearing about this baby. It’s everywhere. Years from now I’m going to be on a yacht still hearing about this kid. So tell me, I’m not that stupid. I do know some things. Who are these producers any ways? You never did say.” Tony asked as he started to slump in his chair. The wheels scooting back with him. “ Oh I never did. Sorry, I never give trade secrets to non-members but since you’re in, it’s Chris Lincoln and Selma Medina.”
   Those names made Tony perk right up. Things couldn’t get any weirder for him. Twenty minutes prior, he had been their biggest critic and now he was not only meeting them, but a role in a film produced by them. “ No way! You’re fucking with me!” He told her wide eyed. “No, I’m dead serious. After the success of The Fall, the couple want to start working on a project of their own. They been trying for a while to get it off the ground but it never stuck. It’s a project she’s dreamed about for awhile and with Chris attached, and us of course, we can finally make it happen. Co-Produced, Co-Directed, and Co-Staring.” She told him as he started to slump again. The man starting to feel a numbness in his limbs.
   “So what part in this do I play again?” He muttered out as his voice started to get weaker. Tony taking another drink of water as he started to get hotter also. Feeling like it was just the pressure getting to him. “ Well you are going to play a supporting role. But don’t worry, all my personal clients start out this way. If you play your cards right, it could end up one day landing you a lead. That’s why I’m pairing you with Chris and Selma. Their star power, talent, and good looks will bring out the best in that pure passion you have. That’s what they were looking for in this role. If they can mold that properly, you have a chance on your own.” She told him.
   The numbness was all he could focus on when she spoke. It had crept up his legs and arms and into his whole body. He wanted to tell her, but it hurt when he tried to speak. Starting to worry that the woman didn’t see his predicament, nor care. Cynthia proceeding hit a button on her table as the door reopened. Tony couldn’t see, but the doorman from earlier had entered the room. The man propping him back up in the chair as it was wheeled from her office. The woman walking behind them as they went down a corridor. Cynthia stepping ahead to buzz into to the room. Turning on the lights, Tony could see a small projector screen.
   The room was much smaller than the one before. With only a few chairs on the side, it looked more like a medical office then anything else. The guard holding Tony’s arm while the woman prepared a syringe from a mini fridge. “ Don’t worry. It won’t hurt for long. Trust me, I’m your agent.” She told him sticking it in his bicep. The numbness in that spot alone went away and was replaced with what felt like lava was injected into his veins. The guard letting go as he left the two alone once more. Turning down the lights as he exited. Cynthia moving in front of the man so he could see her better. She began to speak.
   “ So since we have some time left before our lovely couple arrives, let me tell you our company now that you are future talent. You see here at Rehabilitation, we don’t just represent people, we shape people.” The woman said as she grabbed a remote that turned on the projector. The company logo showing on the screen. “ You see many years ago, this company was founded by the principles of bettering this planet. Billions of of dollars, research, and years of hard work have gotten us where we are today. All the rich socialites and celebrities of the world joining forces for one common goal. And to achieve that goal it starts with us as humans” Cynthia said going to the next slide.
   “You see about 20 years ago, we finally broke through on that goal. We developed ways to better our race. And just like with waste, recycling is the only viable solution. We take an already existing person who serves no real purpose and give them new roles on this Earth. We send out talent scouts like myself to various places of interest, all depending on the job. In your case, my speciality is in entertainment. And what better place to find an out of work actor but working in an LA diner.” She said smiling at the man who was in a state of shock. All he could think about was that none of this was real. Any of it at all. He was probably still day dreaming at work or Al had knocked him out after their encounter. This all started from the moment he quit. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t talk, all he could do was stare at the woman and her slides.
   “ And as you can see here on this one. We have man different ways of doing business here. I’ll go with the first since it’s our biggest request. Enhancement Use!” She says clicking the remote. Tony staring at a slide of a male and female model. X-Rays showing their insides. “ You see during our studies we came across a way to actually shrink living human beings. First we viewed it as a way to stop such huge carbon footprints but during our trails we learned that when one consumes another human whole and at miniature state, the results are fabulous. The formula inside of the micros bodies causing the consumers to digest it differently than most foods. From breast and bun enhancements, rock hard muscles, and even in some men hair regrowth. I know they love to write their fake, but if the name is big enough, it isn’t. We helped kick silicone and Botox to the curb.” she laughs.
