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Story 226 - part 3 By French_snack -- Report

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Posted by Nonagon 1 year ago Report

I really like how this one turned out. I actually felt kinda bad for Teagan during the story, enjoyable as it was. She's just so nice - I love the idea of a small, shy pred like her, which is not something you see that much of, or at least not as much as preds like Lykke and Jossie and the idea of Lykke just "pushing her" all drunk into a shrinker didn't seem right. It's all tied together really well by having the first time, careful and mindful about her prey's well being pred just casually sitting on the toilet, mindlessly pushing the remains of her prey out of her, it was real cute as well as extremely sexy. To me at least, I guess.

I'd love to see more of Teag, ideally outside of her two friends tummies - maybe they take a liking to the pred she turned out to be, enough to stop drooling about her? I don't know what you've got planned, but if you think about continuing this one here's at least one interested reader.


Posted by French_snack 1 year ago Report

Thanks for that thoughtful comment! Not surprisingly, I too have a fondness for shy, uncertain, petite first-time pred girls, who brighten up and become cutely voracious when they find out they really *enjoy* swallowing wriggly shrinkies. :)

Teagan must have had at least a dozen in her tummy by the end, sloshing around and being churned amidst all the liqueurs and cocktails. No wonder she had a bit of a poorly tummy and felt queasy when she woke up the next morning.

And I'm glad you also like her toilet scene! As nice and considerate as she was to her prey while she ate them, now that she's digested them, there's just one thing for her to do. If she can manage to finish (well, she'll have to!), despite the embarrassment of Lykke sitting on her bare lap while she's doing it!


Posted by lazylayjay 1 year ago Report

Took me a while to get my bearings as I thought this was a new IVC story. But once it got going it was immense.
I kind of wanted Teagen to get eaten in the end.


Posted by French_snack 1 year ago Report

Thanks! I think Jossie also hoped Teagan would end up inside Lykke's hot tummy, but... well, at least this way we might see her again some day!