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Sif Souls By Asaneman -- Report

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Sif sighed heavily as the last inches of the Kalameet’s snout disappeared down her throat, her jaws finally closing after claiming such a large dragon, easily four times her size. She pulled out a pleased smile, now laying right on top of the huge belly she had gotten.

“Whew! You didn’t put up much of a fight, for a dragon!”

The wolfess taunted her prey as it squirmed around inside her stomach, the furious thrashing of her catch didn’t bother Sif in the slightest. She actually enjoyed it! The ravenous canine rested her arms on top of her gut, rubbing it affectionately as she stuck her tongue out in satisfaction. Her tail swayed slowly as she listened to the Gwoorglls and Gluurbglls coming from her stomach and echoing around the cave that the dragon used to inhabit. She peeked down at the floor and her sword was right there where she left it, planted upright on a patch of grass. She didn’t even have to use it!

Just a few minutes had passed since she gulped down the fierce, black beast and her stomach was already working hard on its squirmy contents. Her digestive chamber produced a growing amount of acids, the dragon only making it easier for those dangerous juices to soak all of him thanks to his futile struggles. The yellowish liquids quickly started softening the dragon’s scales and skin with surprising ease. It seemed like her stomach didn’t make any distinction between the most tender meat and the hardest horns. Because it didn’t. A symphony of gurgling and sloshing sounds echoed around the cave, working as a deterrent for any trespassers.


Sif looked down and the floor was now a little closer. Her stomach had worked Kalameet down to some extent, resulting now in a rounder, slightly smaller and less bulgy belly. The scaled beast soon stopped struggling, either too tired or too unconscious to continue. Little did he know that his doom would have arrived in the form of a hungry wolf girl, right there where he lived. With its contents being less voluminous and completely still, the wolfess’ stomach decided it was time to let some air out. A big bubble climbed up Sif’s neck, catching her off guard as it reached her mouth.


The ground looked a little closer again after she let that warm air out. Sif licked her lips instinctively as she had the chance to feel the dragon’s exquisite taste one more time. With her prey finally churned enough to prevent any struggles and a softer belly to lay on, the canine girl decided to take a short nap and let her body do its magic. She had no trouble falling asleep on top of her warm mattress, soothingly lulled by the sounds of her stomach. The legendary beast helplessly softened and melted while his captor slept without a care in the world, right in the middle of what he once used to call his home.

A few hours passed like seconds, and finally Sif woke up. Before even opening her eyes, the wolfess sat up and crossed her legs. She looked down at her belly and a satisfied grin appeared on her face. Kalameet was now close to being completely digested. Sif could easily see—as they partially blocked her field of view—that her breasts had gained quite a hefty amount of pudge, becoming more than three times their original size. She looked down and could clearly tell that her rear had gotten a similar treatment as well, her hips, buttocks and thighs now way thicker than before. But more was definitely on the way.


She looked down again in front of her, and her belly hadn’t flattened out yet. The girl slowly placed her hands on the sides of that swollen midsection, then gently pressed into it. They sunk into her belly, causing her to bite her bottom lip upon realizing what that meant. Her gut, still larger than her tits and buttcheeks combined, was completely full of what was once a dragon. A thick, dark mass of chyme, a mixture of gastric juices and liquefied reptile, filled her stomach to the brim, causing the top section of her distended belly to weigh down on the bottom one, resulting in a muffin shaped sack of nutritious soup.


An unexpected belch escaped the wolfess’ mouth, getting rid of the very last thing that was in her stomach besides dense dragon mush. A black ring with a golden cross on it flew out of her mouth, soaked in saliva, and landed on the floor with a clink. She had plenty of time to check it out later, so she just ignored it and started rubbing and squeezing her gut again, enjoying the feeling of taking Kalameet entirely for herself. Her body made quick work of the last soup, pumping it into her bowels for complete absorption. The imaginary health bar above her head was so full it could burst while Kalameet was far beyond the You Died screen now, and unluckily for him, there was no respawn.

Sif stood up a few minutes later, after her body had completely absorbed that hefty mass of soup. Additional pudge had been sent to her breasts and rear, making her curves even thicker than they were before. She reached up to her chest and down her flanks, feeling those last additions with satisfaction. She had consumed various beasts before, but none of them had donated a mass of fat this soft and squishy to her. She chuckled at the irony behind that the toughest-skinned beast she had ever digested gave her the squishiest flab.