   Tony was mortified at this point. Was that what awaited him? To end up on the chest of Selma Fucking Medina or worse yet, the abs of Chris Lincoln? The man wished he would just wake up at this point but it started
to seem this wasn’t a dream. Cynthia proceed on with her presentation. “ But you, I saw something in you. I just had to make sure before I committed to it. Well, you and this other guy I ran into later at the bar. I didn’t know if you would flake. I’ve already rescheduled him for next week. If the producers would of said no, you would be siting in a tank for seven days just to become a booty booster for Brie Larson. You were a few bad answers away from being part of a Marvelous Ass.” she said smiling at the man. Tony feeling the pain spread more.
   “ Death and digestion is not what I see in you though. I see that you really want to grab life by the horns. But it just didn’t turn out that way for you. People who look like and act like you are a dime a dozen in this city. And frankly I’m tired of seeing them. But you have that passion, that I know deep down they can get out of you. And I’ll be there to help along the way, which leads me to Repurposing.“ she said clicking the remote once again. Tony at this point starting to lose touch of what was happening,it was all to much. He tried to move his lips. “ I know honey, you probably have so many questions. But our clients don’t like to hear them speak. It makes them have some sort of remorse. We don’t want that. We are helping people become better. Now if I can continue.” Cynthia says as Tony stares at what awaited him.
   “You see the shot you got is helping your body prepare for what is next. In the next hour, you will continue to regress in age. Yourself right now having shed back about 5 years since we first entered the room. By the time Chris and Selma arrive you should be about 18, 19, give or take. Then you will continue to age until you reach that of a newborn baby. You will still have awareness, remembering everything you do, just your physical being will be altered. During this time, we will prep Mrs. Medina and sedate her for the next step.” Cynthia clicks to the following slide. It’s the photo of a woman’s reproductive system.
   “ Once the patient is sedated, we will insert you into her vagina. It will be very tight but we will have prepared her body to take the brunt of it. Inside you will travel to her womb where not to long after you, will be greeted by her Umbilical. We modified a drug to cause her body to grow it and latch on to the your belly button. From there, her body will start to ovulate. One of her eggs will fuse with your body as it starts to imprint it’s own DNA and digest yours. It will take about 24 hours for you regress to a 3 month fetus. You will live through all of this as well. By then the numbing should be gone also . I don’t know if it hurts, but it doesn’t sound nice. Her body will also see slight enchantments while you regress inside of Selma. She doesn’t need much. Your old cells will give her some slight pudge and a shinier gloss to her hair possibly. Anything she doesn’t need will be expelled as waste when she awakens.” she told him.
   Tony knew deep down that he had to find a way to get out of here. These people were going to murder him. He knew he shouldn’t of thought he had a chance, that his idiotic choice to leave his job got him here. But he could do nothing but listen. The woman spoke again. “After then, the couple will be able to return to their own home. It’s pretty easy to hide a baby bump that small, even from all the cameras. That’s when the next step begins. Selma should be fully healed once we discharge her. Once the couple is up to it, they will have sex and Chris will add his DNA to your reworking. It is advised the couple do this daily just to make sure everything is going to plan. Any one would kill to see that sex tape, and you’ll be right there front row. Although you won’t enjoy it.” She said chuckling at the man.
   “ Jokes aside, after you will start to fall about mentally. A month the longest. By then both couples genetics will have broken your mind and you will have no memories or awareness. Selma’s body will have released another egg to assist your new father in the reworking. Shortly after you will start to grow once more. Except this time as a future potential star. Another egg and your constant supply of Chris’s genetics will progress you even further. Two months from now you will resemble that of a natural child from Chris and Selma. I was half joking about the Red Carpet next year. I can’t wait to see what dress she picks to stretch over the massive bump you will give her. I’m sure it will be amazing.” She said as she presented examples of her previous work.
