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Butt Bro Wish By Septia -- Report

The love between siblings is something to cherish. Though one brother finds out his sister would rather have him more intimate, with her bowels. But... it is her birthday, so...

I wrote this story as a commission for  Thatonedude3725, many thanks goes out to them.

This is the first story in the "Butt Bro" series.
The second entry can be found here:
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1st: You are here.

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(Character Quote: "Maybe I shoulda checked her internet history once in a while." -Michael)

(Quick guide:

Meeting up for breakfast, confession about rump based affinity. Rejection.

After 1st: Birthday party, surprising gift, overjoyed sister toting her brother back to her room.

After 2nd: Teasing, playful taunting, anal vore, female predator, male brother prey, sister extatic.

After 3rd: Chatting with the meal, toying with stomach and wishes of a happy birthday. )


Cent: Short term for centimetre.
Deci: Short term for decimetre.
Chronicle: A series of stories conneted but not sequential. Ongoing stories without regular updates. Rapacitor: A predator who eats for the sake of greed and gluttony.)

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Posted by Thatonedude3725 4 days ago Report

Truly amazing work, couldn't be happier with how this turned out!


Posted by Circle0Trick 4 days ago Report

the conversation is incredible. i love the amount and flavor of buildup dialogue and the talking throughout.


Posted by Gorgrath177 4 days ago Report

Loving the amount of anal vore popping up


Posted by grz01 3 days ago Report

Mmmm love the teasing, very hot thanks