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Momo hummed while she wrote in her notebook about the new stuff she learned in class. Momo learned Jiro was digested by Ochaco and that same day Ochaco got eaten by Tsuyu but she really wasn't too worried about it.
Momo's belly rumbled for food and she smiled then walked to her personal fridge. Momo had a pink tank top on with grey sweatpants on since it was late. Momo opened up her fridge but wasn't disappointed to find it completely empty.
A small burp sounded from under Momo's bed which Momo then looked under. Momo was a little surprised to find the frog girl Tsuyu under her bed with a pudgy belly full of her food from her fridge.
 "Um I was hungry" said Tsuyu with a awkward smile
 Momo was unimpressed and dragged the fully costumed hero out from under the bed and threw her on the bed. Momo injected a pair of furry handcuffs from her arm and locked Tsuyu's hands up. Momo then got some rope and tied Tsuyu's feet together and left her on the bed. Now Momo wasn't sure what to do as this was the first time she tied someone up.
Her belly wanted food still but she didn't want to eat Tsuyu but on the contrary Tsuyu ate all her food so technically eating Tsuyu is basically eating her food. Momo was getting frustrated at the situation when Tsuyu chimed in.
 "Momo you can eat me since I am a frog so a wet place like your stomach would be perfect for me" said Tsuyu
 Momo looked back and didn't really think about it like that but she did have a point. She scratched her chin furiously thinking of what to do until finally she made up her mind.
 "Well sorry Tsuyu you're all mine" said Momo
 Momo grasped onto Tsuyu's legs and lifted them in the air. Momo gulped nervously and then opened her mouth as she still was nervous of the whole situation. Momo closed her eyes and then quickly put Tsuyu's large feet in her mouth. She sucked on them for a second and then opened her eyes to the delightful taste of Tsuyu. Tsuyu cocked her head seeing Momo go through so many emotions and just wanted to be curled in her belly already.
Momo's gullet widened up for Tsuyu and a long path ready to take Tsuyu to the stomach was open. Momo kept swallowing and pulling Tsuyu into her mouth, eating up her thick legs that Ochaco ended up becoming a part of her. The meaty legs grazed against her teeth at times but Momo tried to avoid any contact like that. Momo felt as her insides were pushed and squished with such a large meal going down inside of her and it felt weird but good. Tsuyu enjoyed the moist feeling all over her legs and really she went limp from pleasure seconds after the first gulp happened. Tsuyu's tied up thick thighs went past Momo's lips but Momo couldn't resist but nibbled a little bit on Tsuyu's thighs as they were so thick of Ochaco fat. When Momo was done with them her throat bulged out more than usual as she ate them up. Tsuyu's damp pussy was pulled into Momo's maw and her sweaty ass touched Momo's tongue.
 "Ahhh yes please play with" moaned Tsuyu
 Momo looked up at the frog girl and thought she might as well do a last request kinda thing. Momo hasn't done much sexual activity as she was still virgin and only recently she has been masturbating. Momo tried her best to pleasure Tsuyu with her tongue and thought she was doing awful but when the soft moans were slowly getting louder Momo felt very proud of herself. Momo lapped her tongue over Tsuyu's ass collecting the salty sweat and then gulping the ass and sweat together. Tsuyu's ass went behind Momo's breasts disappearing from view. Momo's belly was poking out of her tank top with Tsuyu filling it up. Momo went to Tsuyu's belly which was exposed from how ripped her suit was so the pudgy pot belly full of food that was in her fridge slid into her throat with a few gulps. Momo felt the hard part of the handcuffs sliding down her and cringed a little. Momo reached Tsuyu's large chest but she simply opened up a little more and stuffed them into her mouth and sent them down. Tsuyu closed her eyes as her head was sent into Momo's mouth and swallowed. With the final bulge gone from her throat Momo breathed out satisfied and looked down to see the last of her belly be filled and the curves of Tsuyu's head poke up.
 "Wow..that experience was amazing and Tsuyu you really filled this girl up I got probably use all the nutrients I get from you to make something really big and not even be to tired after" said Momo
Tsuyu didn't say anything and Momo's belly just gurgled at her in response. She giggled awkwardly and then smiled while rubbing Tsuyu's head bulge.
