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Ochaco Uraraka the girl with zero gravity powers, left her room in her school uniform ready for the day. She bobbed her head making her brown hair wave around before she heard grunting by Jiro's room. Ochaco tilted her head and opened the door to see what was going on.
 "Jiro are you al...right?" asked Ochaco
 Jiro, the girl with the power of sound turned a little embarrassed as she was trying to get her skirt on but the reporter she digested added some much to her butt it was proving to be difficult. Ochaco noticed Jiro was much thicker and assumed she just ate another person.
 "Who was it this time" asked Ochaco
 "It was this reporter lady and she just kept pushing me and I said I could eat people and then she basically hoped down my throat" said Jiro
 Ochaco giggled as it was a dumb story but she could see that happening once in a while. Jiro finally slipped the skirt on her hips but her ass was poking out the bottom.
It didn't take long for the skirt to rip and fall off and then at the same time Jiro's breasts busted out of her shirt and flopped out. Jiro put her head down in extreme embarrassment.
 "Hey Ochaco you mind eating me as I think I'm just gonna give up now" said Jiro
 Ochaco was taken back by her statement but she did think Jiro was looking like a whole ass snack at the moment.
 "I don't mind but please don't add so much where my suit won't fit" said Ochaco
 Jiro gave an annoyed look at Ochaco as what she just said was a little stupid. Jiro took her ripped clothes off letting her thick self become fully nude for Ochaco. Ochaco was drooling at the site of the blushing Jiro who was embarrassed to get naked even if it was to become food.
 "Okay Ochaco...please be gentle when you swallow me" said Jiro
 Ochaco gave Jiro her signature big smile which left Jiro a little worried but she trusted her. Ochaco then quickly walked over to Jiro and then pushed her on the bed and then pinned her down. Jiro's tits flopped around as she fell and Ochaco's eyes were filled with lust. Jiro was blushing harder then when she masturbated to the digesting reporter. Drool seeped from Ochaco's mouth and hit Jiro's chest and that's when Ochaco went down to Jiro's left nipple and licked it.
 "Nyah" moaned Jiro
 Ochaco licked and nibbled on Jiro's nipples making her moan and yelp. Ochaco then used her right hand and went up Jiro's leg and squished her thick thigh before shoving a finger inside her pussy. Jiro screamed in pleasure and started to breathe heavily and pant while sweat streamed down her body. Ochaco's own panties were soaking wet at the hot situation she created but she didn't want to stop. Jiro squirmed as she felt an orgasm coming but she couldn't believe Ochaco was going to make her cum so quick. Almost immediately after Jiro screamed and sprayed her juices on Ochaco's hand. Jiro went limp and breathed heavily as she couldnt move. Ochaco grinned and then activated her power and touched Jiro making her float in the air. Sweat dripped from Jiro's floating body and Ochaco grabbed her calves and lined them in front of her. Ochaco opened her mouth and lead Jiro's feet into her mouth where they hit her tongue. Ochaco pulled more of Jiro in until she felt Jiro's toe hit her uvula.
Ochaco swallowed for the first time pulling in Jiro's feet to her throat making it expand. Ochaco gulped and swallowed Jiro's sweaty legs getting a salty flavor as she did. Ochaco felt her gullet opening up for Jiro's thick legs and couldn't believe Jiro had felt this so many times and never really was able to like it. Ochaco couldn't help but love her insides stretching even though she wished it was with Izuku and her ass but this was fine too. Jiro's thighs squished together as they were forced into Ochaco's throat and Ochaco blushed a little with Jiro's ass and pussy being pulled into her mouth. Ochaco stopped swallowing with her cheeks puffed out with Jiro's booty and started to lap her tongue over the curvaceous ass. Jiro moaned and opened her eyes to see Ochaco licking her ass but she was fine with it. Jiro felt her feet dipped into a wet fluid and assumed that was Ochaco's stomach acid which it was. Ochaco's belly was pushed out a little with Jiro's feet and some of her legs. Jiro's ass slid into Ochaco's throat with a hard gulp. Ochaco shoved Jiro's hands into her mouth and gulped her arms and pot belly down while she watched Jiro's tits wiggle a little.
Ochaco felt the boobs hit her face and she blushed when they did. She then squished them with her hands and swallowed the large melons into her mouth. With her cheeks puffed out and the bulge of Jiro's nipples making a shape in her cheeks Ochaco swallowed a good few times and finally reached Jiro's neck. Jiro's legs already were curled up in Ochaco's stomach. Ochaco used her pointer finger and pushed the rest of Jiro into her mouth and closed it sealing Jiro inside.
With two final gulps Jiro slid down Ochaco's gullet and made her way to the stomach where she curled up into a ball. Jiro was only food now and she was fine with it especially if it was a friend who ate her. Jiro hugged her legs and looked around her new red and slimy environment. It was dark but she could still see the stomach acid and even though she heard the groans of the belly she heard Ochaco moaning on the outside very clearly. Ochaco made sure to unbutton her shirt and let her belly out before it ripped so she just had a bloated gut full of a friend.
Ochaco belched and then gave her belly a pat before laying on Jiro's bed.
Her stomach was awful loud but the sounds it made had Ochaco becoming even hornier. The soft moans Jiro let out inside of her also made Ochaco tingle.
