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all’s wool and ends wool By DARKLUNCH -- Report

Turns out cute babbey impidimps don’t really stay all that small when you feed them an exclusive diet of lean meat and farm animals... Who would of guessed.

Hey, probably should of kept to the recommended diet of human emotions. Sooner or later the sheep and cows won’t be enough anymore~

Hey yeah whatever MOM I’ll post more tums LATER
but listen I’ve been in heat for my goblin wife for the past few months let me gush over my gorgeous man in peace for the next five months

Also if any of you mention my lack of interaction or activity here I’m going to beat you to death with goblin cock FOLKS I ARNT DEAD STOP TELLIN PEOPLE I AM

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Posted by TotenkreuzEX 5 days ago Report

Oh hey you're back from the dead.



Posted by DoctorDischord 5 days ago Report

Hmm. Yes. I would like to touch the big boi.


Posted by Thejynxedlynx 3 days ago Report

I dunno you COULD be posting this from beyond the grave... *squints*