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Gurglr, The vore hunting app. By ryanshowseason3 -- Report

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Tindr, but for vore. And when you match instead of getting messages you get to hunt or be hunted.

When a technologically un-savvy mom signs up for this app her daughter helps her to navigate it.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

 MatchboxSpark Made a stellar story a little more than a week ago about a fictional mobile app called Tag!

I couldn't resist designing the UI for such a thing and writing a short story about it and its use.

Tons of pics in this one, over twenty to flesh out the features I imagined it would have.

pictures here if links are dead:

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Posted by Gorgrath177 1 year ago Report

Love vore social media stuff. Sucks that she didn’t realize the heels should’ve been ditched.


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 year ago Report

Your are a gentleman and a scholar milord.


Posted by MatchboxSpark 1 year ago Report

I am tickled pink that you decided to do a riff on Tag! I'm glad it struck a strong chord!

I really like ending it through a series of captioned pics, it highlights the work you put in designing the UI, while still being erotic.

The story being confined to just dialogue and images makes for a really smooth read, which I dig.

Love it!


Posted by ryanshowseason3 1 year ago Report

The dialog thing was a choice at first to make it quicker to write. At first I was never going to even give them names, using color instead to show who was speaking. Then I had to give the mother a profile which needed a name. Drat.


Posted by HungryLion812 1 year ago Report

I love this format with the dating app. Hope to see more of it in the future.


Posted by HungryLion812 1 year ago Report

Oh I've seen those. Trust me I have thoroughly browsed and enjoyed your manip forum. I should have been more specific. I would like to see more stories involving the dating app not necessarily the profiles on their own.


Posted by Sira 1 year ago Report

You always know how to brighten my week~


Posted by deadgreenman 1 year ago Report

another great piece, love the idea of the profiles


Posted by empatheticapathy 1 year ago Report

Actually a pretty fun idea. Would make for a decent game.
Of the profiles, Delilah is my favorite. Wouldn't mind a sequel where the daughter lets Emily have her.


Posted by KittyBoi 1 year ago Report

Amazing! I have a soft spot for milf/gilf preds... so Fanny’s profile really got me going


Posted by Egriverany32 1 year ago Report

Can I commission you to do a sequel?


Posted by ryanshowseason3 1 year ago Report

Sure, I'll pm you for deets


Posted by deaddonkey 1 year ago Report

Brilliant as usual, thanks


Posted by deej1011 1 year ago Report

I loved this story! Vore dating app style stuff never gets old <33


Posted by bronzelara 1 year ago Report

Hot story Id def make a profile as prey on the app and try get my friends to as well