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King Decarte climbed off his horse and looked up at Farona’s tower. The tiger always came by to check if the criminal had been digested—he loved seeing them tortured with his own eyes, watching those last moments as they flashed before him.
Her daughter’s gift had been such a blessing to his kingdom. Keeping the people in line let him rule efficiently, without worrying about things like revolt. He loved how everything was in order, everything in its place, and with Farona, he could squelch all who threatened that.
He walked up to the tower, grinning. He was going to enjoy seeing the knight die.
Farona patted her full belly. The knight had filled her stomach up very nicely—he made such a lovely little bulge, and the movements he made while sleeping were just right.
But now, she wanted to digest her prey. She had plans for Daddy, and needed room in her stomach. So she decided to send Carl to the final stage.
She wasn’t lying when she told him she could control her digestive juices. Farona knew she didn’t /have/ to take Carl as food. But this submissive knight was just too perfect, and too tasty, of a meal to pass up.
So as he slept inside her, the digestive process began.
In his dreams, Carl could feel a light tingling all around him, like a massage rumbling through his whole body. He actually liked the sensation, and leaned into the feeling. The knight found himself smiling as his life faded away, and he took his place as food in Farona’s stomach.
The princess let out a loud /burp/ as the knight digested. He had been such a submissive, tasty meal—and now, he was hers forever.
And she still had room in her stomach for more.
A clacking sound brought her out of the food-filled stupor, and she looked up.
Farona watched as her father opened the tower door, and stepped inside, a familiar smile on his face.
“Let me see it,” he father demanded. “I saw his horse—let me see your stomach.”
Princess Farona stood up from her bed, as her belly started breaking down the knight. When King Decarte reached her, he looked disappointed. “I wanted to see him die!” he shouted, stomping his foot like a petulant child.
Farona smiled. “Don’t worry, Daddy. You can still see him.”
The king grinned. “Oh? Good!”
He turned to her, and was greeted by her open maw.
Farona latched her jaw around the king’s head. She knew she had to work quickly if she wanted to keep her meal—but, much to her advantage, her stomach was more than ready for seconds.
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