 "Mmm Jiro you feel so good in there and when I was swallowing you I couldn't believe you tasted better than mochi" said Ochaco squishing her face
 Jiro was too busy rubbing herself off to listen to what Ochaco was saying. The stomach walls felt good on Jiro, they were squishy and slimy and when they tightened Jiro yelped but she still liked it. Ochaco was hands deep in her panties rubbing herself off as well. The wet squelching noises of both girls filled the room mixed in with the gurgles made the room perfect for anyone who loved asmr. Ochaco's stomach was much slower than Jiro's with an hour passing Jiro was barely any softer and the acid pool barely touched her pussy. The stomach was trying it's best but the large piece of meat it was trying to turn to mush was a lot to handle. Jiro saw the small pool and scooped some into her hand rubbed her body all over with it to aid digestion. Ochaco noticed her belly moving and smiled as she came a while ago and even though the stomach tightened around Jiro she was so solid it didn't do anything. Two hours hit and Jiro was ninety percent solid with her ass turning mush since it was in the acid the longest. Ochaco saw the bottom of her belly lost shape but she was getting anxious.
 "You're taking your sweet time to digest I guess I'll find something to do" said Ochaco
 Ochaco got off the bed making her belly sway back and forth as she did. Ochaco opted to be fully naked letting her fat ass out and c cup tits hang out. The first thing she did were naked squats, Ochaco got in position and squatted down letting her ass crack opened up. Her belly smacked the floor and inside Jiro was being tossed around and the acid was sloshing all over her. It was so peaceful to be digested and now it turned to mayhem. Ochaco kept squatting and getting back up and each time her belly hit the floor Jiro kept getting smashed into goo. Jiro wasn't expecting that so she squirmed a little wanting Ochaco to stop. After about twenty squats with her added weight Ocacho wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked at her belly.
She noticed it was rounder then before which gave her the idea to forcefully break Jiro down. Jiro wasn't feeling so good now with the acids at her belly button and most of her bottom was mush. Jiro was too soft now to take another beating like that and moving was too much for her. Jiro heavily breathed and hoped Ochaco wouldn't do anything rash but then she fell Ochaco's hands around her form.
 "Okay Jiro it's all going to be over quick, 1...2...3!" said Ochaco
 Ochaco then pushed down on Jiro's form trying to break her form. Jiro yelped as her bones cracked and she started to break apart. Ochaco pushed down where Jiro's head was and the bulging screaming face of her friend stretched her belly out but within a minute her face smoothed out and went back into the belly. With a final big squeeze Ochaco heard some snaps and when she let go her belly was round and devoid of Jiro's form. Ochaco poked at it and she heard the soupy remains sloshing around inside as digestion finished up.
Bones of Jiro pushed and rubbed against Ochaco's belly and when they bulged out Ochaco would giggle and push them back in so they could digest. Finally Ochaco's intestines took in the goopy remains of Jiro and she slid into them so she could be processed. Ochaco's started to shrink down and with that her tits went from a c cup to double ds. Her ass and thighs become much fatter than usual making Ochaco blush a little. Jiro added quite a bit to her body and she really didn't know if her outfit would fit. With pregnant looking belly left Ochaco stood up left Jiro's room and headed to the bathroom to let loose of Jiro's remains. Ochaco saw the toilet and then plopped herself right on it ready to empty her bowels. Ochaco grunted as she squeezed out a large thick turd filled with Jiro's undigested bones. Ochaco let loose the first turd and breathed heavily for a second before squeezing and letting her asshole open up for more. The logs of Jiro shot out in a spray of large thick turds. They kept plopping and filling the toilet. Jiro's hair kept then shit together as each log was longer and they coiled around the toilet bowl. Ochaco flushed the toilet letting the first part of Jiro go but then she went right back to shitting her out. There was so much scat left behind of Jiro and Ochaco didn't feel the end soon. The loggy remains kept plopping out and filling the toilet and then she would flush over and over. After 5 flushes finally Jiro's cracked skull came out and the last few logs plopped and splashed into the water. Ochaco felt so relieved that she was finally done shitting Jiro out. The final flush came after wiping her ass clean and Ochaco washed her hands clean.
 "That last part was something else but these are amazing" said Ochaco squeezing her new breasts
 She then opened the door and found Froppy standing there. Ochaco smiled awkwardly and was ready to tell her what happened.
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Than not then


Posted by Littlpengwin 1 year ago Report

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Am I the only one who's thinking about this:
"Hey Jiro, did you eat someone?"
"Shutup and vore me"


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Pretty much yeah.


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I see that happening in a reformtion type world, myself, but yeah I noticed


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Yeah how does none of the teachers noticed what’s happening, does this happen all the tine that people are just used to it?


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