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Part-Timer: A Muscular Parody By Kodsa -- Report

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Do you guys remember that story I mentioned getting deleted? Yep, this is it! I was going to release this and a few other stories as an April Fools thing. But with this quarantine and virus stuff, I figure I shouldn’t make you guys wait! I’ll release the stories up to April Fools. This is an AFFECTIONATE parody. There are so many different types of stories that I like even if they’re not necessarily my style. The original version of this (the deleted one) was more of a straight up parody. This is more like a mashup of writing styles. I hope it’s not too sloppy and enough to keep you all entertained.

Just so we're all on the same page:

This story is parodying a writer on Voreplay. The writer's username is FoeHammer. They write a lot of weight gain and mass vore. There's one story he wrote "Barry's Old Job" and in it he describes one
character being subjected to people force feeding themselves to him. It was only briefly mentioned, but I thought it was such a interesting idea (Like what's the story there...tell me more of that!) Anyways some of his stories stars this particular character Craig. The character has an accent that even influences the narrative.

So, with that said we all know who I'm parodying and what story ( although it's more of a concept and a character.) That said if you like the above things mentioned check out FoeHammer on Voreplay! Until then enjoy this story by AllyNail. :P

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