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Ochaco left the bathroom after flushing the brown remains of Jiro to find her froggy friend Tsuyu standing in front of the door.
 "Oh Tsuyu sorry for taking so long, there was a lot of waste from digesting Jiro" said Ochaco
 "You ate Jiro?" said Tsuyu
 Ochaco rubbed her head and giggled a little bit nodding her head. Tsuyu looked up and down her body seeing the new additions that Jiro added to her.
 "She looks great on you" said Tsuyu
 "Thanks" said Ochaco
Tsuyu's belly gurgled and she looked down at it. Tsuyu then looked up at the thick Ochaco and a little drool came from her mouth since she looked yummy. Ever since Jiro showed them vore all the girls have been thinking of eating each other but no one had the guts to do it. Seeing Ochaco flush one of them away gave her confidence to do so.
 "Well see ya Tsuyu" said Ochaco
 Ochaco went past Tsuyu knowing full well that if she didn't then she would have become frog pudge. Tsuyu watched Ochaco start walking away in only pink panties and a bra and had to make a move before her meal was gone. Tsuyu quickly turned and aimed her tongue so she could wrap around her plump girl snack. Tsuyu shot her tongue out and like wet rope it wrapped around Ochaco's body. The tongue went between her tits and squished her pudgy belly. Ochaco moaned but then she turned to find a starving frog girl..
 "Wait Tsuyu dont eat me..I don't want to be food" said Ochaco trying to get out of the tongues grasp but it was so sticking she couldn't
 Tsuyu pulled her plump snack towards her even though she was fighting back but Ochaco wasn't going anywhere. Ochaco kept fighting but nothing was working and she couldn't use her quirk and touch Tsuyu since her arms were pinned. Ochaco thought about using it on herself but then she thought about how easy it would be for Tsuyu to eat her. Ochaco didn't know what to do and accidentally let her guard down. Tsuyu used the opportunity and pulled as hard as she could and Ochaco wrapped around her tongue flew back towards her. The hungry frog girl opened her mouth wide and the screaming Ochaco was silenced quickly, half of Ochaco was forced down Tsuyu's throat. Tsuyu's belly was already expanding out with Ochaco's form. Tsuyu saw Ocacho struggling outside of her mouth and smiled a little.
Ochaco's plump ass slid into Tsuyu's mouth and Tsuyu took advantage of that and used her tongue and slid her ass across the roof of her mouth. Ochaco yelped and squirmed wanting to be spit out but she was already inside Tsuyu's stomach and Tsuyu wasn't finished. After having her fun with Ochaco's ass Tsuyu swallowed again having her throat expand some more with her new girl meat. Her hero suit was stretching with the struggling form of Ochaco and Ochaco's screaming face bulged at the bottom of Tsuyu's belly. Tsuyu unraveled her tongue from Ochaco's body and tilted her head back bringing her legs into the air. Ochaco swung her legs back and forth and fought back as much as possible. Tsuyu just let Ochaco's legs slide into her stomach while she held onto her belly. Soon enough Ochaco was gone and the last of her curled up inside of the frogs wet stomach.
Finally the suit gave away and Ochaco's form busted through Tsuyu's suit letting the bare belly be seen.
 "Oh man my suit I guess I'll have to get it repaired later, I mean I was going to need it readjusted anyway after I digest my meal" said Tsuyu
 Upon hearing digest her meal Ochaco was squirmed inside the stomach smacking the walls and begging to be thrown up.
 "It's no use Ochaco my stomach won't simply let you leave but if I wanted to I could spit you up anytime I want but unlucky for you I don't want to so just sit there and turn to mush please" said Tsuyu
 Ochaco lost all hope and stopped moving completely. The stomach walls tightened and wrapped around Ochaco more making her huge her knees and having her head rest on them. Ochaco was completely in the fetal position and digestion was inevitable.
Tsuyu gave a cute little burp and then she rested her hand on Ochaco's butt bulge which was on the top of her belly. Ochaco was curled up in Tsuyu's stomach but her head was at the bottom and the pool of acid was touching her forehead. Ochaco sniffled since she was going to die a lot faster then Jiro did. Ochaco knew she had maybe 30 minutes left of breathing since Tsuyu's acids weren't building up too fast. Even though Ochaco was in a terrible situation she didn't mind the squishy walls around her. But they did secrete acid which burned a little bit. Tsuyu started walking to her room and before she could turn the corner her belly hit someone and knocked them down. The impact made an acid splash over Ochaco making her yelp and squirm.
The moving made Tsuyu burp but now she needed to know who she knocked down. Tsuyu looked and found a fully hero clothed Momo on the ground rubbing her head. Momo looked and saw the head of someone bulging from Tsuyu's gut.
 "Um, who is that" asked Momo
 Tsuyu was relieved that it was only Momo and not one of the guys because they would have ended up as dessert.
 "Well you see Ochaco ate Jiro and I don't know I thought Ochaco looked plump and delicious so I kinda ate her" said Tsuyu
 Momo gave an unimpressed look at Tsuyu after her explanation and then looked down at the giant belly.
She heard Ochaco trying to say something and figured she didn't want to be eaten but there wasn't anything Momo could really do at this point. Momo wasn't sure but she had the urge to poke the round orb so Momo with her pointer finger reached out and poked Tsuyu's belly a little.
Tsuyu burped after Momo poked her and then blushed hard after. She then wobbled past her with Momo looking at her the whole way till she reached her room. Tsuyu shut the door behind her and took a sigh of relief that she could digest in peace. Tsuyu wobbled to her bed and flopped onto it, belly first crushing Ochaco inside.
A bone of Ochaco's broke when the belly tightened more and she screamed for a second before the acid over took her head. Ochaco struggled to keep out of the acid but it was too late and a minute later she passed out.
Tsuyu passed out to the sounds of her belly grinding its meal to soup and she had a smile on her face when she did. Her belly was still as its occupant was long gone but inside it was a different story. Poor Ochaco was gone and her body was being ruthlessly processed. The stomach tightened and secreted more acids to fill the chamber up even more. Ochaco got softer and softer to the point where Tsuyu's weight was too much and it crumbled under her. With Ochaco now a slurry of unrecognizable girl slush the stomach churned what was left of her and threw the goop into Tsuyu's intestines. Tsuyu got all of the nutrients she needed from such a large meaty meal and when her belly shrank down her chest bursted from her suit and her thighs were undeniably thick after. But Tsuyu just snored away while all that happened. A couple hours later with Ochaco fully processed and added to the frog girl's curves Tsuyu woke up with a yawn and noticed her chest was out. Instinctively she covered her breasts but no one was there so it doesn't really matter.
Tsuyu farted and felt her bowels were full of Ochaco waste but she didn't want to end up like her after shitting Jiro out so Tsuyu saw a black garbage bag and took the chance. Tsuyu opened up and then ripped her suit to let her newly thick ass hang out. She then put her ass into the bag and ripped another fart with a long turd coming with it.
The turd went into the bag and it opened the floodgates. A torrent of wet watery scat with bones poured out of Tsuyu into the bag filling it up. Ochaco's smelly remains rained down and her undigested bones and hair stuck out of each log. The watery shit stopped and more thick solid logs came next.
*plop thud*
Tsuyu grunted and log with a nice cracked skull mixed in fell from her rear. Tsuyu then sent a golden stream of piss onto the pile which topped off the waste. With Ochaco done and gone she tied up the bag and went outside to throw it out. Ochaco's loggy remains were going to be burned in a dump sometime so Tsuyu didn't worry about it. Yet she was still hungry for some reason and then she thought about Momo's fridge and how it was always filled which made her smile and head to the rich girls room.
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