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Taking Mother's Advice (2/3) By Ergos -- Report

Violet took her mother's advice to get a bit more padding.

Characters are all 18+

Part 1:

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Posted by Firebird22 9 months ago Report

Violet is going to be so big!!!!

I wonder if Helen's elasticity makes her easier to swallow.


Posted by C107galaxytachyon 9 months ago Report

More importantly, I have to wonder how far that aforementioned elasticity extends to make something like this logistically feesable: considering how easily Helen “should” be able to properly solidify herself enough to where Violet’s jaw/esophagus would painfully pop open if she continued to try gulping her down.


Posted by DeadStrategicCactus 9 months ago Report

Elasticity goes both ways really, so yes it would.


Posted by hetcomc 9 months ago Report

Fantastic work on this.


Posted by Undernom 9 months ago Report

Who could have seen that coming~?


Posted by Dan49 9 months ago Report

Omg I love this, Ergos, I love you for doing this XD


Posted by Spider8Fiend 9 months ago Report

Violet for best pred, anyone else agree?


Posted by Violetfan89 9 months ago Report

I 100% agree.


Posted by Booberjacket 9 months ago Report

Actually can't wait for the post vote scene l, cause this shit is fuckin great


Posted by Violetfan89 9 months ago Report

Can't wait for the last part.

Violet's going to be so huge and sexy.


Posted by VFF217 9 months ago Report

Violet will be absolutely gorgeous.


Posted by Violetfan89 9 months ago Report

Let's hope so.

But I have a feeling this is going to lead to Violet getting a hourglass figure instead of a bbw figure like her mom (well formely had).


Posted by AfraArt 9 months ago Report

What a TWISTS!

The K

Posted by The K 9 months ago Report

Nice to see Violet with such a belly on her. She's a awesome pred.


Posted by Dudebro2092 9 months ago Report

I was so hoping it would take a turn in that direction ????