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Reeve Birchwood, Sophmore

Field of Study: Medical

Focus: Emergency/Preventative Medicine

Parentage: Taiga Spruce (Mother), Oakland Birchwood

Brief background: Reeve is a rather recent face to Swallow falls and VSU. A Malabar Squirrel hailing from one of the many island nations out east, for which he has only recently departed from to pursue a higher education. The local college options on the island, while not being poor, were simply not relevant to his own growing interests. Interests which have been shaped by a combination of experience, desire, fear and expectation. Reeve is an only child born to a pair of parents who had chosen to bear such at a later time than most species in general. He is not an only child due to any misfortune or loss, simply due to a matter of timing.

Physical Description: Reeve stands at a somewhat intimidating 6’1 much of the time. Much of the time being contextualized as Reeve can adjust his physical height and size downward, though his mass by and large remains in tact. His fur coloration taking a primarily tri tone approach of a caramel brown, deep blue along his tail and creamy beige areas which run along his paws, cheeks and paws. His eye colorings are yellow and his ears have taken a more triangular shape as opposed to a more common round shape.

Personality: Reeve is outwardly friendly to almost everyone he meets. This isn’t to say that he’s energetic or hyper, rather that he extends everyone with the basic courtesies that he has grown accustomed to give and receive as he has grown himself. With few exceptions, there aren’t many happenings, items, or situations that genuinely upset him. The number of such that may cause some discomfort may rise and fall however.

Cultural Aspects: Reeve comes from a more “traditional” or old fashioned type background. Much of these beliefs having been passed onto him by his parents, though Reeve does not fully share those views on a one to one basis even if he does largely conceptually share them. For example, views from which frown upon premarital sexual intercourse for one. While Reeve and his parents are not particularly large fans of such, Reeve does not hold his friends or acquaintances in disregard for making such choices. He strongly believes that consenting adults should be free to love whomever they wish, though he himself has no interest in engaging in any such conduct that does not envelop traditionally. Taiga and Oakland by contrast, are much stricter on their interpretation of such concern and view such activities negatively.

Reeve is a product of transition as such, and thus adapting to the radically differing culture of VSU is proving to be a challenge both from home and at the campus itself. Surprisingly however, the clothing optional lifestyle is one of the least challenging aspects of such even if he doesn’t partake in it himself.

Relationships(Romantic): Reeve has no current known romantic relationships. Instead, having chosen to focus on his academic performance and career to both pleasure and concern from his family and perhaps some friends. This is not to say he hasn’t given it thought however or that he isn’t interested in developing a romance of sort. Reeve does truly hope to find a romantic partner but is ultimately unsure as to the timeline regarding such.

Relationship(Family): Reeve has a very strong positive, but at times strained relationship with his parents. He loves them dearly as do they him, however their differences in outlooks can lead to some conflict. Reeve’s choice to pursue higher education for example, was welcome and lauded. His school of choice however and the field he chose to pursue was met with a great deal less enthusiasm and Reeve spent many a night and day arguing his case to both his parents. As an only child, this strong flexing dynamic has only gotten more intense with the passing of time.

As their only child, Taiga and Oakland have made clear their strong opposition to Reeve’s choice in career given its ever present danger and their personal desire to see Reeve raise his own family proper someday. Similarly however, they have also raised many a complaint about the rather carefree nature of VSU and such a nature serving as an ultimate distraction considering the costs involved. The fear of Reeve going through a late stage of development ever present in their minds.

Reeve has similarly made clear, giving his parents rising ages that time was going to only be so kind to them and if nothing else, knowing and being prepared to take care of them as they had him was a non insignificant factor in his decision making. VSU as a school choice was a purely academic one and convincing them of such has been a long an arduous journey for the rodent.

Relationships(Friends): Though Reeve maintains an overtly friendly mood to almost everyone, most such persons would be considered acquaintances. Though he will lend his paws to anyone that on the surface appears to be in need, his circle of friends is quite small. What few friends he does have, Reeve does try and support to the best of his abilities.

Vore: Reeve is well aware of this particular activity and its deep connections to both the town and university. Though it somewhat concerned him conceptually, Reeve’s fear of Vore does not lie within the act itself, so much as the intention. Needing to be consumed or ingested in order to provide aid to another for example, will never run afoul by the squirrel. Inconvenient? Of course, but utter necessary if need be. Being tricked or lied to in order to provide a mere convenience however? Engaging in acts that deliberately hinder his ability to aid? Those will quickly run afoul of the squirrel however even if Reeve may find himself truly unable to address it in a manner he finds personally acceptable.

Challenges: Continuing on from the cultural aspects and vore sections earlier, Reeve’s primary challenges are internal. His self imposed expectations, the expectations of his parent, how he believes his friends or colleagues view him. These all have parts to play as to how Reeve addresses issues. By and large Reeve’s largest obstacle lie in his “Machismo-esque” raising and how that translates over to his interactions. Ranging from the ideal male figure, to cultural obligations such as holding doors open, restraints on the exploration of the sexual nature and to focus ultimately on being “presentable” as opposed to casual or appearing indifferent or non aspirational. Any point of perceived failure is a great shame to a growing cloud of insecurity that he so desperately tries to hide from everyone.

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