Sif stood beside her sword and carefully examined the ring she belched up earlier with a curious look, finding it quite familiar. She knew what it was: the Calamity Ring, a magical jewel that doubled the damage dealt to whoever wore it. She always thought it was an utterly useless item, and was ready to toss it away and head back home.

“Why would anyone wear this? It’s just going to make everything harder.”

She calmly spoke to herself, but then she got curious to know how that jewel would look on her. The wolfess carefully slipped it around one of her fingers and looked at it. It fit her quite well, but the side effect of wearing it was going to convince her to drop it. Or so she thought. All of a sudden, an intense warmth filled her breasts and rear, and those godly curves instantly grew fatter, thicker, much bigger. The sudden increase in weight caught her off guard and the canine girl found herself able to rest her arms on top of her breasts. She blinked as she looked down at those massive, grey-furred jugs, literally twice as big as before. A hint of a blush colored her cheeks as she prepared to check out something else.

Sif turned around and that blush immediately got more visible, her rear was hands down the true winner here. The ring had made it enormous, she couldn’t even see past it. A pair of huge orbs of pure fat, the perfect balance of softness, consistency and smoothness, supported by two thighs as thick as tree logs. Each of her asscheeks was now as wide as her sword was long. The very flawless remains of what used to be a feared, ferocious terror of the skies now wobbled on the flanks of an ever-so-satisfied wolfess.

“...But then again…”

Sif loved the outcome so much, she thanked herself for trying out the ring. She decided to keep it on for now, she wasn’t planning on facing any dangerous enemies soon after all; the canine girl gave her ass one last shake and watched those huge spheres jiggle freely for several seconds before heading out of the cave. As she walked and felt her tits and tush wobble, one single question occupied her mind: “What would happen if I digested someone else while wearing this ring?”


Patreon picture featuring anthro Sif gurgling up Kalameet, and accidentally doubling the damage the dragon did to her hips!
 Shio_Magwolf did the write-up for this, thanks so much!

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here!


Sif, Kalameet © FromSoft

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 months ago Report

It's going to make plenty of things hard that's for sure~

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Posted by KingOfRust 2 months ago Report

well she has the lost soul of my OC anti jackson

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Posted by HallaDeck 2 months ago Report

Mmm, something tells me theres gonna be quite a few squeals
Sif deserves all the meals that she can get for guarding the grave so long~

[ Reply ]


Posted by Combat 2 months ago Report

Souls vore? Very nice to see.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Asaneman 2 months ago Report

Definitely a rarity! Was a lotta fun to do

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Posted by Speciesunkn0wn 2 months ago Report

That is a wonderful picture~ I love how big and squishy your artwork is.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Sixty9FeetUnder 2 months ago Report

Imagine how many souls she'd drop when you kill her...

[ Reply ]


Posted by Asaneman 2 months ago Report

pls no

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Posted by Sixty9FeetUnder 2 months ago Report


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Posted by GonzaII1313 2 months ago Report

Great story :3=

[ Reply ]


Posted by ShioMagwolf 2 months ago Report

Thank you <3

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Posted by balanced-guy 2 months ago Report

Great art Asaneman, you continue to make characters look exquisitively soft and squishy after meals. Would enjoy seeing more of this Sif or maybe some other bosses, like the Sanctuary Guardian as pred or prey =p.

[ Reply ]


Posted by denysvision 2 months ago Report

You make even more characters that allways make us to want then,thats why you are soo talented

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Posted by JackJackal 2 months ago Report

Woah! Real nice!

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Posted by pugscientist 2 months ago Report

I’m just imagining Ciaran being super jealous about this Sid getting all the love from Artorias.

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Posted by DragonOverlord 2 months ago Report

This is a dream come true for me <3 I've always wanted anthro Sif vore, and she's gorgeous!

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Posted by Bluezilla 2 months ago Report

I really like it~ she looks so squishy~

[ Reply ]


Posted by RitaNexus 2 months ago Report

Artorias: sif what the fuck

Jokes aside, good stuff as always! Lovin' the dark souls content.

[ Reply ]


Posted by SamanthaLovesVoring 2 months ago Report

Oh gosh, what would happen if she devoured someone while wearing the ring? We better heckin' find out!~

[ Reply ]


Posted by voltgaming20 2 months ago Report

“What would happen if I digested someone else.while wearing this ring?”
Good question... ._.

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