   The man horrified to see photos of famous couples and there children, all crafted by Rehabilitation. Tony still frozen as she turned on the lights. The man looking in the mirror to see she hasn’t lied. The man looked to be in his mid 20s again. “Then after you are born, I officially represent you. All of my personal clients are child actors. From ads, commercials, or movies, I always find them the best work. And you will be just the best. You couldn’t of asked for a better set of parents. Well maybe you could have.” She said reaching over to grab a magazine left on a chair. “Man they really truly are everywhere. The European Branch sure did big with this one. Would you have thought that a middle aged woman fleeing from Kenya would have become a future Prince of Sweden?. Eh, you wouldn’t have.” Cynthia dropping a copy of the magazine from earlier in his lap. Tony feeling his body shake as more time reversed for the man.
   “On that note, you have about a 50/50 chance of returning as a male child. Somethings we can’t control, all of that is up to your future father. But either way, both women and minorities are finally getting there shot. Bi-lingual ones at that. I’ll have so many opportunities for you. Especially if you come back as both. Just be thankful it’s Selma with the issues, this could of been worse. If it had been Chris, you would of been shrunken and inserted into his penis to digest in his testicles. Melting down to his sperm would of been just like death. Another of our services. At least this way, a piece of you can still live on.”She said as she walked behind Tony. Cynthia started to rub his shoulders, the man watching her in the mirror while she did it.
    “ To break it to you completely in terms a smart film guy yourself can relate to. You Tony, are just a bad script. The treatment is good, but the writing is shit. We are going to take it back to the outline and fix the whole product up. Selma will start your rewrites before Chris steps into to bring his star power to the project. Both of them together will produce a fabulous script after 8 months of pre-production. Then, you will get to star in a supporting role as they direct you for the next 18 years. I’ll be there to executive produce also. And if everything what you said is true, I’ll have you in your own lead. Currently, you are a one trick pony. That passion will be the only part we keep in the final project.” She told him as the man’s eyes were darting left and right.
   The gravity of the situation was starting to fully hit Tony. He knew that life as he knew it was about to be changed. That his body and mind was going to be molded anew. When he looked in the mirror, he saw more of his youth exposing itself. His full head of hair, his wrinkles melting into his smoother skin, this was happening. That soon the woman’s words would be real, with Chris and Selma doing his rewrites. Making his idea there own and passing him off as their child. Having to love them, be cared for by them, looking like them, and even the chance of returning the opposite sex. He tried to move but his body wouldn’t budge as usual. It was pointless. Tony then heard a very loud buzz at the door. “Oh wow! Has it been an hour already? Time either flys when you are having fun or Chris had the pedal to the metal.” Cynthia laughed as she walked over and left the room.
   Tony sat there panicking more as he got younger and younger. It seems like eternity to him as he heard muffled voices outside. He couldn’t recognize it at first, but put it together. It was Cynthia and the couple who aspired to be his parents. Looking in the mirror he could see himself entering his teens again. The door opening as he looked at the three behind him. “Tony, this is Chris and Selma. I’m sure you know of course. They wanted to get a good look at you in person now before you look no different than any other Caucasian baby.” The cruel agent said. Selma was the first to speak. The gorgeous woman dressed moderate and with no makeup was still a knockout. Wearing only a shirt and tiny shorts.
    “Its very nice to meet you Tony. Your story has inspired us. That raw fire you have inside, it’s just what we want. We have been trying for awhile now to have a child of our own but it brought us no success. Don’t think of this as an end. Your energy will be recycled into that of a new life. One that I promise I will love and cherish forever. You will be everywhere, on all platforms. It’s exposure one only dreams of. Tons of my friends are expecting also. You will have so many friends whose parents are famous like us. Best schools, best vacations, best toys, the best life anyone could imagine. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting the part. I’m sure you won’t let us down.” Selma said in her thick Spanish accent.
   Chris moving closer to the man while the ladies stayed behind him. The man’s huge upper torso busting out of his tank top. “ I don’t think I even have to introduce myself to you. You most likely love my films. Cynthia told us all about you. That you are a true actor and appreciate fine cinema. I’m sure you rooted for me during the Oscars a few months back. Now give me a chance to root for you. It’s the best I can give a fan of mine. This means way more than an autograph or photo. You get to become family. So many kids wish I was their father, now you get to live a dream. I look forward to working with you for the rest of my life.” Chris said as he patted Tony on the back and he went back to the women. They were talking low, but the paralyzed man could make out what they were saying.
