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Story 227 - part 2 By French_snack -- Report

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Posted by lazylayjay 9 months ago Report

I love these new preds! And it's good to have Vivee back again.


Posted by French_snack 9 months ago Report

Thanks! Let's see how she does at the competition. :)


Posted by Bellyache 9 months ago Report

You write characters so beautifully. At home they have normal and loving family lives. I liked how the young daughter saw the plate of tinies as disruption of the household routine rather than freak out about it.
Anisha is starting to get annoying. It was mean of her to make fun of Vivee about eating her chicken.
The other characters are great too!


Posted by French_snack 9 months ago Report

Thank you very much! That's one thing I enjoy about writing: Writing characters who in many ways are "normal" people, with their own lives, but who enjoy the thrill of vore on the side. And so little Akissi is certainly quite used to seeing her mummy eat shrinkies: It's the "normal" she's grown up with. :)


Posted by Pabulum 9 months ago Report

It's funny because of all the things that get eaten in this story, it's the hen I care most about! Ha ha

Amazing by the way. I love how all the characters are actual people (obviously fictional) with worries and stresses.


Posted by French_snack 9 months ago Report

I can understand that, actually! :D That poor hen is a rescued animal who should be able to look forward to a good home.

Thank you. That's something I enjoy writing: 'realistic' characters, with their own lives to lead. Who simply, in addition to the other things going on in their life, enjoy eating people now and then.


Posted by Sleepless 9 months ago Report

Amazing. I'm addicted. Rich prey on the menu at the IVC! Who will get to eat poor unsatisfied Laura and give her the climax to end all climaxes?

I'm sorry to say that I'm more interested in the side characters than the centerpiece Vivee, maybe because we haven't met them before. Vivee is nice though - but seriously who has a chicken as a house pet? Lol


Posted by French_snack 9 months ago Report

Vivee does, apparently! ;) And yes, Laura certainly intends to go out in a hot haze of pleasure!


Posted by Ladybellylover 9 months ago Report

Nelly might find that practice can only get you so far, as my wife can testify. Sometimes you just have to accept that some girls have big

I found Laura's reaction to learning about vore very amusing, When you've got everything you need,there's always vore!


Posted by French_snack 9 months ago Report

Exactly! Being swallowed is the one thrilling experience that no-one around can brag about having done. A once-in-a-lifetime change to your routine!