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''Stranger Danger'' Epilogue A By KuroNekoChan -- Report

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''After a well deserved meal Sam pats her big belly and licks her lips in delight still tasting the barbarienne meat, but suddenly she hears a weird noise nearby, what could possible be ?, a predatory enemy ?, a fellow witch ? a potential prey ?, let me know what you guys think on the comments down below''

Part A of the epilogue, part B on any time with an interesting surprise ;3

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Posted by MisterEbony 2 days ago Report

For funsies i say a secret admirer. Like a pygmy cannibal or amazon.


Posted by M0dern1zedEl1za 2 days ago Report

I second the pygmy!


Posted by Kamilla 2 days ago Report

Make it be a pred that would eat that witch


Posted by MSM44 2 days ago Report

I support the proposal. Let it be the enemy.


Posted by KuroNekoChan 2 days ago Report

it could be a pred, but i don't think he or she can beat Sam (remember what happened to the last ones who tried to make a meal of of her 0-0)


Posted by Zevourius 2 days ago Report

Huuuumm.... It's that bastard of Cupid!
That little "angel" is chasing for another prey.
It's the good day for him!
Where is my ballista?!
Or maybe something else? ;)


Posted by KuroNekoChan 2 days ago Report

sorry, i don't know who he is, is an oc ? :3


Posted by Zevourius 1 day ago Report

Nah just the little angel that always comes for Valentine's Day. I lost a lot of easy meals because of him. Now it's payback time!
Come here you little pork roast! My ballista is ready!


Posted by KuroNekoChan 1 day ago Report

yeah, get him :3


Posted by LordStorm 2 days ago Report

Yup, seems like a typical end for...all of my female characters XD The bush? that could be anything, a second entrée a rival pred :)