   “ He is just perfect Cynthia we can’t thank you anymore. He’s just so plain,sad, and out of date. A new coat of pain and some modifications will do him good. Even though he looks sort of cute now, I’m sure he will be a stud like Chris was at that age.” Selma said to the older woman. “ While I enjoy the compliment my love, it’s you with all the beauty. We could be looking at a gorgeous starlet like yourself. “ Chris tells her smiling as the couple embrace. The tall dark man grabbing a handful of the short caramel skin beauties plump rear. Tony watching the loving couple kiss via the mirror. Knowing the two understand the entire process. They probably were briefed in this very same room. “Ok you two, save it for tomorrow. Your starting to get me all worked up.” She laughs as they join her.
   “Julie from reception will escort you to the next room. We can start to get Selma ready while he finishes. I’ll meet you there while our medical assistant preps you.” She tells the couple. “It was nice to meet you Tony. I know all of this seems cruel, but we are giving you the role of a lifetime. You get to be beautiful, rich, en vouge, and from acting royalty. I’m sure I’ll snag an Oscar next season. You will grow up to have a great chance to be larger than life. Regardless if you come back as our son, or our daughter, you will get to live your wildest dreams. Take care Tony, I look forward to seeing what you develop into over the coming months.” The Young Latina actress says as the couple then proceed to leave.
   Cynthia shuts the door as she walks In front of the man once more. Tony’s body getting younger, starting to reverse puberty. “See? I told you we had everything under control. You’ll get a new wardrobe, new place to live, and even that tan you were worried about. Their dark complexions will make sure you never have to worry about that. On top of everything else you wanted to change about your life and yourself. New hair, new teeth, new organs. Shame those big blue eyes won’t make the transition. It was your best physical feature. I wonder whose you’ll get?Any ways, I’m going to leave you here to finish up. I have to prepare myself for the operation. Julie will monitor you on the camera and when you get to a certain age, she will come in and prepare you for the procedure. Until then, you can enjoy the show.” She tells Tony lifting up the screen to expose a fuller mirror.
   The de-aging man sitting in the chair, getting smaller and smaller as he contemplated his fate. He understood everything that was transpiring. Tony knew he would live to watch his own demise. He would see himself become a infant again. Which in turn would see him entering the womb of a Hollywood actress. There he would feel and hear his new A-List father help shape his future. Eventually to fade away and become something he dreamed of achieving. Only he wished it was as the person he was yesterday. The man’s clothes starting to outgrow him. Looking at his body as he became a child once more.
   Some time had passed, and on a live feed, the receptionist from earlier left her desk. All she saw was a pile of clothes. When she entered the room she removed the now wrinkled attire to reveal a newborn Tony. “Aww, aren’t you just the cutest little baby” the woman told him as she lifted him up. He couldn’t even cry as he laid still and wide eyed. Finally getting positive attention from the woman he tried to hit on. “ You don’t know how lucky you are. Selma will be on the cover of so many magazines once they make the announcement. I’m sure your first photos will fetch almost a million. Your going to be the talk of the town. You think you are cute now, just wait till they are done with you.” she told him as she exited the room and walked down the hallway. “Show the Euro Branch we can make something better than that fucking Royal baby.” She said Opening the last door the man would see.
   Tony stared around at the operating theatre. He saw two people masked in scrubs. It was easy for him to guess who it was. Also for the sedated patient laying on the table. He tried once more to move but before he could even try, he gave up. Julie passing his little body to the woman he though was going to help him. Nothing was going to stop this. Cynthia laying him down on the table in front of Selma. Tony looking up to see her dilated vagina. The man having imagined many times what she looked like nude, but not under these circumstances. Her hairless plump pussy only inches from his head. A slight sense of arousal amongst the terror, but once again unable to be erect. The woman who had brought him all this torture proceeding to rub a lubricant all over his body. “Ok sweetie, just remember, everything is going to be fine. You are going to make us proud.” Cynthia told him as Chris showed his support with a thumbs up.
