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starbound rebire medic android By largerarge -- Report

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i wanted to try an idea on something based on starbound game (i rarely play).

the Simple Vore Mod or SVM sparked a idea, some of the characters in the game ( that are based on some others OCs and persona's) could be androids manly some have this ability to heal you like the beds in the game.

so i looked at a Rebir version of starbound and though she's a medic and could she heal crew members as well as a re-spawn ability?

ok here is some new "bio" of her;

Rebir is once a living Avian working as a medic for her team, however she got in a scrap in one mission that left her in a dangerous level unconsciousness. her only offspring transfered her thoughts and memories to a special built android she made. though just as she finished transfering. disaster hit earth (that monster thing in game), Rebirs original body has been moved of planet to a better place. now in her new body.

(1) advanced CPU, not only it has Rebirs' memories and personality, it had a connection to medical info if needed.

(2) medicine storage, (yeah bit weird)

(3) advance healing and re-spawning chamber, when need healing or re-spawning from death, Rebir really likes the Re-spawning progress (you be birthed out). the way to enter to heal is to be "eaten".

(4) the shell of Rebir is soft by touch but strong against heavy hits and gun fire, though is dose not mean Rebir is invincible, she will retreat if damage has reached 25% remaining.

Rebir knows she's in an androids body, she accepts the body till he own body is fixed.

Artist note: tried based on the androids from the Alien franchised, though this the best i can do.

starbound (C) Chucklefish

SVM is made by Shehights

Rebir and Tailwind (C) me

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Oooh, I love this!