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Talking Head: Here to tease By DustMane -- Report

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Well here's the new prototype with some new content and functional.
There's still a lot I want to add to it, but if I think now it's pretty enough to show and share.

So, here's the new things:
- updated interface. Now it should be more comfortable, automatically adjusting the image to your monitor.
- a whole new tree of patterns for unwilling prey, more agressive and dominating.
- also some new patterns for willing tree. I especially proud of the multistage pattern where predator talks about parts of his/her body. Long time I wondered to include something like this. Also it works in both willing and unwilling trees.
- female pred. Why not? I don't have an image to introduce her, but that should not stop us from testing breast vore and unbirth related content. Also may be a bit buggy.
- options. Everyone have their own kinks and tastes, so I included a couple of switches. Mentions of scat can be now turned on from the menu. Also for cock vore now can be turned on or off mentions of condom disposal.
- player gender. Well, you can now choose your gender in options. It won't affect much while the roleplaying part is not here, but it should be more pleasant when the pred calls you "preygirl" if you're a girl. Or "preyboy" if you're a boy.

Here it is. More options, more to choose from. I hope you like because I had a lot of fun working on and testing.
Report any bugs or grammar mitakes, the whole thing gets bigger, so I could easily miss something.


UPD: fixed some bugs in generation.

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Posted by SilverHornedDeer 7 months ago Report

Found a few typos! Also some red missing strings things. I took a few screenshots. Where can I submit them?


Posted by DustMane 7 months ago Report

Hi! I guess you could just pm them to me right here. Screenshots or just copied text. I'll take a look.

Also I've fixed some bugs a couple of days ago. If you downloaded it on the release, you could try and re-download now)


Posted by Aickavon12 3 months ago Report

Daisy doesn't seem to actually... vore.


Posted by DustMane 3 months ago Report

It's a prototype. Just the generator of teasing phrases. So it can't play a vore scene for now.


Posted by Aickavon12 3 months ago Report

oooooooh, I misread. Thanks for the info


Posted by DustMane 3 months ago Report

I keep working on it. In time TH will learn to perform full vore scenes in the same manner with procedural generation.