Momo burped and out of her mouth came the fuzzy cuffs and hit the ground with a clank. Momo saw the saliva covered pair and her eyes went wide as she thought there was no way she already digested Tsuyu. Momo felt Tsuyu's form to make sure it was still solid and it was fine which made Momo confused. Inside of her stomach Tsuyu used her tongue to get out of the coughs and rope. Tsuyu felt at home inside of Momo's stomach all curled up inside a warm damp place. Tsuyu though still felt horny so she obviously reached down to her pussy and started to masturbate.
With Tsuyu moving around inside of her Momo realized she was fine and simply went to her bed. She sat down and the Tsuyu shaped belly moved and groaned. Momo loved the feeling of being so full but she wasn't sure if she wanted to be food herself. The only girls left were Mina and Toru and Mina wasn't home but she would be later that night and Momo just assumed Toru saw one of the girls bellies and was hiding to avoid ending up as pudge on one of them.
Tsuyu digestion was kicking up as the walls were dripping with stomach acid and Tsuyu's hero suit was practically in tatters and melted away. The frog hero just moaned and kept masturbating even though the acid was to her belly button. Her rapid movements splashed acid on her, turning her skin softer. Tsuyu was truly aiding her demise with her horny rubbing but she didn't care as it was going to happen anyway. Momo rubbed her belly feeling her meal became softer and softer. The frog girl meat becoming nothing but jelly inside of her was a thought that made Momo shudder in excitement. The bottom of her belly was much smoother and softer then the rest but that didn't mean Tsuyu wasn't super soft. An hour went by and Tsuyu was at the brink of death and she didn't understand why Momo's digestive system was so fast. Tsuyu was so soft that if Momo felt like poking her she would break down and get fully melted pretty quickly. Momo fell on her side on the bed and her belly slammed on it. She heard a crack come from within and the sounds of melted frog girl slosh around inside.
Momo was surprised she turned Tsuyu into goo so fast but she hugged her belly making more bones crack and break. With a digested frog girl stew inside of her Momo wondered how long until she added to her body. Momo just sat there thinking while her belly continued to gurgle. At long last the final groan came and Momo's belly became a pot belly. Momo's chest grew to where her tank top was at its limits and Momo's chest was bulging from it. Momo's ass was also stretching out her sweat pants but she simply smiled and was okay with her new additions and thanked Tsuyu for making her so sexy. Momo checked herself out in the mirror and squeezed her breasts and thought about what the guys would think. With most of the girls gone she wondered if she had a chance with Shoto as she had a huge crush on him. Momo turned her ass towards the mirror and as she did her pants ripped and out came her fat ass. It jiggled as it bursted out and Momo blushed and hid her face in embarrassment. Momo looked again and did enjoy that her butt was so big but her panties ripped with it and she just sighed.
A wet smelly fart came out of her and Momo quickly ran to the bathroom but when she went in a little bit of what was Jiro was still in the toilet and she realized the amount of waste was probably too much. Momo then turned and saw the large trash can and quickly hopped onto it. She spread her cheeks and let out a large bone filled turd. It hit the bottom of the trash with a thud and more long logs of poo started to spread her asshole out and fill the trash. Momo's digestive system did a great job but Tsuyu's green hairs and some bones were still left but not that much. The trash can quickly filled up with the brown sludge that was Tsuyu with a skull right on top of the pile. Momo felt nice and empty with all of her meal shit out so she hopped off the can and wiped her anus clean throwing the wipes in the can. Momo then walked out and went down to the couch and wondered where the guys were not knowing a certain pink girl was coming soon.
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Frogs Make Good Snacks By Coolwoman -- Report

The 4th one and only 2 left

Art by Unknown

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Posted by theonlymatt 1 year ago Report

I am loving this series, it's like dominoes


Posted by Taliaofaxeris 1 year ago Report

I hope to see Toru become a prey. It's be so nice as all the brown logs are visible but all the hair and bones and the skull are invisible even though the pred feels hersef pushing them out


Posted by Coolwoman 1 year ago Report

Ive never thought of having her as prey but perhaps I can get her in the one tomorrow!


Posted by Taliaofaxeris 1 year ago Report

Also you say ony 2 left but you can have girls such as Kendo and Camie or some of the pro heros