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In the house of Hiro Hamada the girls Gogo and Honey were hanging out in his room alone. Sexual energy emitted from the girls as they wanted to do something with each other but wondered if it was really appropriate. But they both had something very different for the pleasure they seemed. The blonde Honey wanted Gogo's wet lips on her own and her nice long fingers down her second pair of lips as they engaged in sweet succulent sex. While Gogo wanted Honey to slide down her gullet to her stomach, Gogo really wanted a huge belly and just wanted to digest someone. Gogo loved the feeling of her prey sliding out of her anus and it made her wet thinking of it. At this point Hiro's bed was soaked in woman juices from the both of them. 
 "Oh fuck this" said Honey
 Honey turned and brought Gogo onto her back before slamming her lips against Gogo's. Gogo completely surprised ended up reaching and groping Honey' ass. Honey blushed and then started to get on top of Gogo pressing the breasts and pussies together. Honey grinded on Gogo making her muffle moans. Gogo realized this was going to be the perfect chance to eat this girl so she played along. Gogo ripped Honey's pants off revealing her pink striped panties before slipping her hands into them. Honey moaned feeling those slender fingers go deep inside her. Gogo sent Honey into an orgasm almost immediately with juices spraying out of her staining Gogo's pants. Honey stopped making out with Gogo and limped on top of her breathing heavily while being bright red. Gogo smiled with her prey incapacitated on top of her made the perfect meal. 
 "Sorry about this but I can't hold back any longer" said Gogo
 Honey didn't really understand till she felt the top of her head get all moist and the hot breath of Gogo washed over her. 
 "Wait...dont" said Honey
 Honey could barely move with Gogo's special trick so Honey just laid there as her head slowly went inside Gogo's maw.
Honey tried to scream but the moment she did her whole head was engulfed and swallowed into the wet throat. With a bulging throat and a meal starting to go to her stomach Gogo kept swallowing. She grasped Honey's arms and pulled more of her inside with a solid swallow of her shoulders to follow. Honey squirmed as much as she could and begged Gogo to stop but it was no use. Her nipples rubbed against Gogo's tongue making them go hard. Honey would have enjoyed being swallowed if only the stomach wasn't growling and waiting to digest her. 
Gogo rubbed Honey's flat belly as it started to go down her throat. Gogo started to tilt her head back and swallow at the same time. Honey moaned as her pussy went inside but as slowly curled up in Gogo's stomach she kept getting worried. Gogo rubbed her stomach as she swallowed and it expanded out. 
Honey's bare thighs and legs slid down Gogo's throat and were sent down with the rest of her. Honey whimpered as she curled and hugged her legs inside the groaning stomach. Gogo fell backwards with her gut hanging in the air and she felt stuffed. 
 "Honey you tasted so good but this is the end of the line for you" said Gogo
 Gogo rubbed her giant belly as her meal started to squirm inside. Honey flinched with acid spraying on her body. Honey pushed the red walls back but they just squished and moved a little bit but then they would squeeze her back. Honey's clothes started to melt off of her and dissolve in the pool of acid she was sitting in. 
 "Let me out I'm not food" said Honey
 "That's where your incorrect Honey because as soon as I started to eat you your life became forfeit and your new role as my food became apparent" said Gogo
 Honey lost all hope after hearing Gogo say that and she simply just stopped moving and cried. The stomach churned and gurgled around her and the acid slowly softened her body. 
Gogo lightly kept poking her belly keeping tabs on her latest preys turning to mush. Gogo started to get soaked and her pussy juices flowed out and stained the bed again. Gogo grabbed her belly with one hand and then went under it to her pussy to satisfy herself. Gogo shook her belly around and then started to rub her clit. Inside Honey screamed as she was thrown around in the burning acid and her body started to fall apart because of all the movement. 
 "Stop..STOP" screamed Honey
 Gogo laughed over her churning stomach and Honey's voice started to become lighter until she was silent. Honey broke apart too much and lost all of her energy to live and she was soon just chunks sloshing around. Gogo stopped shaking her belly with the form of Honey reduced to a simple sloshing orb.
 "Your all mine now" said Gogo
Whatever remained of Honey was turned to soup with a few bones scattered around that couldn't digest completely. 
Gogo burped and Honey's broken glasses covered in stomach acid shot out of her mouth. Gogo laughed and then slapped her belly making the surface ripple and the soupy Honey slosh again. 
Gogo's belly groaned loudly and her giant gut started to go down with Honey being pushed into her intestines. Gogo's breasts grew and broke out of her bra but stayed in the shirt. Gogo's thighs became much thicker and she knew she could break a watermelon with her new thighs. With Gogo's enhanced body she stood up and walked to the bathroom as the waste piled up in her colon. Gogo reached Hiro's bathroom and took her panties off then sat on the toilet squishing her thighs in the process. 
 "Okay Honey you can't stay in me forever" said Gogo
 Gogo closed her eyes and squeezed letting the start of a log come out. Gogo kept pushing and a nice thick log started to coil in the bowl with her blonde hairs sticking out. Honey's undigested bones were visible sticking out of the long log but Gogo didn't care.
Honey came in smaller chunks as well with the long log and she kept piling up filling the toilet up quite nicely. Gogo loved the thought of Honey being a person to being reduced to brown turds with only 2 hours of digesting. Gogo shit all of Honey out and wiped her ass clean and left the overflowing toilet for Hiro to deal with. Gogo put her pants on and left the house in search of her next meal.
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