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[Patreon] AK-12's Ample Appetite By StygianRook -- Report

Here's last month's Patreon poll winner, AK-12! Oh my, looks like around ten dolls went straight to her stomach, what a feast! Guess Angelica has ordered a bunch of new dolls and dummy links, but AK-12 went ahead and gave all of them a very warm welcome. Looks like she's still hungry despite her huge, crowded belly. Will you accept her invitation to her belly party?

Whew, this took a lot longer to get done, but I'm glad I managed to finish it, as I deliberately picked a difficult pose for practice.

As for this month's poll, Graf Zeppelin (Azur Lane) is first with 9 votes, Belfast (Azur Lane) is second with 8 votes, and Agent (Girls' Frontline) is third with 7 votes.

As always, you can find the current poll links below: (all tiers) ($10+ tiers can vote again using this one)

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Posted by SomeGuyHere 1 year ago Report

Ak-12 more like Fat-12 haha gottem good.


Posted by Makazawa 1 year ago Report

Ten with dummy that mean only 2 doll in there and 2 new doll in DEFY team is Ak-15 and RPK-16


Posted by Makazawa 1 year ago Report

So Ak-15 and Rpk-16 should be enjoy in there


Posted by Deviantfan16 1 year ago Report

I formally accept the invitation


Posted by Cetorito 1 year ago Report

She could definitely use a few more for... "enhancement fodder".


Posted by Blarginated 1 year ago Report

Mother of God, that pose and gut. Probably one of the most well-executed examples of that sort of pose I’ve seen.


Posted by yEeTbOi 1 year ago Report

Who wouldn't accept that invitation? I most certainly would .w.


Posted by BlueIce 1 year ago Report

It's good to see such a big appetite


Posted by PrismaticAria 1 year ago Report

I'd rather help churn them to mush for her. Everyone loves belly rubs, right~?
Though, I wouldn't mind if she did add me to her hips~


Posted by Iseta 1 year ago Report

More room? Here i go! ^^