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The Perils of Succubus Summoning page 10 By Groblek -- Report

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Here's the tenth page of "The Perils of Succubus Summoning," the latest comic written by me and illustrated by  LadyDrasami. Only two more to go in the free sample!

You can get the whole thing here:

Well, the succubus' belly may be full, but she's clearly still got room up top. Tess is about to get much closer to those breasts she's fondling.

(Tags here are for the full comic.)

As usual, I'll be posting a bit over half of the comic here for free, spread out over the next few weeks. My Patreon supporters get to see the free portion early, but to get the full comic, you'll have to buy a copy. That's what keeps us able to continue making these comics, so a big thank you to everyone who has already bought this, or who has bought one of our other comics!

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Posted by moonlightshy 1 year ago Report



Posted by dreamweevil 1 year ago Report

Great as always but the lower-level physics throw me off a bit.

1: If you suck someone's arms into two different openings, it becomes hard to swallow the rest of them (unless you're a slime/goo girl or the equivalent that can just develop new openings as needed).

2: Pointy, barbed devil-tails look like they'd really, really hurt coming out.


Posted by Groblek 1 year ago Report

Fortunately, dealing with magical creatures means that they get to tell physics to shut up and go sit in the corner. :) (The actual answer is that I just let Lady Drasami set up the visuals however she feels best for the scene and run with whatever she comes up with.)


Posted by dreamweevil 1 year ago Report

That makes sense.

Not specific to this drawing, but it made me realize something I'd never considered before. Barbed tails on succubi, devils, demons - they're always (always!) drawn as flat pointy triangles orthogonal to the viewer - like trees in certain early video games that always turn to "face" you no matter where you go. It's more of a decorative / cautionary symbol than anything else.