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Darkness vores Kazuma! pt 2 (commission) By Allissei -- Report

A commission for  FlyingTMan

This is a small story of Darkness teaching a lesson to Kazuma to respect her!

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Story by  flyingtman
Darkness swallowed and bent forward to push Kazuma further in. His shoulders slid into her mouth, and she felt her neck bulge outward as his head entered her throat. She wouldn’t be able to breathe with him blocking her throat, but that wouldn’t be a problem with her impressive stamina. Keeping a tight grip on him, she then straightened up and lifted him high until he was upside down with his legs kicking wildly in the air.

This would be the hardest part. If her throat could handle his shoulders, then the rest wouldn’t be a problem. She swallowed again. Kazuma’s shoulders entered her throat with little resistance, stretching it wide. That was it! She could swallow him. Now she just hoped her stomach would be able to hold him.

With the help of gravity, Kazuma quickly slid further down Darkness’s throat until her lips were around his waist. She felt her stomach stretch and bulge outward as Kazuma’s head entered it. The sensation sent a tremor of pleasure through her body. This felt wonderful!

Darkness had Kazuma deep enough inside her to let go of him now. She placed a hand on her bulging stomach and could feel his face through her skin. Another swallow brought his hips into her mouth. The bulge in her stomach extended downward to fill out the rest of her abdomen as Kazuma slid deeper into her body. Darkness’s stomach was now about as full as it had ever been. She had stuffed herself with food to this point a few times before, but had always stopped because she didn’t want to gain weight or be a glutton. Still, she knew her stomach could stretch further.

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