   “ And action” was the last words the man heard on the outside world as the man started to guide him into Selma’s vagina. Tony feeling the warmth and wetness on his head as he easily started the journey. Smelling the woman’s lovely pussy as he was up to nose inside. The big blue eyes last sight being her clit .His world turning black. It not taking long before his lips were past her labia. Cynthia making sure to speed up the process after that so the infant inside didn’t suffocate. It took less than a minute, and Tony was slipping past her cervix and into Selma’s womb. Chris helping the woman guide Tony into his beloved spouse. Gasping for breath, Tony eventually didn’t feel the need for oxygen. Even though he didn’t feel it, his host had attached itself to him. The man starting to feel a tad tired.
   Back outside, Cynthia viewed him through a sonogram to see if the cord took. “And perfect. Your baby has attached just fine. Congratulations. Now we just let her body take care of the next step before discharging your wife tomorrow.” She told Chris as the man held his wife’s hand. Smiling as his other hand stroked her hair. Tony back in the womb was exhausted from his whole ordeal and drifted off to sleep. Hoping he would awaken in his bed. But this wasn’t the case. It wouldn’t be much longer until the woman released one of her eggs to meet the man. It would start the next steps by adding her DNA into the Tony as he aged further. She would do this again for the next 2 months to truly sink her genetics into her future child.
   Over the day, Selma’s body drained the boy inside her. Tony waking up every time as he felt weaker and weaker. He would shortly fall back asleep after. Cynthia monitoring his progress every few hours. Chris watching as his wives belly got smaller. Noticing her lips get plumper, her breasts a slight bump, and her hair getting lusher. The man rubbing her belly, excited for the future that was ahead for them. Tony would awaken when he felt his chamber shift. He didn’t have the night with Selma exactly the way he wished. The woman herself now awake from the procedure and moving around. Him feeling every step and hearing very little on the outside world. Making out some of the talking before hearing what sounded like water running and splashing near by. In reality, Selma was urinating and defecating what she didn’t need from Tony. The couple leaving shortly after.
   Time was a lost concept as it felt like he was trapped in limbo. Hearing the sound of car horns, loud music, and muffled conversation. Feeling some of the vibrations as the couple took a shower when they got home. It got quiet and still for awhile until the man felt the most movement he had since entering Selma. Tony being able to tell the couple was having sex. Their two sweaty bodies pressed together as Chris ravaged his wife. It was passionate, romantic, sexy, and dirty. Just like Cynthia said it would be. Tony only making out the moans and feeling dizzy in his spinning prison. Using his imagination to fill in the gaps. Their attractive figures glistening in the light. Her bubbly behind bouncing off the man’s balls as she rode him. His penis deep inside, centimeters away from Tony’s new home. Ready at any moment to send a gift to the man’s dressing room.
   This moment made him think. Hoping in the future he would procure the alpha traits as his soon to be father. A working big cock that he could use to get any woman he wanted. A stellar muscular body and a charming smile. The man praying he didn’t return with the brown chubby clam that trapped him in this cell. If this was how it was going to be, he would rather have the big muscles of Chris Lincoln, not the luscious curves of one former reality star named Selma Medina. Tony wanted to bang hot women, not be on the other end. Then when the motion stopped, the man felt something digging at his body. Before too long, it became painful. Tony knowing this must of been Chris’s sperm. The leading man adding his own genetics to him. Helping Selma “rewrite” the script as Cynthia so cunningly put it. The original draft, passing out from the pain.
   He would awaken less and less after this. The couple traveling the world, going to premieres, on boat trips, lush resorts, all the best money could buy. Tony would be aware of some of this. Making out each time the couple had sex, the jet rides, and the sounds of shuttering cameras. During this, the couple didn’t acknowledge him. To them, he was an item getting them to a greater means. Selma’s body keeping him alive by sending him nutrients from some of the finest cuisines. Each day, Losing himself in a world of pain and fading memories.
   Another egg along with a daily dose of his new fathers genetics causing him agony. Eventually, even the pain becoming normal and no longer waking Tony like before. The last bits of himself wondering if he would make it in his new life. Letting go and submitting to the more attractive and talented DNA as it started to mold his form anew. That very moment, the couple were on a private beach together in Italy. Selma’s body started to get a new glow to it. Signaling that Tony’s star was no longer shining. A new one would take its place using its core. A photographer from way out zooming in on the lovely couple. Hoping to get glamour shots of Selma in her small thong bikini, shocked to notice the tiny bump in her midsection. Hours later, the story was everywhere.
   When questioned, the couple refused to answer if they were expecting. Only for a month later to announce they were having their first child. The couple posing for a magazine cover. Chris behind his wife, their hands together on her expanding midsection. With no family to care, the agency swiped all of the Tony’s existence. Inside Selma, the case was the same. The child within being the product of the power couple. All the remaining cells belonging to the man absorbed into her body, only his energy remained in the new being. The never give up attitude that once belonged to the man would now belong to forming fetus. Over the months, the child would grow bigger as did the couples star power.
   Selma used her time pregnant to further her career. The woman dabbling back into reality tv with her own show. Cameras following her for months as the couples life was featured on television. The whole world watching as Tony started to dive deep into his new part, inside the ever growing stomach. Many of the couples Celebrity friends coming on from time to time. All excited for her impending birth. The child inside getting blessings from big names like Kim K, Christy Teagan, LeBron James, and many others. Selma making play dates in the future with the also pregnant Nicole and Bri Bella. She wanted to make sure her child had friends as promised. Letting the Sisters in on the secret in case one of them got a ‘craving’. The couple appearing live front row at Smackdown. A request Cynthia was sure to keep. She had played the footage for Selma from her office camera of Tony’s interview. It was at the future mothers request. Assurance that she was giving the man a better life when guilt struck her during a check up.
   By the time Selma was 8 months pregnant, the woman walked the Red Carpet at the Oscars. Cynthia watching from her condo saw the stunning pregnant actress glowing in a fabulous purple dress. It was tight and exposing her massive belly. All the cameras going off as reporters threw questions at the couple. This was the reason Cynthia preferred to watch from the shadows. The older woman pouring a drink as she gave a toast. “Here’s to you Tony. I said you would be walking the red carpet and I made it happen.”she said taking a drink. Hearing a reporter ask the actress what the gender and name of their child was. She refused to answer, but Cynthia smiled as she knew the biggest trade secret today.
   The couple sat in their seats during the awards. It took forever, but they finally arrived to the Best Actress category. Chris didn’t have as much luck this year himself. A slew of big hits arrived later in the year and by winter, “The Fall” was almost but forgotten. His wife making a lasting impression though and up for her first award. When they opened the envelope, she was shocked to hear her name. Crying, her husband and others escorted her on stage. The woman choking up as she held the award. Having a hard time getting through her speech. The last part of it being the highlight for weeks to come.
   “ And as I stand here right now with this award, I just want to thank everyone else who I was nominated with. You are all beautiful and powerful women who overcame so much to get to even be here. You are all strong. That’s why I’m proud to stand here with all of you. But I’ll be even prouder when my daughter Elena is standing in the company of you also. Thank you.” Selma said as she was helped to the backstage to a stunning applause. The couple shortly leaving to go home and celebrate. A bumpy night for the now named passenger inside. The announcement and accompanying photos all over the web. Cynthia excited from all the profits she would receive.
   One month later, Chris and Selma happily gave birth to their child. Cynthia being the one to start the process, saw the finished product through. Selma awake this time as she labored in a small pool. Cynthia next to Chris helping her along the way. Pulling out the child and smiling at what the couple had done to her pet project. Handing her to Selma was she watched the her cradle the child. With dark hair, small brown eyes, and the chubbiest of cheeks, the child was born to be a star. She was glad everything turned out for the best. Women were gaining more power in the industry and diversity was sky rocketing. She would have no trouble finding this girl work. Her first job, her first photos, all rights belonging to the company and bringing in over a million from the press. Cynthia’s new client already bringing in the cash.
   This trend didn’t stop either. Photos of the happy family on every news stand and website. Elena getting tons of exposure . People around the world watching the child grow on the family’s show. The little girl being adorable, playful, and winning hearts.
It was super easy for Cynthia a few years later to start the child off in advertising. She excelled in the roles. The former Tom’s new parents doing a wonderful job raising the girl and teaching her all they knew. Her looking like the perfect combination of the two stars helped also. Years went by as Elena grew into bigger roles on television and on screen. As she blossomed into a teen, she herself started to hog the spotlight. With a show and an album, Elena was a hot attraction. She was the idol for teen girls and the prefect woman for her young male fans.
   Her parents however, took a step back to producing and directing actual features now. The family becoming a household name. Both Selma and Chris occasionally appearing in films. When the girl turned 18, her Aunt Cynthia let her in on the company’s other services. Major details omitted, Elena only knowing about and consuming a shrunken human as a enhancement. Just a touch up on her perfect breasts and plump booty. A birthday gift and an official welcoming to the organization as a patient. Of course as a young adult she had a rebellious stage. Elena being a smokeshow. Having all her mothers best traits, the skinny and short girl had a tendency for partying and various flings. Various paparazzi capturing clips of her shaking her ass in clubs. Not bad, but not helpful either.
   A ‘Cloud’ hack exposed very damaging photos and videos of the star. This made matters worse. Porn sites overloaded with videos of Elena engaging with various men. The woman seeing memes of her with cum on her face sent her into a spiral. Elena shutting her Twitter off when the mean tweets got too much. Hashtags like “Anal Elena” and “Elenasucksballs” trending for days. It took a year but things died down. With the backing of Cynthia and her parents, she was able to bounce back. Rehab and therapy got her on track. Not the ‘Sex Scandal’ Tony had hoped for, but still part of him lived his dream. The new job did do wonders for his libido as he had wished.
   30 years had passed since Anthony Michaels quit his job at the restaurant. That fateful night where Cynthia Glass just so happened to have walked into his workplace. The woman since retired from the business a few years prior. Elena turned out to be one of her most marketable and successful clients ever. The highly attractive mixed actress staring in many successful films in her mid 20s. Her last film being the one getting awards considerations. With only a few months till the Oscars, her forever god-niece was sure to win.
   Cynthia was looking through her phone one night at the news. She smiled as she saw one particular article. The headline intrigued her, it was something that was actual news to her. Cynthia opened the page. “Is Prince Hans expecting first child with Hollywood royalty and secret girlfriend?” Was what the headline said as the woman stared at a familiar face. It was Elena on a yacht in a bikini. Her midsection almost identical to her mothers in a similar photos decades ago. Standing behind her with his arms draped, the once Royal baby, the one former Tony couldn’t escape from hearing about. As somehow the once aspiring actor predicted his own fate.
   Cynthia smiled as she laid down her phone. Elena clearly didn’t have the same problem as her parents did, this made her happy. But at the same time, she muttered “It really now is everywhere for you bud. Now all you’ll hear about is your Royal Baby.” she laughed as she went back to reading. The woman would call the girl in the morning to get the details. She was sure the girls phone was going insane. The older woman finishing the article and once again toasting to herself. Cynthia very proud she got the best performance out of a former Kansas man, with stars in his eyes. Even if she had to erase his final draft and replace it with a sexier, hipper, and feminine story.
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A Star Is Made By vorecat87 -- Report

A struggling actor at his breaking point, gets offered the role of a lifetime. It just turns out the role is more serious than he expected.

*Authors note*
I truly tried to make a short one this time, but failed miserably. What started as a small idea turned into a whole world building experience. I’ve wanted to contain real figures in my stories for some time, but just never found the right idea. With the device created here, I can dabble my feet in finally. Along with other ideas tied to this. Blending in real world characters and my fictional creations together makes this for a nice transition into solo tales involving famous people. I apologize if seeing another unbirth tale makes me seem like old hat. I took what I knew best to help further the bigger idea I have in mind. But I tried to make this one a bit more fun as compared to my others. I view it as my love letter to all the amazing art and stories I’ve seen over the many years. So thanks to everyone for being an inspiration. So I hope you enjoy and if you do, I look forward to adding juicy entries into this potential series. Feel free to comment or make any requests :)

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Posted by wiseguy288 7 months ago Report

I honestly love your unbirth stories and Im happy to see more from you!


Posted by vorecat87 7 months ago Report

Thank you! As much as I try to hit on another topic, it always brings me back lol...I’m sure I’ll have another one in no time!


Posted by Apostolos 5 months ago Report

Well that was an interesting take on unbirth... honestly hope this continues just please keep it interesting